The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Sligo 3



                                                              CHRONOLOGICAL RECORDS OF SLIGO(1651 - 1911)

                                                                                   1649    Cromwell lands in Ireland

                                                                                                Charles 1 is executed


Innocent Decrees VIII,9

Robert Soddin,Youghall


Joseph Sodden May 1651

Walter Soddin

private soldiers in Youghall garrison

pages 561-562 Caulfields ,Youghall



Innocent Decrees,VIII,9

Robert Soddin

Page 560

Council Book of Youghal,Cork

Cromwellian Depositions on those giving assistance in the town:

Walter Soddin

Joseph Soulden

Page 562

March 10,1654-55

Non-commissioned officers and private soldiers under

Lieutenant Henry Smythicke

Joseph Sodden

Council Book of Youghal,Caulfield (1879)

                                                                                                                                                                                                           1653   Cromwellian Surveys begin


James Soden,son of ? & Anne Ellis,Derry ,Sligo,MB (IGI)



      (Painting of Grange Castle,Sligo in the possession of James Soden ,Toronto,Canada)


  Birth of Elizabeth Soden,nee Steephens,wife of  James Soden of Grange.

She died at 58 years of age in 1704

(Headstone in Moneygold Church,Sligo)



The Down Survey otherwise

The Book of Survey and Distribution,1641-1661

Thomas Sodden is listed as a new proprietor

page 90,volume 6

Wood-Martin,History of Sligo



Hearth Money Rolls, for Co.Sligo


Analectica Hibernica No.

Parish of Ahamlish - townland of Grange

Thomas Soden 2 hearths

Thomas Sodden junior 1 hearth

(These are listed in McLysaght in the year 1655,though I believe them to be 1665,FxS.)

                                                                                                                                                                                             1658 1658 Cromwell dies                            

1659 Pender's Census of Sligo

Parish Townland No.of People Titulado   Engl(ish)   Irish
Aghamlish/Grange 27   Thomas Soden        gent 2       25
Monidualt   2     2  
Carne 7        25
Cliffny   9     9
Cryickeele 16       16
Creenimore     9     9
Mullaghmore 6     6
Bunduff 24     24
Mardneglasse 7     7
Killsard 21     21
Derilihan 16      
Cloonergo 4      
Drinnfada 10     6


 1660 The Monarchy is restored                                             

           Charles II is restored



                    (Soden Plaque in the foyer of the Church of Ireland church in Grange,Sligo taken from the Moneygold Church)


At the restoration the town and castle of Grange and 300 acres in the neighbouring

parish are granted to Thomas Soden

(Canon O?Rorke, volume 2 , page 52)



O'Hart/Irish Pedigrees

Thomas Soden under the Act of Grace (1661-1662) Grant

in the Act of Settlement:

Name of Owner in 1641 Andrew Crean

Denomination of Lands Town/Townland/Castle

forfeited lands signed to at Grange/Thomas Soden

from the Book of Survey and Distribution 1/Cl/20



Closure of the Court of Claims

First Cattle Act



Act of Explanation

for the Innocents



Lodge Rolls

Microfilm 42/6


Volume XII,

page 282

Nr. 14

Roger Parke in Glencarbery 252.35/to Parke £2-15-21/2

in Magherow 39.2.32

Tho(ma)s Soden Grange s2 263.2.24/to Soden £2-13-4 1/2

Eliz(abeth) Mullins Lislahely 168.0.17/to Lichian £1-14-0 1/2

als Jackson,relict

of Tho(ma)s Jackson &

William Taylor

B(arony) Carbury

C(ounty) Sligo


B(arony)-.Moygoshel in S(outh) W(est) part of 44.3.5/to M.Jackson £2-12-11 1/2

Middlederryowen 86.-.- son



in B(arony).Moycashel in Lislowra 85-1-14/to Taylor £1-14-6 3/4

C(ounty) W(est)meath

13 April 20th Inrolled 13 October 1668



Thomas Soden,Grange - High Sheriff

LH 8/Tituladoes/Sligo Courthouse Library


Gray/High Sheriffs in Sligo/Sligo Courthouse Library

James Soden of Grange evidently son of Thomas Soden also of

Grange High Sheriff in 1674. It is also clear that he is a close relation both of

Edward Soden High Sheriff 1730 and of James Soden,

High Sheriff in 1736. The will of James Soden fo Derry,Co.Sligo was

Dat(e). of .1731.


