…………by me to contain all that I can publish on Soden Family History.Over the last seventeen years since I became seriously involved in our family history I have like many others amassed a considerable amount of specific information on many branches of the Soden family.

I have ,of course, over the years made the acquaintance of many other Sodens throughout the world. However, in the last five years for many reasons, professional, health- and family-, I have had to curtail greatly my involvement in this great pastime.

I am transferring all my material gradually to this site and hope to build a credible source for all other Soden researchers. I apologise to those with whom I have lost regular contact but do hope to be able to re-establish this over the next months.

I think the following pages will provide some good quality information for other Soden researchers. This material has been obtained from archives and individuals all over the world. Naturally, considerable expense has been outlayed in its acquisiton by me and others. This information is put here to be accessed by all those interested in the history of the Soden Family. This is available free of charge and may not be sold.

The site will be under constant construction and I do look forward to renewing old acquaintances and establishing new ones in the near future.

All the best,

Felix Soden

Dublin, Ireland