The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Canada 1 / 1871 - 2005


PART 1 / 1871 - 2005

1871 Ontario Census

Volumes 1-5/

Simcoe County North

Page 241



Tiny ||Township

Microfilm C-9963

Reference : RG31-Statistics Canada



Volumes 6-10 contain nothing.

Volumes 11-15

Page 245

Wellington County






Guelph Town

film C-9945-6

Reference: RG31-Statistics Canada.

Volumes 16-20

Page 149

Northumberland County




Page 233


Volumes 21-25

Page 179



Whitby Town

Microfilm : C-9974

Reference : RG31-Statistics Canada


AARON SODEN from Scotland was also recorded.


Volumes 26-30

Page 129








(Painting of the Episcopalian Church in Wyebridge,Ontario

by Franz Johnston of 'The Group of Seven'. Doris Soden of

Wyebridge was his pupil.)








Dominion Land Grants


1.                                                     George Frank Soden

Liber                           837

Folio                           171

File Reel Number:      C-6608

Part                            1

Section                       19

Township                    21

Range                         16

Meridian                      W3


2.                                                      George F. Soden

Liber                           527

Folio                           105

File Reel Number       C-6357

Part                            NW

Section                       20

Township                   21

Range                        16

Meridian                     W3


3.                                                      Mason John Soden


Liber                           765

Folio                            195

File Reel Number        C-6549

Part                             NE

Section                        21

Township                    21

Range                         16

Meridian                     W3


4.                                                      Emerson Soden


Liber                           635

Folio                           43

File Reel Number       C-6440

Part                            NE

Section                       30

Township                   21

Range                        16

Meridian                     W3


(Source: Archivanet. Canadian Archives on the Internet.)




William Henry Drummond ( known until 1875 as William Henry Drumm), 

telegraphist,physician,poet,professor and public lecturer, was born 13.April,1854 

near Mohill (Republic of Ireland), son of George Drumm and ELIZABETH MORRIS SODEN;

married  18.April,1894 May Isobel Harvey in Savanna la Mar,Jamaica,and they had three sons

one of whom survived infancy,and one daughter;died 6.April,1907 in Cobalt,Ontario.

The eldest of four sons born to an officer in the Royal Irish

Constabulary,William Henry Drumm spent his early years in County

Leitrim. He attended school in Tawley,where his parents had stayed

shortly after his birth. Sometime in 1863-64 the family returned

briefly to Mohill. According to May Isobel Drumond,after George Drumm

was dismissed from the police force because of a quarrel with Lord

Leitrim over the Landlord system,he had a paralytic stroke from

which he never really recovered. Disgusted with conditions in

Ireland and worried about the familys future,he and his wife decided

to emigrate with their children to Lower Canada;they arrived in

Montreal in the summer of 1864. In February 1866 Drumm died and his

family,left without even his small pension,faced financial hardship.

In order to survive,Mrs.Drumm opened a store in the front room of

their house,the boys all sold newspapers and ,when he was 14,William

Henry left school and became an apprentice telegraphist........

....In 1875,having been convinced by a cousin that  the name

Drumm was but a corruption of the name Drummond our ancient family

name,he officially changed his surname and that of his mother and

brothers to Drummond........

William Henry Drummond graduated with an M.D. from mcGill University in 1884 

and started practising in the eastern townships 

(along the St. Lawrence River) to which his dialect poems so often refer. 

 In 1888 he moved to Montreal . it was ten years later,

well after his marriage May Isobel that Drummond   published his first book of poetry, 

the Habitant (1897) . He went on to publish

five more books of poetry ,

Phil  o  Rums Canoe (1848); Johnnie Courteau (1901) ; the Voyager (1905); 

and the Great Fight (1908) and to become one of the most widely-read and 

loved poets of his nation . he ws made Fello of the Royal Society of Canada in 1899 

and received two honorary degrees ,the first from the University of Toronto in 1902,

 and then from Bishops University  in 1905.

See  the CANADIAN BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY ; William Henry Drummond :

 Poet in Patois  by J.B.Lyons.

                                          'De nice leetle Canadienne'

                                           You can pass on de worl'w'ever you lak,

                                           Tak' de steamboat for go Angleterre,

                                           Tak' car on de State,an'den you come back,

                                            An' go all de place,I don't care -

                                            Ma frien' dat's a fack,I know you will say,

                                            W'en you come on dis contree again,

                                            Dere's no girl can touch,w'at we see ev'ry day,

                                            De nice leetle Canadienne

                                            (Lines 1 - 8)

Excerpted from the Toronto University Selection of Drummonds Poetry.

