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 History of the  Soden Family 1164 - 1950








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History of the SODEN Family




          1651   /    1951

with notes on the family name in

other parts of the world (1164 - 1951).

UNITED KINGDOM    -     1164.......

GERMANY                -      1323........

USA                        -      1614.......

IRELAND                 -       1649.......

AUSTRALIA              -       1821......

NEW ZEALAND         -       1826.......

CANADA                  -       1860.......


Friday , 30th December , 2000

Dublin ,  Ireland.




This will be the homepage for my account of the history of the Soden family in Ireland with copious notes on the family name in Britain , Germany ,North America and Australasia.

This was written for my 3 children , Kristina , Carla and Lukas , that they , being Irish and German , might know something about their family's origins and that I might enquire into the possiblility of a German link .

I owe a great deal of gratitude to a number of  people ,  who did so much in the past , (well before I ever contemplated family history ) in researching the origins of the Soden family. These were :

James Arthur Soden , Toronto , Canada;

Terence Soden , Hampshire , England;

the late John Voorhis Soden , New York , USA and

the late Dorothy Soden , Wyebridge , Canada .

the late Ronald Soden  and his brother, Geoffrey Soden , Aberwysweth , Wales

I am sure this will be of some great interest to many people , who I know to be researching the Soden Family and its Past.

The marvellous reward of family history is to  come across people bearing your name , either  close or distantly related , who have taken part in some of the most historical and momentous moments in our history in a positive and courageous manner. To even have survived was at times in past centuries an achievement. The facts about these forebears are laid out in detail , obtained  from private and public sources over the last 9 years , in the hope they may provide those researchers with a direction towards a deeper knowledge of our family's past.

Material will be added in a geographic and chronological setting ,as this seems to provide a more coherent method for linking the numerous family groups over the last six centuries.

I have tried to acknowledge all those  people to whom I owe a great deal of thanks , and whose personal acquaintance I have been fortunate to have made in the the course of this study and , of course , official archival sources. Corrections , emendations or additions would be gratefully considered.







                                    My dear late parents                                        

                                 Seamus Soden (1919-1986)


                                 Rose Connolly (1914-1997)


                My dearest family , Ute , Kristina, Carla and Lukas.


What follows is an unindexed  chronological presentation

of the history of the Soden family in Ireland from 1651 : 1951.

A number of excerpts were omitted for copyright reasons.

30th December ,  2000


Published  in hard-copy

31st December , 1999


Felix P. Soden

Dublin, Eire


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