The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

United Kingdom 7 / 1720 - 1858

[1720 - 1858]

The SPECIAL COLLECTION  at the Society of Genealogists, London, England

The SPECIAL COLLECTION at the Society of Genealogists,London. [1720 - 1858]
This collection contained 5 documents in the box labelled ?SODAINE?.
They are as follows:-
1.              Answer to baptismal query 1884 on a christening in 1749.
2.              Will of Elizabeth Soden
3.              Births 1720-1752
4.              3 Monumental Inscriptions
5.             Will of John Sodaine
1.                Christenings in Ye Year 1749
Sarah daughter of Thomas & Maria Soden Sept 10th
I certify that the above entry is a correct extract from the
Baptismal Register of King?s Sutton Parish Church copied by me on the
2nd day of April 1884.
Stamp and (signed)  E.W.Urquhart Vicar
of King?s Sutton,Northants.
2.             This document was too long to copy.
1720/ June 2nd
Joseph,son of Joseph & Elizabeth
1720/Nov(ember) 6th
Michael,son of Joseph & Mary Soden
1722/Sept(ember) 16th
Thomas,son of Joseph & Elizabeth Soden
1724/Dec(ember) 13th
Elizabeth,d(aughter)   of Joseph & Elizabeth Soden
1730/Dec(ember) 27th
William,  do   do
1752/March 23rd
Mary,d(aughter). of Thomas & Maria Soden
4.             3 Monumental Inscriptions
On a high tomb in Cathedral Churchyard Winchester
Robert Soden who died March 24th/21st?
1764  aged 81 years
-----------          and
Elizabeth Soden  the wife of Robert Soden who died
Oct(ober) 21st,1763  Aged 63 years
----------- also
Ann the daugter of Robert & Elizabeth Soden
wife of John Moody Senr. Merchant of this city who died
May 14 1814 aged 82 years.
Baiget Papers??
5.             Will of John Sodaine
John Sodaine (    ?   )  420 Pell
of Napton op Montem
My body to be buried in the Churchyd of Napton near unto my father and
son William.
My wife Joane ?20
My daughters Frances Mary ?20 apiece at their age of 21 yrs.
The residue of my goods chattles etc... I give unto my only son John
whom I make my sole Exec.
John Meadowe & Robert Garrett the elder both of Napton yeoman oto be
Witnesses  Alexander Stokes
John Meadam
Robt. Garrett
Proved Oct(ober) 1659 by John the son & sole Exe(cutor)


 Baptisms at the Church of of the Holy Trinity,Coventry,1561 ? 1885




1731,16 October     James     son of John Soden & Ester


1732,19 January                     John                                        son of John Soden & Ester
1734,24 May                           Thomas                                 son of John Soden & Ester

1736,24 January                     Jane                                        daughter of John Soden & Ester
1738,26 June                           Francas                                   son of John Soden & Ester
1740,14 September                 Ann                                   daughter of Jeremiah Soden & Mary
1742,7 June                             Ann                                    daughter of John Soden & Ester
1790,29 March                       Charlotte                            daughter of John Soden & Ann
1791,11 July                            Nathaniel                           son of John Soden & Ann
1826,3 December                   Sarah                                 daughter of Thomas Soden & Bessey
1830,9 November                 John Jordan                        son of Thomas Soden & Bessey
1834,31 August                     Bessey                                 daughter of Thomas Soden & Bessey
1840,31 July                            Walter Garnet                   son of Thomas Soden & Bessey
1864,20 October                     Julia Louisa Eleanor         daughter of John Jordan Soden & Eleanor Fanny
1870,31 August                     Francis Leopold                  son of John Jordan Soden & Eleanor Fanny
(Source: Kathleen Andersen,Alberta,Canada  and LDS )
SODEN ANN,widow 17/9/1754 Half Moon Alley,London,sister of ELIZABETH
COURTNEY,wife of ROBERT COURTNEY of St.Mary Mag(dalene) ,Bermondsey,Co.Surrey,
malster from E.Ambrose of White Cross Street,
London , widow the testatrix.
SODEN JOHN  1769/August/
PCC Adm(inistration)
Miscellaneous: Newspaper Indexes
SODEN THOMAS of Buddington,Kenthouse.   Notice to creditors by Exons.
Stamford Mercury.
Buckinghamshire Marriages.
22nd May
By banns
James Soden,bach(elor) of this parish and Hester Warr,spin(ster) of this parish
Witnesses: William Jakcman. Thomas Warr
28 April
By banns
William Byway,bach(elor) of Bushey,Hertfordshire and Martha Warr,spin(ster) of this parish
Witnesses:   Thomas Warr. Ester Soden Martha Soden
1st March
By licence
Thomas Warr , bach(elor) of this parish and Judith Conquest,wid(ow) of this parish
Witnesses:  James Soden. Esther Soden
(Source: Ms.Helen Butler,Bromley, 1998)