1679 approx.

Edmond,son of James Soden & Anne Ellis,Grange,MB (IGI)


             (Crest on the Soden Capstone in Moneygold Graveyard,Co.Sligo)


Lodge MS. Record Rolls

National Archives,Dublin

page 309

Jas II 282,432 Art q.S

Castle & 263-3-24 of Grange in Carbury in Sligo

at £2-13-4 skin 17

in book of Fairs p.70

282-424 Art q.S 13 April 20 & 13 April 21

Grange 1g(ran)t. 231-2-34 in Carbury barony in Sligo


432 Art q(ui).S(equit) John Sowden ???

M.S. St.John's Limerick

a front house in West Side of St.John 's St.,

8 July 20 Ch.II for his & his successors

Tho(ma)s. Soden granted 4 fairs (farms?)

at Grange,Co(unty).Sligo 2 July,1684



Lodge Manuscripts,National Archives,Dublin

Roll 42.5

Nr. 15

Tho(ma)s. Soden

B(arony). Carbury

C(ounty). Sligoe

2. January,1684

A grant for the fair to

Thomas Soden Gent(leman). of

The Castle,town,lands &

parke of Grange & Sn.

263.2.24 - 2.13.4

(See book of Fairs,page 70)



Birth of James,son of James Soden & Anne Ellis

Moneygold,Sligo (IGI)


Vaughan Soden, steward of the company at Chester, England.

He attended every annual general meeting between 1687 and 1700

But was not present at the annual general meeting of 1701.

1686 Accession of King James II

1687 Householders in Sligo in 1687/Holborn Street:Adam Stewart vice

Thomas Soden

1104/Sligo Courthouse Library

1688 Derry & Enniskillen

Co.Fermanagh defy

James II.

1688 Grant of land in 1688 recorded in the 1825 Parliamentary Report.

1689 Betham Abstract Page 205 in the GO,Dublin

Ulster's Office

Wills Old Serves

volume 4,90/226,O-Y

Thomas Sodden of Grange = Katharine==============Robert Sodden

in Sligo,Gent -

Will dated 22.Jan(uary) 1689 -


Margery ,wife Joane,wife

Thomas Jones- of Knott

1689 Grove Abstract ,

National Archives,Dublin

Pre(rogative) Will 22 Jan(uary) 1689 20 Aug(ust) 1699

THOS:SODDEN Grange Sligo G(en)t(leman). is aged

confirms settlements in will,Kathrin,sister of John Pugh of Chester

city in England grocer d(aughter). Margery w(ife) of Tho(ma)s. Jones,other younger etc,....

(.........) and equally among do al (sic)

Ex(ecutors) to w(ill) & J(oh)n Pugh

£5 to bro(ther). Robert Sodden

£10 to d(aughter). Joan Knott

£27 due to John Pugh

(.....) Major Ja(me)s. Folliott & J(oh)n Delap

W(illia)m Griffith Harrison , Henry Wood, W(illia)m Wynne

J(oh)n.Gearman Tho(ma)s. Osborn

Pr(oba)te. to widow

1689 Betham Abstract of Wills

GO. MS.227, pp. 168/169

GO. MS. 227

Pages 168-9


Father of

JAMES SODEN of Derry & Anne Ellis

In Co. Sligo Esq. Will

Dated 13 January 1730

Probated 14 May,1731

High Sheriff 1706

Father of

Edmond Soden & Margaret Knox,daughter of Michelburne Knox

of Sligo,Esq. ; sister of Anne, wife of William Ellis, Esq.,

Father of

James Soden of Bellydavit in Co. Donegal = Mary,daughter of Clotworthy Gowan,clerk

Will dated 2nd March,1749 GG.XII 109

Probated 1751

High Sheriff 1736 in Co.Sligo

TCD 14th May,1723 aged 19

1690 Arrival of William II in Ireland

                                                                   1691 Treaty of Limerick

1691 Williamite Land



Elizabeth,daughter of Robert and Jeane Soden,


Derry Cathedral.(IGI)/Parish Register Society

Bapt(ism) 10

page 312

page 84 of the original register


Steward to the Guild Company


Vaughan Soden

Apprenticed to John Pugh,Chester,England.

