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Francis Soden,1st recorded teacher in the Soden family in Ireland

 FRANCIS SODEN ,(2nd January, 1802 - vivens 1824)

Templevanny , Co. Sligo

Son of Francis and Amy Soden, Rowington, Warwickshire

See also  Rowington, Warwickshire details at UK 1650

Francis Soden , a Catholic ,was the first recorded member of the Soden family to be a teacher.

He was recommended by Fr. Richard Fitzmaurice , the priest of Keash for training in 1824. He had at this time the appointment for the school in Templevanny from Earl Kingston.

He is mentioned 2 years later as being in charge of the pay school in Templevanny ,in the parish of Drumrat with scholars paying 1/3d to 2/9d per quarter . The school itself was a house built from lime and stone for between £80-£90.

(Sources : History of Achonry , 1689-1818 by Liam Swords , page 182 & O'Hara Papers Ms. 20,285 & Commissioners of Irish Education Enquiry ,

1826-27 , XII pages 1310-1330.


‘.......Richard Fitzmaurice,parish priest of Keash,recommended for training in 1824,

Francis Soden,who had here appointment by Earl Kingston to the school of Templevanny.’

History of Achonry, 1689-1818

By Liam Swords,published 1997

Page 182

(See de Brun pp. 85,182,238,240,256.

Parliamentary Papers (1825) volume 12

Appendix 223,page 617 and

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Parochial Returns for Sligo

Appendix no.22 to the Second Report

from Commissioners of Irish Education Enquiry H.C.1826-1827,

X11 pp. 1308-1330.

Francis Soden

Roman Catholic

page no.1316

Parish Drumrat

Location Templevany


Pay school 1/3 yo 2/9 per qtr.School house built from lime and

stone for £80 - £90.

Names of primary schools in different counties and their parishes:


Parish School Name in 1826

Drumcliffe Kilsellagh/Carney/Ballinful

St.John's Sligo Prison,Oakfield,Sligo Female,Clover Hil,Cabry Female,Upr. St.John's.

Ahamlish Mount Temple

Ballinasoden Ballinasoden (Hibernian London)

London Hibernian Society

No return.

Related Reports:

Hibernian Society for Soldiers' Children/1844 (363) XLIII.155

page 427

The Sixth Report :Hibernian Society for Soldiers' and Sailors'

Children 1826-1827 (441) XIII/35

from Dingfelder/NL IR 372/d/38 (4 vols.) &

Irish Education Enquiry/NL IR 372/1/6 (2 vols.)


TAB [Tithe Applotment Books]

Reel 93

Page 5

Diocese Achonry

Parish Toomour

Townland Templevanny

Name Francis Soden

Quantity 1acre

School Plot

Valuation 18s.

Francis Soden, the teacher mentioned above, was the great-great-grandfather of Mary Soden McNerney, now a resident in Leixlip, Co.Kildare on the banks of the River Liffey near Dublin and the Sodens of Templevanny, Co. Sligo , some of whom attended the Soden Reunion in 2000.

Francis Soden was born in Reading, England and employed as a teacher in the schoolhouse at Templevanny, now a ruin. He died Mary believes in 1867. This means the Sodens of Templevanny would have experienced the full blow of the Great Famine and the 1867 Fenian Insurrection.


The Sodens of Coventry

Henry Soden (1806 – 1888), ribbon manufacturer, Mayor of Coventry and philanthropist.

‘ The Mayor of Coventry never trots’.

The full story of the Warwickshire and in particular the Soden families of Coventry is thoroughly researched by Ronald Soden of Arbewyswyth, Wales d. 1998 in the book ‘The Sodens of Coventry : A Warwickshire Family through Six Centuries’

There are a number of truly interesting stories related by Ronald of events in which Soden members were involved. This is a summary of one related to Henry Soden of Coventry.

In 1832 Henry married Mary Ann Proof of Corley Hall, north of Coventry.her farm featured in ‘Adam Bede’ , one fo the novels of George Eliot referred to as Poysers Farm. Henry lived at Much Park Street in Coventry. He then moved to Nr. 5. The Quadrant, Coventry , next door to his brother Thomas.

Henry was ribbon manufacturer or ‘silkman’ and worked in partnership with two others as Soden, Slater and Green based at 18 Much Park Street. He was deeply involved in public affairs and was Mayor of Coventry twice, in 1859 and in 1873. He was a trustee of charities and was a shareholder in the Coventry Corn Exchange. He retired from business in 1861 and both he and Mary Anwin were childless. He was very generous in his will to his family, friends and local of the city. Both he and Mary Ann died in 1888.

Henry is remembered for his remark, when as Mayor he was accompanying the Prince and Princess of Wales on a visit to the city, the Prince requested the procession to hurry up , to which Henry replied, ‘ The Mayor of Coventry never trots’.

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  • Ruins of Templevanny School, Sligo built in 1824
    Ruins of Templevanny School, Sligo built in 1824
  • Ruins of Coventry Cathedral bombed in WW2
    Ruins of Coventry Cathedral bombed in WW2
  • Coventry Park
    Coventry Park
Ruins of Templevanny School, Sligo built in 1824
Ruins of Templevanny School, Sligo built in 1824