Permanent Residents at Ettington Quaker?s Burial Ground
Susannah Soden,                  31st day of the 12th month,1830                 aged 60 years
Martha Soden,                       12th day of the 2nd month,1831                 aged 68 years
Joseph Soden,                       15th day of the 12th month,1833                 aged 68 years/not in membership
Lewis Halley Soden,    30th day of the 3rd month,1874                 aged 71 years

The History, Topography  and Directory of Warwickshire by William West (1830)
Soden & Iliff                          Linen & Woollen Drapers                   High Street,Coventry
Soden,Ann                            Cooper & Victualler                            High Street,Coventry
Soden,Jas                               Ribbon Maker                                      Well Street,Coventry
Soden,Wm.                            Teacher of Maths                                                 Northgate Street,Warwick
Soden,Wm.Hill                      Attorney                                                               Abbey Street,Nuneaton
Sodin,Thos.                           Victualler                                                Bridge Street,Stratford
Sodin,Thos.                          Grocer                                                    Bridgetown,Stratford
Source: Kathleen Andersen,Alberta.
BIRTH BRIEFS at the SoG,London which include the name ?Soden?.
Volume 7/Gibson
Elizabeth Wycherley,daughter of Thomas Wycherley and Mary Soden,born
1786 , died 9/2/1853 at Banbury.
Volume 10/Elliott
Joseph Soden died Brimingham 27/7/1858 at 71 years,married Mary/died
Birmingham 26/1/1855 at 65 years.Daughter Caroline Soden born Edgbaston
B.1822,died 9/12/1851 at 29 years.
Volume 19/132
Jane Soden born 18/11/1854,married 26/12/1874 to Joseph Brown,married
20 March 1870,died 1905,3 Sherbourne St.,Birmingham.
16. WALLIS? Dictionary of MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS in the 18th century:-
Symbol   Name                          Job                           Address                                  General
SS            Souden Mrs             Midwife                      Ratcliff Road,Old Street,London
P              Sowden Henry                                            Whitestone (Devon?)
SSS         Soden James            Chemist                        Coventry
A             Soden John S.          Surgeon                                                                 Freer,George
SSS         Soden John Smith
                FRCS                      Army Surgeon               Sydney Place,Bath                 (B)
M            Soden Joseph
                (7/?105)                 Druggist,etc,.                 Coventry,Warwickshire                 Hooker,Thomas
M                   Soden,Joseph
                (7/?12)                    Druggist,etc,.                Coventry,Warw.                              Smith,Joseph
A             Soden Joseph          Druggist                                                                  Cope,John
M            Soden Joseph                   
                (7/?50)                   Druggist                         Coventry                                    Roberts,Henry
M            Soden Joseph                  
                (7/?70)                    Druggist,etc,.                Coventry                                    Rawlins,Rich.
A             Sowdon Thomas
                S.of Henry                Surgeon                                                                   Leigh,Will
SS           Soden Thomas           MRCS/Surgeon           City Road
The following information was taken from Alumni Cantabrienses  by
J.A.Venn   RR 378-42-59   Page 588
Alfred Soden
born 1865 at Bath
Marlborough College
Died 1938
Charles William
born 1827
Coventry School
died 1895
John Ernest Soden
born 1868
Coventry Grammar
Father of Ronald W.Soden,Aberysweth,Wales.
(See The Sodens of Coventry by Ronald W.Soden,1992)
John Jordan
born  1830
Coventry King Edward?s
died 1912
Thomas Hill Soden
born 1828
of Hinckley,Leicester
no further details
National Census
21 years
Agricultural  Labourer
Oxon,North Norton
Soden,     John        Head                 52 years                 Farm Labourer                 Epwell
Alice                       Wife                 57 years                                                           Tysoe
Charlotte                                          17 years                                                            Tysoe
Richard                                             14 years                 Farm Labourer                 Tysoe
Harriett                                             12 years                 Scholar                    Tysoe
1851 Warwickshire Census
Alphabetical List of Sodens
Name                                  Status             DOB                 Birth Place                 Residence
SODEN,Ada Dewsbery           Daughter         1850                 Birmingyham               Edgbaston
SODEN,Alfred                        son                1847                 Birmingham                Birmingham
SODEN Alfred J.                    Son                1839                 Coventry,WAR            Coventry St. Michael.
SODEN Allice                         wife              1794                 Tysoe,WAR                  Tysoe
SODEN,Ann                           wife               1796                 Buckland,GLS              Chipping Campden
SODEN Ann                           wife               1821                 Frankton WAR              Cubbington