1695 The Penal Laws are introduced

1695 Abstracts of Wills of Irish Testators in Canterbury,1636-1698

Manuscript Room,National Library,Dublin

Ms. 1397

Page 150

Page 1

Abstract of Will and Codicil of Thomas ,Lord Folliott,Baron of Ballyshannon

PCC Pyne (1697) 118

Dated 3rd December,1695

Proved 28th June,1697

Codicil dated 15.1.1696

Page 2

to John Sode(y)?(n?) and Ann his wife for life and then

to Rebecca Sode(y)?(n?) their daughter and her lawful heirs,failing which to children of my daughters and their heirs.


Executors: Charles Baldwin Esq.,

John Sodey?(n?), Esq.,


Codicil to Charles Baldwin and John Sodey?(n?) - recently purchased estates in Stotterton,Shropshire.

1703/04 Pre(rogative)-Grant

10 March,1703/04

Vaughan Soden,Beaumaris,Anglesey

ironmonger died int(estate)

Mr.Laurence Debutts,Sligo,Co.Sligo g(en)t(leman)

& his W(ife) Cath(erine) Debutts,als Soden

mother of dec(eased)


1703/04 Pre(rogative) Grant

15 Feb(ruary) 1703/04

L & Cath(erine) Debutts directed to

Tho(ma)s.Griffith for present year Hubert Blewitt



1705 James Soden,son of Edmond Soden & M(ar)g(are)t.Knox,Glasslough,Monaghan,MB (IGI)

1705 Lewis' Topographical Survey and Dictionary page 22

Under Ahamlish parish there is mention of JAMES Soden who

died at 109 years in 1705.This fact is supported to some degree by a plaque

in the Church of Ireland church at Drumcliffe,Sligo

                        which states a THOMAS Soden died at 105 years.

(This,I believe,should read Thomas Soden and not James Soden as stated in Lewis.)

1706 James Soden,Grange - High Sheriff

LH 8/Sligo Courthouse Library

1707 Chancery Bill Books

National Archive,Dublin

E1710 - E1710

Press 2-4-11

page 248


Edmund Soden gen(tleman).


James Sodon Snr.

&James Sodon Jnr.

Bill ent(ere)d. 19 fFeb(ruary). 1707 Rich(ar)d. Delany.

1710 Chancery Bill Book

Four Courts,

National Archives,Dublin.

volume 9

T1710 - H1712


page 64

Plaintiffs James Sodon gen(tleman)

& Honora his wife

Geering v

Lowry Gethin,

John fFleming &

Dennis Delany


Bill Ent(ered). 18th Nov(ember). 1710 Rich(ar)d. Malone

And Gethin & fleming

19 fFeb 1710 Edw(ard)..Therry

1710 Betham Administration


page 73

24th Jan(uary) 1710


John Fleming Gen(tleman)


James Sodon Jnr.,

Honora his wife

& Charles Sodon

24th Jan(uary) 1710

'Geering' written on the margin

1711 Trinity

John Fleming Gen(tleman)

& Winfried his wife 31 Oct(ober) 1711


James Soden Jnr

& oth(er)s

Beth X/6

page 73


1711 Convert Rolls /Eileen O'Byrne

page 55

Conyngham,Honora,alias Soden

Trainatriny (Treanaghy?),County Sligo

Ent(ered) & enrolled 11 August,1711



Page 163

Linchidan,alias Soden,Honor

enrolled 14 Aug(ust). 1711 (C)

See Lynchacane,Honor

Lynchacane,Mrs. Honora,

alias Soden,of Traincarney,Co. Sligo

conformity 8 Aprill,1711

cert(ified). & enrolled 14 Aug(ust). 1711 (B)

Linchidan,Hon. alias Soden

enrolled 14 Aug. 1711 (C)

A - Calender

B - Lodge

C - 1732 pamphlet

D - Oaths

Page 259

Ms.Honora Soden (Lynchaccase) alias Soden of


conformed 8/4/1711 page 168 art(icle).enrolled 14/8/1711

1712 Chancery Bill Book

Volume 9

National Archive,Dublin


page 302

Easter 1712


James Sodon gen(tleman)

& Honora his wife


Simon Lord Bishop of Elphin

Lowry Gethin Esq.,

& John ffleming


Bill Ent(ered). 12th May 1712 Rich(ar)d. Malone

                                                                                               1724 Swift's 'Drapier letters'

                          James Soden (Dr. Blair ,Sligo)

1724 Aet. 119

s(on of ) Edmund ,attorney to Glasslough (Co. Donegal)

McTernan Index , Sligo Archives



Elphin Will (see 1733)

James Soden,Finid,Sligo....



