The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

The Bedworth Warwickshire Tree of Philip Soden, Sydney, Australia [2000]

The ship 'Chatsworth'

Tree of Phil Soden,Sydney, Aus, obtained in 2000

Great - Grandfather  -   John Soden, 

born 26th March, 1837 in Bedworth, WW

 married 16th April, 1857 to unknown, born 8th March, 1837

Sailed on the 'Chatsworth' , 3rd April, 1862 for Brisbane, Aus, 

arrived 2ndSeptember, 1862

John died in 1921, his wife in 1927, had six sons, Arthur W., George, John, Joseph,Ernest and Walter C.,[Phil?s gf]. They had one daughter, Miss B.A. Soden.

[Source: Philip Soden, Sydney, Australia, Summer, 2000]


Nea McCulloch 

The ship 'Gloriana'

The original Family tree of of Australian, Nea McCulloch was sent to me in October 2012. As a result of the information 

I put up on the Australian page, Nea was able to confirm her families arrival and origin in Australia.

Her great great grandmother was Teresa Soden , daughter of Joseph Soden, born in Stepney, arrived in Melbourne on the 'Gloriana'

She married David Heddle from Orkney Islands born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

 Her Great grandmother was Elizabeth Mary Heddle , she married Robert John Lawrence McWilliams who came to Sydney from  Caledon, in Tyrone.

 The McCullochs came from Troon, Ayrshire though Thomas McCulloch was born in County Down  in Northern Ireland and arrived in Sydney in 1821 as a prisoner for being a member of the 1820 Scottish Radicals transported for high treason. 

[Source: Nea McCulloch, 2000]

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