The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1164 - 1950

George Soden, 1915 - 1980 


With the mention of the name' Soden' often the reaction is a question, 'Are you related to Thomas Soden of Grange? Or Peter Soden of Cavan or Dr. Michael Soden of Tullamore?  to Gerard Soden of the Cavan GAA? or to the Sodens of Dunlaoire? or George Soden of Sligo and Dublin?

The last mentioned George Soden by all accounts of friend and family seems to have been an extraordinary person. It can safely be said that you'll not hear a bad word uttered about him. In fact, quite the opposite. For in all he did as soon as he arrived in Sligo Town in 1944 he was praised. George gave total commitment to obviously his main priorities in life, family, friends, his work and the community.

George was as the phrase goes, a 'blow in', not a native of Sligo but rather of Dublin. He was born in 1915 in Dublin. He worked for one of the major timber firms in the country, T.C.Martin Timber Merchants Dublin and then in 1944 moved to Sligo to join the large timber firm of Hanley Providers , later to become known as Hanley Brooks Watson . He would become Managing Director of the company in the long run.

He married in Sligo to Phil Maguire and they had a family of 5 boys,[ Philip, Michael, Solomon, Charles and Joseph ] and 4 girls [Gretta, Therese, Ann and Mary]

The extent of his community engagement is attested to by the numerous activities which he became involved in. The list is impressive.

Golf was a passion in his beloved Club at Rosses Point, he later became Chairman and President Elect of the Connacht branch of the Golf Union of Ireland.

He was a founder member of the Co. Sligo Gun Club and Game Preservation Society; Chairman of Sligo's Harbour Board , vice chairman in 1977, chairman in 1978;a member of the Sligo Chamber of Commerce for 34 years and its President from 1974-77.

Source: - Sligo Champion, page 13, 23rd May, 1980

thanks to Marg Soden, Toronto, Canada