The Book of Soden

Australia : Part 2 

Notices - October 2022



Recent Developments

There have been some very significant and exciting developments in the research into Soden Family History over the last year. These have been in the area of Family Arms,and also as a result of the Soden DNA programme initiated by Marg Soden, Toronto. Marg’s perseverance and determination in the execution of this programme have brought some very rewarding results.


Coat of Arms

At the outset, Marg arranged the commission from the Genealogical Office of Ireland in Dublin of a Coat of Arms for the Leitrim [Ireland] – Toronto [Canada] – Swalcliffe [UK] branch of the family name. Please see the page ‘ Grant of Arms’ at


Cavan and Ohio

As a result of the DNA investigations this year and in previous years, my first cousin, Paul Soden, Dublin and Glenn Soden, Columbus, Ohio got confirmation of their primary link. Paul like me is from the Beaghy/Pottle  Soden branch from Lavey Parish, Co. Cavan. So establishing a link with Glenn in Ohio ,opens up a new promising avenue of enquiry for both our branches.

Glenn has also obtained considerable information on the Afro-American branch of the Soden name and Sodens in the Revolutionary War


Soden DNA Project 2022

Margaret Soden, Toronto is also leading a DNA project on the Soden name.

Contact details are as follow - 

Telephone  416  464  6755

 Email :

 Home address 

Margaret Soden - MA,ICD.D

Box 459,

159 Bruce St. South,

Thornbury, Ontario, 



[Soden DNA Project 2022]



Cavan and Sligo

Marg Soden has rightly pointed out an error on my part regarding the DNA results I mentioned between Keash, Sligo and Pottle, Cavan.

Sean Soden of Keash has an autosomal DNA with her brother, Robert, which is not indicative of any link with the Cavan group based in Lavey. We cannot therefore draw a link between Francis Soden,1802, Keash, Sligo and the Lavey Sodens at this point in time. Apologies for the misleading statement.

The connection , however, with Rowington, Warwickshire and Sligo is certain.

[1821 Census for Cavan/

Tithe Applotment Books for Lavey, -

Records of St. Mary’s RC Parish , Euxton, England, 2013,

Soden DNA Project 2022/

Rowington Parish History online / -]


Francis , the Teacher and his Ancestors

Francis Soden (1802 – 67) came to Keash, Co. Sligo as a teacher in the Catholic School set up there by Earl Kingston. His descendants are there to this day. Francis hailed from Rowington, Warwickshire. He was a son of Francis Soden and Amy Featherstone of Rowington, married 1784.  They had at least ten children.

Francis’ parents were Joseph Soden , born 1733 and Mary James; his grandparents were Joseph Soden , born 1704 and Mary Mills.

[Soden Tall Stories, Nr.3 at

IGI files for Rowington, Warwickshire, England/;

Parish Records for Rowington.

Rowington Parish History online -]      ]


Rowington  and Swalcliffe lines 

By happy coincidence the late Kenneth Noyle Gould of Essex, England had traced his family tree to the Rowington Soden branch following his researches into the Soden family of his grandmother , Alice Soden, about whom he wrote the history ‘Time and Time Again’. The furthest his tree goes back is 1650 in Rowington parish through Joseph Soden , born 1682 and his wife, Elizabeth and lastly to Joseph Soden , born 1650 and his wife, Margaret.


At any rate the DNA programme has opened some really exciting opportunities in the family history search and let’s await a deeper examination of the DNA programme, an area in which I am regrettably not at all at home.


[IGI files for Rowington/;

Parish Records for Rowington/;

Kenneth Gould, Correspondence and Book/

Rowington Parish History online -


Soden Family Trees – Kenneth Gould -]

Other developments are -


Melanie Bromley in New Zealand will publish soon a book on family history which includes detailed accounts

of the Hook Norton Sodens of Oxfordshire and other related families. 


Margaret Soden, Toronto is working on a biography of her father, James Arthur Soden, to appear we hope in next year.


There is a PDF/ZIP file of this website on the Updates page.


Glenn Soden of Columbus, Ohio has given some very valuable information on the

Afro-American branch in Maryland and Trinidad. [United States of America]


Patriots in the Revolutionary War  1775.....



Germany and the Sodens

Finally, after many decades of research into the possible German origins of the our Soden branch

I have to conclude that there is no substantial evidence for a connection between the Irish and

German branches of the name.

There may be between the English and German branches  but this would be very late, such as

the mid 19th century.

There almost certainly is a substantial link between the German branches and some early American

ones but this is something only the American researchers can investigate with certainty.

I will leave the pages on the German name on the  website as many people  have found it of great interest.


I look forward to any comments you may have on these developments .

Please reply directly to the email address and

not through the members’ page on the site which is experiencing some technical problems.

Felix Soden, Dublin, Ireland


October ,  2022