SODEN Ann                           daughter         1833                 Bishops Itchingnton,WAR/Bishops Itchington
SODEN Ann                           servant           1834                 Stoke WAR                   Rugby
SODEN Ann Elizh                   daughter         1849                 Birmingham                 Edgbaston
SODEN Benjamin                   lodger             1833                 Birmingham                Birmingham
SODEN Bepey                      wife                1802                 Coventry WAR            Coventry St. Michael
SODEN Bepey                      daughter          1835                 Coventry WAR            Coventry St.                  Michael
SODEN Caroline                    head                1821                 Chilsay or Chalvey BUK   Burnham Westgate
SODEN  Charles W.              Son               1828                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St.                  Michael
SODEN  Charlotte                daughter                 1834                 Tysoe WAR      Tysoe
SODEN Edward                    son                 1839                 Shilton WAR      Shilton
SODEN Edward                    son                 1848                 Birmingham                 Edgbaston
SODEN Edwin                      Gson                 1849                 Bishops Itchhington WAR/ Bishops Itchington
SODEN Eliza                        daughter                 1849                 Cubbington WAR                 Cubbington
SODEN Elizabeth                   head                 1781                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN Elizabeth                   servant                 1827                 Lilington WAR                 Leamington  Priors
SODEN Emma                       daughter                 1840                 Bishops
Itchington WAR                 Bishops Itchington
SODEN Esther                       wife                 1805                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN Francis                      lodger                 1827                 ----(NK) BUK       (Hatton) Shrewley
SODEN George                    head                 1803                 Birmingham                 Birmingham
SODEN George                    head                 1826                 Birmingham                 Birmingham
SODEN George                    son                 1844                 Shilton WAR      Shilton
SODEN Hannah                     wife                 1808                 Shilton WAR      Shilton
SODEN  Harriott                  daughter                 1839                 Tysoe WAR      Tysoe
SODEN Harriott                   daughter                 1843                 Bishop Itchington WAR/ Bishops Itchington
SODEN Henry                      head                 1807                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN James                      head                 1803                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN James                      son                 1828                 Birmingham                 Birmingham
SODEN Jane Sarah               daughter                 1849                 Shilton WAR      Shilton
SODEN John                        head                 1797                 Badnott OXF                 Chipping Campden
SODEN John                        head                 1799                 Epwell OXON    Tysoe
SODEN John                       head                 1803                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN John                       head                 1812                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN John                        head                 1821                 Bishops
Itchington  WAR                 Bishops Itchington
SODEN John                        son                 1850                 Bishops
Itchington WAR                 Bishops Itchington
SODEN Joseph                    servant                 1833                 Bishops
Itchingnton WAR                 Warwick St. Mary
SODEN Joseph                    servant                 1833                 Tysoe WAR      Southam
SODEN Lewis H.                  Head                 1803                 Epwell OXF                 Eatington
SODEN Louisa                     wife                 1828                 Birmingham                 Birmingham
SODEN Louisa                     daughter                 1850                                        Birmingham
SODEN Margaret                 servant                 1838                 Shilton WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN Maria                      wife                 1803                 Birmingham                 Birmingham
SODEN Maria                      daughter                 1840                 Birmingham                 Birmingham
SODEN Martha M.                Sister                 1806                 Epwell OXF                 Eatington
SODEN Mary                       servant                 1795                 Birmingham                 Edgbaston
SODEN Mary                       head                 1797                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry Holy Trinity
SODEN Mary                       wife                 1812                 Corley Hale WAR            Coventry Holy Trinity
SODEN Mary                                                1821                 Warwick WAR                 Leamington Priors
