The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950


 Acknowledgements :  -  

I would like to thank the staff of the following repositories for the valuable assistance ,

patience and cordiality afforded me in researching this material:


The Bamberg City Archives,Germany

The Genealogical Society of Ireland , Dublin , Ireland

The Genealogical Resource Library, Toronto, Canada

The General Registry Office ,Dublin,Ireland

The Gilbert Library , Dublin , Ireland

The Guildhall Library, London, England

The National Archives,Dublin, Ireland

The National Library of Ireland , Dublin ,Ireland

The Niedersächsisches Staatsarchiv, Hannover,Germany

The Public Record Office, Kew , London, England.

The Registry of Deeds,Dublin, Ireland

The Representative Church Body Library, Dublin, Ireland

The Roslea Heritage Centre, Roslea,co. Fermanagh , Ireland

The Sligo County Library and Archive, Ireland

The Society of Friends Library, Dublin, Ireland

The Society of Genealogists ,London , England.

The Staatsarchiv Leipzig , Germany

The Swalcliffe Society , Oxfordshire, England

The U Boot Archiv, Cuxhaven, Germany

The Wimbledon All-England Lawn Tennis Museum


My special thanks go to the following people who provided information or other assistance:


Frieda Carroll, Archivist, The Genealogical Society of ireland , Dublin , Ireland

Julie Carpenter, Honorary Secretary , The Swalcliffe Society , Oxfordshire,England

Dr. Brian Gee , Cornwall, England

R.M. Harvey, Chief Archivist, Guildhall Library, London, England

John McTernan , Sligo Historian and Archivist, Ireland

Len Metzner, Anglo-German Family History Society , Somerset, England.

Tom Milligan, Director of the Family History Centre, Latter Day Saints?, Dublin, Ireland

Alan Milner , Waterloo Database

Dr. Noth,  Oberarchivar,   Bamberg State  Archives, Bamberg, Germany

James Sewell, City Archivist ,  Corporation of London Archives, London, England.

Herrn Voigt, Leipzig State Archives, Leipzig ,Germany


A special word of thanks must go to the following Soden  family members ,

relatives  and  cousins , some newly discovered along the way:


Peter Soden,my brother, Dublin , Ireland

Marie Feeney, neé Soden , my sister, Toronto, Canada

for all their assistance and patience


Nora Soden, my aunt, Dublin, Ireland

Peter & Mary Soden, Pottle, Cavan, Ireland

Bob & Doris Soden, Decatur, Alabama, USA

Jim & Edna Soden, Toronto, Canada

Matthew Soden, Washington, USA

Pat Maguire, Kilnacreevy, Co. Cavan

Ronald Soden, Aberwysweth, Wales

Terence & Jean Soden, Berkshire, England.

Terry Soden, Wisner, Nebraska, USA








Alecia Raper, Abergevanny,Wales

Alistair Jack, Oxfordshire, England.

Amanda Soden, Dover, England

Amanda Soden, Suffolk, England

Ann Soden, Montreal, Canada


Barbara Stacey, Solihull, England.

Bob & Doris Soden, Decatur, Alabama, USA

Bonnie Reynolds, Midland, Ontario, Canada

Brendan Soden, UK

Bro. Paul Vieson, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Charlie Stevenson, California, USA

Claire Soden, Dublin, Ireland 

Coleen Simpson, Queensland, Australia


Dale Soden, Ohio, USA

Damian O?Reilly, England

David Obee, Calgary, Canada.

David Pease, Ontarion, Canada

Don Wilford,  Florida, USA

Douglas Norden, Ontario, Canada

Eileen Smythe, Deddington, England

Eilish McHugh, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland

Ella Soden, Oxfordshire, UK


Frances McNerney, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland 

Glenn Soden, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Jim & Edna Soden, Toronto, Canada

Jim Cullen, Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Jim Steel, Ayrshire, Scotland

John Soden , St. Louis, Missourri, USA

Joy Gothe, New South Wales, Australia

Joyce Brown, Virginia , USA

Judith Green, Birmingham, England

Judy Kierle, Clare, Queensland, Australia

Judy Scott, New South Wales, Australia

Julie Kimpton, Staffordshire, England
Karen D Or, California, USA

Kathleen Andersen, Alberta, Canada

Katie Soden, Australia

Ken Gould, Dorset, England

Kenneth Lynnott, Warwickshire, England


Lynn Reilly Marshall, Connecticut, USA
Len Metzner, Somerset, England

Marg Soden, Thornbury, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Laughton, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Morgan, Tauranga, New Zealand.
Marilyn Higson, Oxfordshire, England

Mark Hutcheson, Dublin, Ireland

Matthew Soden, Washington, USA

Melanie Bromley, New Zealand
Melvyn Johnson, Orange County, California, USA

Michael Steele, England


Nea McCulloch, Sydney, Australia

Nora Soden, my aunt, Dublin, Ireland

Otto & Gitta Hoefer, Celle, Germany


Pamela Soden, East Haddon,England

Pat Maguire, Kilnacreevy, Cavan

Pat Walsh, Dublin, Ireland

Paul Mason, England

Peter & Mary Soden, Pottle, Cavan, Ireland

Richard Corbett, Chester, England
Rod MacManus, Glasthule, Dublin,Ireland
Ronald Soden, Aberwysweth, Wales
Ronald Soden, Oregon, USA

Roslyn McCarthy, New South Wales, Australia

Roslyn Robinson, Freemans Reach, NSW,  Australia

Suzanne Woodhams ,New South Wales, Australia

Terry Soden, Wisner, Nebraska, USA

Tina Beck, California, USA

Tom Kelly for his invaluable technical guidance and patience 


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