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James Arthur Soden, Toronto, Canada

Biographical Notes on Dr. Lesley Soden, Toronto, Canada

Joe Soden, Sligo/Dublin and Gretta Soden, Sligo

UK Miscellaneous Photgraphs

UK Chester

UK Bourton-on-Dunsmorre

Sligo Photos at Drumcliffe

Miscellaneous Obituaries from National Newspapers

14/10/2010 - 13 Soden Family Trees from the Soden Booklet

18/10/2010 - 14 Soden Family Trees

22/10/2010 - Cavan, Sligo and Offaly notes 

31/10/2010 - Mysterious Soden Death in New York

10/11/2010 - Sodens in the Military [Military Notes]

12/11/2010 - Picture and Note on the Canadian Poet William Henry Drummond

20/11/2010 - More Notes on the Ashby/Soden Quaker connection

2/12/2010 - Dublin Electoral List 1939-63 for 'Soden' 

[Miscellaneous Counties]

12/12/2014 -

1800 Cavan Ballyjamesduff [Cavan 2]

UK Royal Navy 1851

1944 Battle of Britain Monument 

UK  Military Notes[UK8]

UK 1884 London[UK 9]

UK 1760 Oxfordshire 

Additions to Photo Gallery

New file : Miscellaneous Documents [Miscellaneous Documents]

March, 2020

Multiple updates to the photo gallery for  Canada, Coventry, Ireland, 

UK and USA

1723 Birth of John Soden, East Haddon [UK Misc]

1827 Birth of Francis Soden [UK Misc]

1926 Birth of Arnold Soden [UK Misc]

April, 2020

The Sodens of Sibford &

The Quakers of Tysoe Brailes[UK4]

1841 Census Berkshire, England [UK Miscellaneous]

Place Indexes for Ireland, UK, Canada, USA, Germany and Rest of the World

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Ireland : 1736 Lent Assizes, Sligo [Sligo 3]

Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire, England BMDs

1901 & 1911 National Census for Ireland for the name 'Soden'

[1901/1911 National Census]

Appreciation for Robert Gene Soden (Bob), 1937-2019 [USA page]

Clotworthy ,GWC Soden and Terence Soden  Profile [Miscellaneous Page]

 Notes on the families of Nea McCulloch and Philip Soden, 

Sydney [Australia 2]

Canadian Sodens from Mohill , 

Birth and Marriage Certificates,Source

Margaret Laughton, St. Catherine's Ontario 

[Miscellaneous Counties, Ireland]

James Soden, Albury, NSW [Australia]

Soden Books and Pamphlets Page

Soden Women Past and Present Page

The Sodens of Templevanny, Co. Sligo [Sligo 6]

'Tall' Soden Stories 1 - 13 

The Sodens of Coventry :

A Warwickshire Family through Six Centuries


Ronald  W.Soden [1992]

Early Soden branches in North America by Glenn Soden, Ohio [2020]

[ United States of America]

Outline of the Afro-American Branch of the Soden Family in the USA by Glenn Soden

[United States of America]



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