SODEN Mary                       wife                 1821                 Coleshill WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN Mary                       wife                 1823                 Edengale STF                 Edgbaston
SODEN Mary                       servant             1829              Bishops                                                                                Itchington WAR                 Warwick St. Mary
SODEN Mathew                  son                 1811                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN Matilda                   servant             1834                 Hook Norton OXF                 Welford
SODEN Matthias                  son                 1841                 Shilton WAR      Shilton
SODEN Rachael                   daughter           1848                 Shilton WAR      Shilton
SODEN Reanea                    sister                1810                 Chilsey or Chalvey BUK       Burnham Westgate
SODEN Rebecca                  servant             1829                 Exhall WAR                 (Coventry St.Michael) Keresley
SODEN Rebecca                  daughter           1846                 Shilton WAR      Shilton
SODEN Richard                   head                 1814                 Bishops Itchington WAR                 Bishops Itchington
SODEN Richard                   son                    1837                 Tysoe WAR      Tysoe
SODEN Sarah                      wife                 1781                 ....War                     Warwick St. Mary
SODEN Sarah                      wife                 1825                 Bishops
                                                                                Itchington WAR                 Bishops Itchington
SODEN Sarah                      servant                 1830                 Exhall WAR                 (Coventry St. Michael)
SODEN Sarah                      daughter1845        Bishops
                                                                                Itchington WAR                 Bishops Itchington
SODEN Sarah S.                  Asst.                 1829                 Micote Bar OXF (Old Stratford) Stratford
                                                                                                                On Avon
SODEN Susannah                 head                 1792                 Bishops
                                                                                Itchington WAR                 Bishops Itchington
SODEN Thomas                   head                 1799                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN Thomas                    lodger                 1803                 Grimsby LIN                 Birmingham WAR
SODEN Thomas                   lodger                 1821                 East Hadden NTH                 Coventry Holy Trinity
SODEN Thomas                    head                 1821                 Birmingham                 Edgbaston
SODEN Thomas                    son                 1827                 Bishops
                                                                                Itchington WAR                 Bishops Itchington
SODEN Thomas                   son                 1830                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN Walter G.                son                 1841                 Coventry WAR                 Coventry St. Michael
SODEN William                   widower                 1800                 Alcester WAR                 Kinwarton
SODEN William                   head                 1816                 Milverton WAR                 Cubbington
SODEN William                   lodger                 1821                 Bishop
Itchington WAR                 Lighthorne
SODEN William                   visitor                 1830                 Harborne STF      Knowle
SODEN  William                  son                 1847                 Bishops
                                                                                                Itchington WAR                 Bishops Itchington
SODEN WilliamWats            head                 1786                 Monks Kirby WAR                 Warwick St. Mary
SODEN William                   son                 1832                 Birmingham                 Birmingham
(LDS 1997/Census Data 1997)


Louisa Soden (1830-1913) , daughter of Richard Soden married William Davis with whom she had 7 children, two of which were born in Leamington Spa. She is the great-great-grandmother of Helen Hollinghurst. 

(Source Helen Hollinghurst, 27/9/2010)

 1851 National Census Kilmarnock, Scotland 

Family of John Sodden, Head, widow, 63 yrs, pensioner, born County Monaghan, Ireland 

Jane Sodden,k daughter, unmarried, 19 yrs, wool spinner, born County Monaghan, Ireland

John Sodden, son , 14yrs, school, born Kilmarnock

[Source: Jim Stel, researcher, 

20 Alder Green, Irvine, Ayrshire, KA11 1LB]

1858     Hannah Soden , Tysoe,Warwickshire is mentioned frequently as the friend
            of Elizabeth Ashby,the mother of Joseph Ashby, the Quaker of Tysoe. She
            married a Frenchman, du Rouvray , anglicised to Rouvray and remained a
            good friend to Elizabeth during her dificult early years of motherhood.
                                Pages 3,ff....
                                Joseph Ashby of Tysoe, 1859-1919 by M.K.Ashby ,published 1974

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