The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

This is a short biography of a remarkable member of the Soden family. Lt. Aloysius Soden, USNR JLS SM who died in 1967.


was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and was a member of the Marianist Order of Teaching Brothers ,

based in Dayton ,Ohio. He spent a long time on the Japanese mission and was a prisoner

of war during World War 2.

He taught at the Marianist School in Yokohama and was respected greatly by his pupils ,

to such a degree that after his death they founded the Soden Memorial Foundation in his

memory to help the school in Yokohama.

At the end of the war because of his fluency in Japanese ,he was one of the 6 interpreters

used by the Americans to negotiate the surrender with the Japanese .He was assigned to

the Captain of the USS Missourri ,itself since re-commissioned for the Gulf War in 1991.He is seen in official photographs at the signing of the truce at Truk [Chuck Lagoon] in the Pacific Ocean.

He died in Dayton , Ohio in 1967.

(Source: Bro. Quigley , Marianist , Dublin , Ireland ,friend of Bro. Aloysius .)

USNR - United States Navy Reserve

JLS - Japanese Language School

SM - Society of Mary

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Bro. Aloysius Soden and his connection with Japan and the Surrender at Truk.