James Soden ,Derry,Sligo

Prerogative Will

13 Jan(uary),1730 Cod 17 Aug(ust), 1731 24 Aug(ust), 1731

James Soden,of Derry,Co.Sligo,Esq.,to

be buried in Ahamlish P(arish). ertc,...

W(ife) Ann Soden al Ellis

D(aughter). Ann Ellis W(ife) of W(illiam0.Ellis of Bunduffe

D(aughter)-in law Mary W(ife). of an Edmond Soden of Grange Esq.,

& time ? etc,..

Ex(ecutor) W(ife) lye an Edmd.Soden of Grange

Wit(nesses). Cath(erine).Soden,J(oh)n.Baird,Owen W.L(...)

Cod(icil) 17 Aug(ust) 1731

Wit(ness) James Ellis of Woodhouse,Co.Leitrim

Witn(esses). J(oh)n.Baird,Cath(erine).Soden




Betham Abstract


page 48


National Archives,Dublin

SODEN JAMES of Derry,Co.Sligo


dated 13.1.1730

probated . on 14 May,1731

Wife Anne S(oden)- alias Ellis

Dau(ghter).Ann wife of Wil(liam).Ellis

son Edmund Soden of Grange

Margaret wife of James


James Soden,son of James Soden/Mary Cowan about 1732,Grange (IGI)



James Soden,Grange - High Sheriff

LH 8/Sligo Courthouse Library

1736  Lent Assizes

£66 pounds was presented and paid to James Sodon, Esq. for transporting 

John Cullen, James Sharcot, John Kenny, John Hussey, Neil McHugh, James Fitzmorris,

Thomas forragher, Patrick Forragher, Brieget Costelloe and Catherine McGlinn


                            Marraige Settlement of

Cornet Peter Smith and Catherine Soden,eldest daughter of

Edward Soden , of Grange.

McTernan Index, Sligo Archive Library (?S?)

1737 Wynne Rentals,1737-1768

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin

Ms.5780 (from a very tattered,old ledger)




Ed(mond) Soden Esqr.

Acq(uire)d.? May 23,1738


1738 Wynne Rentals,1737-1768

March 2nd,1738



Ed(mon)d.Soden Esq.


1738 Wynne Rentals,1738-1750

National Library ,Manuscript Room,Dublin

Ms.5830 (from old leger folio 21)

32 Edmund Soden Esq.,

To Monenean £21-0-0

To Bate.... of Ales,1737 rent £61-1-8p

to May 1738 rent £10-10-0

Settled from this time on Mr. Wynne

May 1749 rent £15/-/-

Ales to 1749 rent £26/5/-

May 1750 rent £26/5/-



Ales 1750 rent £26/5/-

May 1751 rent £26/5/-



Ales 1751 rent £26/15/-

May 1752 rent £26/5/-

Ent(ere)d. See New Ledger Fol(io).32

1748(?) by cash

May 23 by a

score of weathers £5.13.9


Oct 30 by cash £15.-.-


Religious Census of the 

Diocese of Elphin, Sligo

450 Edmund Soden

446 James Soden 

450 James Soden 

446 John Soden 

446 Rebecca Soden

446 Thomas Soden 

[Source: Bill  McGee]


May 28 by cash £18-18-8 1/2

Oct 25 by cash £7.6.3 1/2

Dec 7 by cash £20.-.-

Jan 5 by cash £6.5.-


May 24 by cash £20.-.-

Oct 9 by cash £6.5.-

Oct 21 by cash £7.-.-

Dec 24 by cash £8.4.5.


