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Sodens at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815

After much research results show that there are  at least 5 Sodens present at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 at which the British and German forces under Wellington and Blucher beat the French under Napoleon.

3 were German with the forces of Blucher


Ensign Lewis Soden,4th Battalion of the Line,King's German Legion

Lieut. Christian de Soden,3rd Battalion of the Line,King's German Legion

Ensign C.A. von der Soden,3rd Battalion of the Line,King's German Legion]


1 was Irish with the Duke of Wellington



1811 - 1831

38 yrs;  11th Foot,

WO97/330 (see documents)]

[from the WATERLOO DATABASE of David Milner


1 was English with the Duke of Wellington 

[Private Thomas Soden,


 (or 2nd) Regiment of Foot Guards

in Lt.Col.Hon.H.R.Pakenham?s Company

Source:            David Milner?s Waterloo Database

& Beckett's Chelsea Pensioners' list ]

With the help of military history researcher, Barbara Chambers [1998] I have been able to establish Thomas Soden of the Coldstream Guards was the same one as the Thomas Soden listed in Col. Pakenhams Company. In all the muster rolls from December 1811 - 18i5 [WO12/1710 - 1712] he is enrolled as Thomas Soden but in the Waterloo company pay and muster he is listed as Thomas Sowden.

The Coldstream Guards played a crucial roll in the defence of a chateau called Hougoumont at Waterloo

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