The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

United Kingdom 9 / 1860 - 1891

 United Kingdom 9 / 1860 - 1891


1860         Law Notes


Thomas Spooner Soden,M.A. Exeter College,Oxon B.A. 1860,

a revising barrister on the Midland Circuit,a student  of Middle Temple

19/4/1859,called to the Bar 11/6/1862  , 3rd son of John Smith Soden,of


Married 22/4/1873, Sarah Isabella Clavering, youngest daughter of Edward

C.  Seaton, M. D. of  Surbiton.

48, Ladbrooke Grove, W.1/

1, Hare Court, Temple, E.C.

Emden Volume 3

MEN AT THE BAR 1885:J.Foster

IR 9234-F-3    page 437


 1861 National Census




John  64  Labourer Epwell  
 Soden Alice  69    Tysoe 
 Soden  Harriett  26  Tysoe
 Ashby  Will  26  Boarder Tysoe (Good Quaker boy) 


1861 National Census Scotland, Kilmarnock

20 High Street, Kilmarnock, Scotland

John Soden, head, married, 71 yrs, Chelsea Pensioner, born Ireland

Elizabeth Soden, wife, married, 60 yrs, born Ireland 

Schedule 153 

1 Chapel Lane, Kilmarnock, Scotland 

Marther Sodden, mother-in-law, widow, 71 yrs, born ireland 

Schedule 154

William Sodden, head, married, 31 yrs, boiler maker, born Ireland

Barbara Sodden, wife, married, 30 yrs, born Kilmarnock

1861 National Census Scotland , Kilmarnock

12 Park Street, Kilmarnock, Scotland 

John Sodden, head, married33 yrs, boiler maker, born Ireland

[brother of William Sodden, 31 yrs above?]

Ann Soden, wife , 33 yrs, born Kilmarnock

William Soden, son 14 yrs, blacksmiths apprentice

James Soden, son, 6yrs, scholar

Mary Soden, daughter4 yrs

John Soden, son , 2 yrs and 

Jane Soden 9 months, all born in Kilmarnock, Scotland

[Source: Jim Steel, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland]


Sodens of Sibford

Sodens of Sibford family tree

The Sodens were also a Quaker family. In 1689 and 1690 William Soden had corn and hay confiscated for non-payment of tithes. Thomas Soden (1730-) moved to Brailes, and has been mentioned above in relation to him getting into debt, a problem that overseer/elder Robert Ashby was assigned to investigate. From the Warwickshire South Monthly Meeting: "Whereas the conduct of Thomas Soden and his wife, late of Brailes, has been a great Blemish to the truth they have made profession in their conveying goods away which belonged to their creditors without their knowledge - and also removing themselves and their children contrary to repeated advice. Therefore we, the people called Quakers, have no longer unity with the said Thomas Soden and his wife until they, by amendment of life, do their evident demonstrations of sorrow for all their outgoings - which we earnestly desire"

Alice Soden née Hardiman
with grandaughter
Hannah Ashby

Richard Soden (1771-1844), a Tysoe resident, was disowned following his marriage to Elizabeth Walker in 1796: Information being now given us that Richard Soden married by the priest to a person not in membership with us and his conduct in other aspects being inconsistent we therefore for the learning(?) of truth appoint Michael Pettipher and William Hemmings to draw up a testimony of disownment against him and to bring an account to the meeting for approbation."

Richard Soden (1805-) and Benjamin Soden (1809-) both emigrated to America, presumably as part of the "Tysoe exodus" of the 1820's. Richard is mention by William Mole in "A Tysoe emigrant writes home": please to tell mr soden that I have not seen Richard sins I rote in june as he lives 15 miles of me but I think he is well or I shold have heard of him".

Alice Hardiman had a number of illegitimate offspring before her marriage to John Soden. One of these is Hannah Hardiman (later Rouvray), who M.K. Ashby incorrectly refers to as Hannah Soden in "Joseph Ashby of Tysoe".

 Taken from the

 The Ashbys of Tysoe

Steve Milton 

See also

Ashby, M.K. ? Joseph Ashby of Tysoe 1859-1919

Merlin Press Ltd., London, 1961




1863                       John Ross Griffin, (1863-1921)

born in Islington, London, England

on 22 June 1863

son of William Griffin (1839-83)  and his wife, Emily, nee Soden

Source: Dr.Brian Gee, Article on John Ross Griffin (1982), instrument maker





Grantee of Arms:

page 342

1.        SODEN of Formyn, Merioneth Wales (1865)

Volume  LVI, 1 folio 23

2.        SODEN to CORBET of Yns-y-Mangyn, Merioneth, Wales  (1865)
Volume  LVI, folios  27-29.



1870       Index of London Police Orders

SODEN 3rd December, 1870  PC 171 Fines and strictly cautioned

SODEN 3rd December, 1870  PC 171  Reinstated

Source: Len Metzner Indexes, Somerset, England.



National Census


Nr. 163

 Soden  Alice 80  Widow Pauper  Tysoe 
 Richard 34 Agricultural Labourer Tysoe 
 His wifef 24    Epwell 



                               1877                          Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships

A Mr.  Soden  played and lost to a Mr. Lambert (GBR) in the

first round of the Wimbledon lawn Tennis Championships 

in the very first year of this event in 1877.

The score was 1/6, 5/6, 5/6 for Lambert

Source: the Wimbledon All - England Lawn Tennis Museum



Emigrant to America

SS Abyssinia

Liverpool to New York

Passenger 35








Shipping Lists , National Archives, USA

Film M237, Reel 416



Robert Charles Soden b 30 Aug 1884 in Notting Hill London, grandfather of Peter Hopkins probably a Quaker from Sibford Gower. Flamily Tree at Ancestry called -  Hopkins Soden Family Tree 17-11-2010 it is a Public Family Tree

[Source Peter Hopkins ,] November 2011


 1891       National Census for Wales

Cowbridge,Glamorgan, Wales, Great Britain

 Albert W. Sheperd  Head married  31 Physician Surgeon  born in Dublin, Ireland  
 Elsie W. Sheperd     Wife  married  28    same
 George W.C.Soden  Brother-in-Law  17 Medical Student  same
 Christina Adlatter  Servant    17  Domestic Servant  born London

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