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                    Visitors to the First Soden Reunion in June, 2000 in Sligo, Ireland. They came 

from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America.



Congratulations to Julie Soden , Belfast , Northern Ireland on obtaining her doctorate  from Queen's University , Belfast . Julie is now lecturing in The  New University of Ulster ,Coleraine. Her parents , Jim and Norma Soden, were at the reunion in Sligo in June , 2000.


We note with great regret the passing away of 2 very popular Soden family members. My aunt , Nora Soden , of Glasnevin , Dublin , Ireland died on 4th  October , 2000. Nora will always be remembered by relatives and friends , particularly , for her unconditional kindness to all her family.

Our  dear second cousin , Peter Soden of Pottle , Cavan , Ireland passed  away on 23rd April,2001 in Cavan . We spent so many happy days with Peter and his wife , Mary , and Gerard , their son when we were young. Sodens      have been living in Pottle since 1813.

        May they both rest in peace.


Congratulations to David Soden , Rathgar, Dublin , who published jointly a new book on Landlord and Tenant Law in Ireland. David is a practising solicitor in Dublin and attended the reunion in Sligo  in June 2000.


Congratulations to my sister , Marie Feeney , Toronto , Ontario , Canada on being praised publicly in the press and by her hospital board  for her  heroism and commitment with a doctor colleague on New Year's Eve,
2000 during a fatal shooting at St. Michael's Hospital , Toronto.

Details of this story can be read in the Canadian Newspaper , 'National Post' for 24th April , 2001 at this address:


Article written by Christie Blatchford



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and last at Southall  at 20/1. He came first at 6/1 in

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Son of Sire Pembroke and Dame Lady Member ; American bred.



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Family originating in  BALLYJAMESDUFF , CO. CAVAN



We find places or streets with the name 'Soden' in Germany , America

and Great Britain.



Soden Strasse,Bamberg,

WW II Memorial ,Wincombe,Oxfordshire,England

(Three Soden Brothers)


Cavan Cathedral, Cavan town





(1) Soden Kloster

We find in Hannover, the ?Soden Kloster ? , still today functioning as it was intended , that is , as an old people?s home.

This was founded in the year 15?? By the generous bequest of Mauritius von Sode , wealthy burgher of the city of Hildesheim and of the Hannoverian family . Mauritius had this built for members of the Soden family and anyone else of advanced age , to cater for 9 men and 9 women. This fine red sandstone building has survived the countless wars of German history since the mid 16th century.


(2) Soden Strasse, North of the Post office

Soden Strasse has been named after the von Soden family of Hannover ,whose connections go back to 1332. One of the its members was Dietrich vamme Sode, one of the German Mayors of London, England in 1500.

Places with the name Soden are the following:


63628 Bad Soden Salmünster

63384 Bad Soden bei Aschaffenburg

65812 Bad Soden im Taunus

37242 Bad Sooden-Allendorf




This is an summary from the ?Historical Lexicon of the German Provinces? by Köbler , pages 522/523.

Title : SODEN

Since 1947 this is known as BAD SODEN am TAUNUS.

It is an imperial village.


Conrad II gave to the abbey Limburg an der Hardt the Royal

Court at Sulzbach with parts of the area in the villages of

Altenheim,Neuenheim,Schneidenheim and Soden.These parts

belonged later to the precincts of Sulzbach. The free peasants

were not affected by this arrangement.


Soden-am-Taunus is mentioned for the first time.


The free citizens and farmers of Soden and Sulzbach placed

themselves under the protection of the town of Frankfurt and

committed themselves to joining the imperial army.The villages

of Neuenheim,Altenheim and Schneidenheim then came under

the protection of the precinct of the Abbey of Limburg 

namely,under the protection of the Lords of Epstein,later

the Baron of Stolberg-Konigstein.


Soden and Sulzbach because of a loan which they obtained from

Frankfurt came under the control of Frankfurt as also did the

Abbey at Limburg.


When Limburg fell to the Palatine-Kurphalz,Frankfurt lost

Limburg then to the Palatinate.


Soden and Sulzbach,after paying back 800 Gulden,freed themselves from the control of Frankfurt.


The Palatinate transferred Sulzbach to Mainz.


Frankfurt and Mainz eventually agreed on the control

of Sulzbach and Soden.


Sulzbach and Soden went over to Nassau


then over to Prussia


finally to Hesse.




(4) Soden Strasse ,

Bamberg , Bavaria , Germany


This was named after Friedrich H. von Soden , baron ,
eccentric landlord ,theatre director and economist .

He was a writer born on the 4th December,1754 in Ansbach and he died on the 30th July,1831 in  Nurnberg. He was a Lawyer and Government Advisor He studied Law in Erlangen,Jena and Altdorf. He became a Brandenburg Government Adviser and Margrave and transferred then to Prussia in 1792 into the Prussian service whenClose Ansbach came under their control. He retired into private life in 1796.

Theatre Director and Writer

He lived on his estate in Sassenfarth near Bamberg and he managed , between the years 1802 and 1810 , the Bamberg Theatre and , from 1804 , the Wurzburg Theatre.

He moved in 1811 to Erlangen and in 1813 to Nurnberg.
He became known as a writer of short stories,such pieces
as Franz von Sickingen,written in 1808 and a considerable
collection of dramatic works from among which we give the
better known ones;Inez de Castro,written in 1784;
Ann Bolyn,written in 1784;Dr.Faustus written in
1797 and Virginia,written in 1805. Soden was translator as
well of the works of Cervantes and Lopedevega as well as
being a translator of economic and state matters. The most
important of all his works is

entitled the ?National Economy? written between the years 1805 and 1824 in Aarau,in 9 volumes,and with this work he truly developed the science of national economics.

The present Soden Strasse in Bamberg near the Staatarchiv is called after him.




United States of America



(5) Soden Street ,Cambridge , Massachussetts


One of the earliest Sodens was in Cambridge , Massachussetts , Thomas Soden , a farmer after whom is named a street south of Central Square . He was there in the early 1700?s. Soden Street was named after Thomas Soden the owner of The Soden Farm. This farm was bounded northerly on main Street and easterly on Pleasant Street and a large tract , bounded northerly on Main Street and westerly on Putnam Avenue.

(Cambridge Historical Society)


(6) Soden Grove , Kansas , USA

is now better known as a leisure park but got its name from the flour mill owned by William T. Soden ,

whose sister Margaret died in New York in 1861 .

Their parents were William and Angelina Soden. It was still operating up to 1944 . Farmers would come with

their grain and wait in the Grove in queues. It was just outside Emporia ,Kansas , where there is today also

a Soden Road and a Soden Dam.


(7) Trenton , New Jersey , USA


There are 2 streets called Soden Street and Soden Avenue apparently named after a developer of the 1950?s.

Soden Street , Oregon City , Wisconsin named after William Soden , who fought in the Civil War and settled there .

(Source : Wayne Salisbury : A Time to Remember

Chapter 16 on William Soden )






                                UNITED KINGDOM

Cwm Soden and River Sowe

Cwm Soden is marked on the map of West Wales

but this in fact refers to the River Soden ,which commemorates

Athelstan Soden ( b. 1849) or his father , John James Soden

(1813 ? 1871). It runs into Cardigan Bay between

Newquay and Aberporth , West Wales.




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