The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Appreciation of Robert Gene Soden, 1937 - 2019

Robert Gene Soden1937 – 2019

Decatur, Alabama, USA

The death occurred this year of a fine Soden, Robert Gene Soden.

I knew Bob  through family history and got to meet him for the first time when he and 

his gracious wife, Doris, visited us here in Ireland for the 1st Soden Reunion in June, 2000 in Sligo.

Bob and Doris  stayed in Ireland  for two weeks and they both toured the country. We would meet again in Toronto, Canada at a mini reunion in 2005. This was long enough to get an estimate of the man personally. Bob was a Baptist Christian, enthusiastic in the practice of his religion. There was no malice  or malevolence in Bob, he accepted things with an understanding that they exist and without making unkind remarks. He practised unassumingly his beliefs in a mild-mannered and unostentatious fashion.

Bob was particularly proud of his service in the Armed Air Force both in Europe and Vietnam.He was enthusiastic about family history, very proud of his parents and brothers  and their achievements. He had a great love also  of his home town, Rocky Mountain , North Carolina and we had many cheerful  and informative conversations on the few occasions we met and many times by phone.

It  was our singular good fortune to have gotten to know Bob albeit for a short time and 

we are the all the richer for that experience. Both Bob and Doris fulfilled our prejudice of  

Southern folk, as being  gracious, well-mannered, cheerful and true, fine ambassadors for their states and country.

Requiescat in pace.

Felix Soden

Dublin, Ireland

4th April , 2020

Photo : Bob Soden, proudly holding his little grandniece.

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