The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

3. GUY BELDEN SODEN ,1875 - 1902

The Story of Guy Belden Soden

This letter was apparently written by Sarah S. Soden before her marriage in 1902 as she signed it

with her maiden name. It was among some things that Sarah Subrina Soden Mathys had written

about her family during her younger years. It gives some information about her brother Guy Belden Soden

and is in Sarah's handwriting. It gives several facts about the Soden family which are quite interesting

and will aid us in tracing the family roots in years to come.

"Guy Belden Soden, son of Thomas Soden and Kate Belden Soden, was born July 25, 1875 at the

Village of Dunkirk in the township of Dunkirk Dane County, Wisconsin. He was named Guy after Guy

giant (Ghent or Gaunt?), the owner of the Warwick Castle at Warwickshire, England. His grandfather

Benjamin Soden was raised near the castle.

Young Guy and his family lived at Dunkirk until April 1877 when they migrated to Kansas, crossed the

MIssouri River the 4th day of May, 1877, landed in Kansas in June, 1877, the year of the flood . . .

the largest flood ever known in Kansas.

They settled at Eagle Township, Sedgwick, Kansas and remained there until July 23rd, 1887 when we left Kansas and came to the west. We lived near Portland in Oregon a short time and then we went to Washington and settled near Ridgefield and Guy's parents have been there ever since. 

Guy made one trip to Astoria, Oregon and several times went to Silverton hoppicking. Guy enlisted at Vancouver Barracks on June 26th, 1896 and when the war broke out Guy, with his regiment, the 14th W.S. Infantry regulars, left Vancouver on May 7th, 1898. Guy was made Corporal May 23rd, 1898 at Presidio; left Presidio May 24th, 1898 for Manila. 

He left Honolulu June 4th, 1898; left Guam Island June 23, 1898 and landed at Manila July 1st, 1898.
His first engagement with the Spanish was August 5, 1898. And captured Manila August 13, 1898. He was wounded in the battle of August 5 and again Feb 5th, 1899 in a battle with the Insargents. He died of his wounds Feb 6th, 1899 at Manila and was buried at Manila Feb 6, 1899. His remains were taken up and brought back to Vancouver and buried Feb 8th, 1900 in the Soldier's cemetery at Vancouver Barracks, Clarke County, Washington.

Written by Guy's sister.
Sarah Subrina Soden
who was born May 23rd, 1883
at Eagle township, Sedgwick County, Kansas"

(Excerpt taken by kind permission from Pat Bauer’s Webpage on her ancestors.)

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