David Pease

9 Oct 2015, 15:42
Ontario, Canada.

 My Soden relative is Elizabeth Morris Soden 1831 - 1906.
Married in 1853, County Leitrim, to George Drum and emigrated with him
and their four sons to Canada in the 1860s. Her husband George died
shortly after arriving in Montreal, Canada leaving Elizabeth to raise
her four sons. The sons all grew to become successful businessmen with
Dr. William Henry Drummond a noted Canadian poet. William persuaded his
brothers to change their name from Drum to Drummond.

[Source: David Pease, Ontario, Canada 2015]




Home Children from Great Britain to Canada:


Name Edwin Soden

Age                              17

Sex                               M

Year of Arrival            1884

Micorfilm Reel             C-4533

Ship                             SS Parisian

Port of Departure       Liverpool

Departure Date          12 June , 1884

Port of Arrival            Quebec

Arrival Date                21 June , 1884

Party                           Not Given

Destination                 Not Given

Comments                  Also called at Londonderry



Name Ernest J. Soden

Age                             18

Sex                              M

Year of Arrival            1887

Microfilm Reel            C-4536

Ship                            SS Toronto

Port of Departure      Liverpool

Departure Date          12 August, 1887

Port of Arrival            Quebec

Arrival Date               22 August, 1887

Party                          See Comments

Destination                See Comments

Comments                  Church Emigration Society group going to Landsdown and Toronto,Ontario.

Note:                          The child?s surname was illegible or difficult to decipher.



Name Alfred H. Soden


Sex                            M

Year of Arrival          1887

Microfilm Reel           C-4536

Ship                           SS Toronto

Port of Departure     Liverpool

Departure Date         12 August, 1887

Port of Arrival           Quebec

Arrival Date               22 August, 1887

Party                          See Comments

Destination               See Comments

Comments                 Church Emigration Society group going to Landsdown and Toronto,Ontario.

Note:                         The childs surname was illegible or difficult to decipher.





2 death certificates from   Ontario and British Columbia.

Death Certificate of Patricia Soden,Burnaby,British Columbia,Canada

Vancouver,British Columbia

11 years in the province


Holdon Avenue,Burnaby,1455,B.C.



Irish origin



Born 8th August,1931

16 years and 3 months

lived at home

Father: Lorne Soden

Mary Estelle Le Clair

Fathers birthplace not known

Mothers birthplace        Montreal,Canada

Father of the deceased registered as Frank C.Tye.

Burnaby cemetery,Forest Lawn

DOD ;16th November,1947

Cause: Meningitis

District no.             3619

Reg. No.             009615


2. Death Certificate of Mary Jane Soden

died 1976 in Cranbrook British Columbia,Canada.

(source: David Obee,British Columbia,Canada)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


Royal Canadian Air Force

Canadian Air Aces


Mention in despatches

Station Gander

1941,6th September enlisted in Montreal. His home was in Westmount,Quebec

and he later he was a squadron leader in No.8 OUT

This officer has been employed as Squadron Adjutant for over two years in an isolated base.

During all this time and especially during a period of conversation in the squadron,he has shown

outstanding  ability in organization and administration. In achieving this,he has cheerfully worked

many long hours for above the normal call of duty. To all members of the squadron he has been

a constant source of inspiration.


(James Arthur Soden was awarded 'The Order of Canada' in 2005.)
James Arthur Soden with his late wife, Edna, and his two daughters, Lesley and Ann, May 2005 at the Investiture of  The Order of Canada.

Mention in despatches

Service overseas

1945,14th June            The award became effective as per the London Gazette of that date

1945,21st September  AFROf 1478/45

1942,5th June              Enlisted in Montreal



(Uncle of the three British Sodens from Wincombe,Oxfordshire killed in World War 2)

1895,3rd November      Born in Canada

1914,November            Commissioned  in the South Staffrodshire Regiment

                                      He may have been raised in England as his father

                                      was in the UK during the war.

1916,9th September     Granted the Royal Aero Club Certificate

1916,16th November    Seconded to RFC

1917,July                      Served in No. 60 Squadron

1918,13th  July             Served in No.41 Squadron

1919,8th February        Distinguished Flying Cross awarded as per

                                     London Gazette

1922,19th December    Awarded Bar in the Distinguished Flying Cross for distinguished

                                     services in Kurdistan.

1935,December            Remained in post war RAF to No. 7.Squadron as Wing Commander

1939,19th April             Retired as Group Captain,General Duties


[ A bold and distinguished officer who has accounted for three enemy aeroplanes and two balloons during recent operations. ]

(Note: Frank Ormond Soden was brother of Dr.Winfred Scovil Soden and uncle to John flewelling Soden,DFC,Frank Graham Soden,

Burma and Ian Scovil Soden DSO.   All three nephews lost their lives in World War Two. A monument has been erected in their

village to these brothers and their fallen compatriots in Wincombe,Oxfordshire .)


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