Mar 9 by cash £10.7.5 1/2

May 22 by cash £15.17.6 1/2



Oct 21 by cash £11.2.2

Nov 24 by cash #11.7.6

Dec 16 by cash #3.15.4


1740                      Pedigree Table of Cuthbert Smith and his wife ,Margaret

Their son Cornet Peter Smith married the daughter of Edmond Soden

GOMS.227, page 46

1749 Betham Notes National Archives


Page 24

Nr. 53

SODEN JAMES of Belladevit,Co.Donegal

dated 2 March,1749

proved .on. 1751

Father Edmund Soden Esq.,

Younger children:

Marian, Catherine, Margaret,  Mary, Clotworthy, Edmund and Thomas , eldest Son James

- Gowan

Grandfather of children

Wife Mary

Kinsman George Knox of Sligo,merchant.

1750 Wynne Rentals,

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin

page 383




Edw(ar)d Soden Esqr.

18-18-8 1/2

1750 Wynne Rentals,

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin


page 396



Ed.Soden Esqr.


1750 Pre(rogativre) Will


Edward Soden ,Grange,Sligo

see Wills

1750 Betham Notes National Archives

Bet /1/63

Pages 72/73

Nr. 185

SODEN EDMOND of Grange,Co.Sligo Esq.,

dated 12 May,1750

proved on. 5.11.1757

Wife Margaret

Son James

married to Mary,dau(ghter). of Clotworthy Gowan clerk

Youngest dau(ghter) Margaret

Grandson Cuthbert Smith

Dau(ghter). Sarah,wife of Francis Hall of Sligo

Son-in-law Capt.Peter Smith

Bro(ther)-in-law Michelburne Knox of Sligo

Grandchildren Margaret & Edmund Soden

Son-in-law Philip Birne married to dau(ghter). Margaret

1751 Alumni Dublinenses:

Clotworthy Soden,Pensioner (educ(ated).Mr.Babington),

Matric(ulated). 28th May,1751

aged 15; Scholar 1755. B.A. Vern. 1756. Archdeacon of Derry.

James Soden,Pensioner{educ(ated).Dr.Blair,Sligo},

Matric(ulated). 14 May 1724 aged 19;

son of Edmund,Attornatus;born Glasslough,County Monaghan.

1751 James Soden,Belladevitt,Donegal

Prerogative Will


1751 Betham Abstract


page 24


SODEN JAMES of Belladevitt,Co.Donegal

date 2 March,1749

proved . on 1751

Father Edmund Soden Esq.,

Younger Children:






Edmund and


eldest son James - Gowan

Grandfather of children

wife Mary

Kinsman: George Knox of Sligo,merchant

1751 Wynne Rentals,

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin


page 101

21 Oct(ober) .,1751


Edm(on)d Soden Esq.,


1752 Wynne Rentals,

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin


page 117

March 9,


Edw(ar)d Soden Esq.,

£10-7-5 1/2

1752 Wynne Rentals,

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin




Edm(on)d. Soden Esq.,

£15-17-6 1/2

1752 Wynne Rentals,

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin


page 143

Oct(ober) 2,


Edm(on)d.Soden Esqr.


1752 Wynne Rentals,

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin


page 149

Dec(ember) 16,


Edm(on)d. Soden Esq.


1753 Wynne Rentals

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin


2nd Part

page 5

1753,2 June


Edm(on)d Soden Esq.


1753 Wynne Rentals

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin


June 24

page 5


Edmd. Soden Esq.


1753 Wynne Rentals

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin


page 21

Oct(ober). 17,


Ed(mond).Soden Esqr.


1754 Wynne Rentals

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin.

Ms. 5781

page 75



Edm(on)d. Soden Esq.


1755 Wynne Rentals

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin.

Ms. 5781

page 105

June 28


Edw(ar)d Soden Esq.


1755 Wynne Rentals

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin.

Ms. 5781

Oct(ober) 31


Edm(on)d Soden Esq.


