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John Soden of Knockanoark, Co. Cavan [ 1862 - 96]

Cavan - Soden, John March 2, 1896 

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JOHN MARCH 2, 1896 John Soden, who was born at Knockanork, Parish of Lavey, County Cavan, Ireland about 34 years ago, died March 2 at his residence, 1038 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. His father was Bartle Soden, who died "a few years ago in his 90th year." John Soden came to the United States at the age of 19 and became a licensed engineer. He was a member of the Clan-na-Gael, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Central Labor Union, and the Association of Eccentric Engineers No. 3 of Brooklyn, for which he was master workman for several terms.
 He married Alice Tierney, also of Lavey, "about six years ago" but she died "two years ago." John Soden was "an American citizen by adoption" and became interested in politics. In 1892, the Brooklyn reform leaders selected him to organize the voters of the Fourteenth Ward. That year, he was a delegate to the Syracuse convention.
John Soden was buried in Calvary Cemetery. "To his sorrow-stricken mother, his brother Bartle and sister, Mrs. Reilly of Philadelphia, we tender our sincere condolences."
Additional Comments: John's 'sorrow-stricken mother' was Ellen Smith, wife of Bartle Soden of Knockanork, Co. Cavan, Ireland. They are buried in the St Dympna Lower Lavey churchyard in County Cavan, Ireland. Their headstone says that Bartle died March 1893 aged 83 years and that Ellen died Sept 1918 aged 86 years. John Soden's brother, Bartle, immigrated in 1888/1889, naturalized 23 May 1894. He and wife Mary ____ married abt 1897. They had children Helen, Catherine, and Bartholomew, all surnamed Soden. John Soden's sister, "Mrs. Reilly of Philadelphia" was Katharine [aka "Kate"] Soden, born Knockanork, Co Cavan, Ireland, in 1867. She was the wife of Thomas F. Reilly, a Philadelphia contractor, who was born in Stragelliffe, Co Cavan, Ireland, in 1862. They are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon, Pennsylvania. Their headstone indicates that T.F. Reilly died 1951 and his wife Katharine died 1954. They had children James Bartholomew, Thomas Fintan, Helen M., Catherine, Frances Monica, Rita, Charles Edward, Paul James, and Agnes Elizabeth, all surnamed Reilly.
Source: Irish World, 14 March 1896

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