1756 Wynne Rentals

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin

Ms. 5781

part 2

page 171

Dec(ember) 3,


Edm(on)d (or perhaps Ja(me)s is written here,very illegible,Fx.S)

£7-13-5 ½


1756 Edward Soden

Ob(it) at Grange

McTernan Index , Sligo Archives

1757 Betham Abstract

Bet /1/63

pages 72,73


SODEN EDMUND of Grange,Co.Sligo

date 12 May 1750

proven . on 5.11.1757

Wife Margaret,

son James,

married to Mary dau(ghter). of Clotworthy Gowan clerk

youngest dau(ghter). Margaret

Grandson Cuthbert Smith

Dau(ghter). Sarah,wife of Francis Hall of Sligo

son-in-law Capt.Peter Smith

Bro(ther).in-law Michelburne Knox of Sligo

Grandchildren Margaret & Edmund Soden

Son-in-law Philip Birne

married to dau(ghter). Margaret

1757 Wynne Rentals

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin

Ms. 5781

part 2

new accounts

page 6

Nov(ember). 23




1758 Marraige Notice

James Soden and Miss Jenny Wynne

McTernan Index ,Sligo Archive

1759 Wynne Rentals

National Library,Manuscript Room,Dublin


page 73

July 3

to Ed.Soden for 48 Suggars

p(aid) £24 to Mrs.Wynne

Nov. 25,1758

1759 Ms. 5781

page 84

Nov(ember). 15,


Ja(me)s. Soden Esq.


1760 Ms.5781

page 100

May 29


Ja(me)s. Soden Esq.


1761 Pre(rogative) Grant

7 Feb. 1761 of Edw(ar)d to Irwin

Margaret Soden,& next of kin Catherine

Soden,spin(ster),died int(estate).

directed by John Knox,Thos.Knox Grogan,Alcock Robt.Ormsby Esq.,


1761 Betham Abstract,National Archives,Dublin

Bet 2/47

Page 54

Nr.161 -105



7 February 1761

1763 Will of

James Soden,Moneygold,Sligo

see wills

1763 Ch(ancery) Pet(ition) Rec(orded) 23 Sept 1763

Jane Soden al Wynne of Sligo town widow & James Soden

of Sligo who died on 5 July,1763 owning real estate in Sligo

leaving 2 d(aughter)s. by Ex(ecutive) Eliz(abeth) aged 4 & Cath(erine) aged 3

real estate worth £150 y(ea)rly subject to £60 y(ea)rly to ?

& £50 y(ea)rly to Ja(me?)s mother

(.......) the lives of 3 heirs worth £26 y(ea)rly profit

& leaving a will of 24 April 1763 and a further estate

leaving all to Pet(itioner) & minors

& W(ife) refuses to act

Pet(ioner) & husband both Prot(estant). oe

that Pet(itioner) be guardian of the minors

Affidavit ? 13 Aug 1763


1763 Thrift Abstract ,National Archives,Dublin


(302) 3247

27th March,1790

Chancery Bill

James and Jane are the parents of Catherine and Elizabeth

This is obviously to clarify the ownership of lands in Sligo

as a result of Catherine's marraige.

Mention is made of Robert Kendrick Manley of Bath

and Catherine Manley,als. Soden.



    (Tapestry of the Soden Crest /photograph courtesy of James Arthur Soden,Toronto,Canada)

1766 Religious Census of Ireland

RCBL Churchtown,Dublin

Page 106

Ahamlish parish

The only Protestant name listed here is that of Andrew Knox


1768 Ms.5831

Wynne Ledger

Edward Soden Folio 38

(This page is totally empty leading me to believe that Edward

and Edmund are one and the same person.)

  1. Marraige Notice

Edward Soden and Miss Vernon

McTernan Index , Sligo Archive

  1. Marraige Notice

Thomas Soden of Sligo and Miss Margaret de Butts

McTernan Index , Sligo archives

1770 Marraige Notice

Thomas Soden of Sligo and Miss Nicholson

McTernan Index , Sligo Archive

1770 Donegal Freeholders


Page 72


Abode: Sligo

Freehold: Terlaghan

Registration Ten Pounder

1772 The First Catholic

Relief Act


1772 Grove Abstract 2/434/....

Executive Presentments

Nos. 1055,1056,1057 3 Exan 25 bunch? 27 bunch?

13 April 1772 Impor(ter) Edward Soden on a ship loading brandy

at Mullaghmore Bay,Co(unty).Sligo

Ch(ancery) Rejoinder & D(e)p(osi)t(ion). Feb 1627

Mr.Smith & Bevil Predeaux

1775 War of American Independence begins

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