The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Land Deeds 1/1708 - 1818

 Land Deeds 1/1708 - 1818



            LAND DEEDS(1)

These are only the abstracts or summaries of land deeds made between Sodens and other parties through the centuries . The original abstracts can be inspected in the Registry of Deeds ,   Henrietta St., Dublin .



These  land deeds have been collated from the Registry of Deeds ,Henrietta Street,Dublin for all Soden names between the years 1708-1950 in the whole of Ireland.


                                                          1708 - 1950

                                                                            PART 1 ; 1708 -  1818



S/Volume 95





26 172 15055

16th October, 1719. Edmd.Soden,one of the executors of James Hamilton,

late of Mount William,Co.Meath,gent deceased.



Hamilton to Jennett

Edmond Soden is mentioned in this deed as witness



51 466 34373

Assignment of 23.August,1726,whereby James Soden of Derry,Sligo granted to

Thomas Soden of Moneygold gent, his third son ,all his interest in the

Quarter of Moneygold and Derry and in the half quarter of Kilcat in the

Barony of Carbery,as held by lease from Henry Temple Esq. dated 4.

June,1715. The sum of £50 sterling.

Witnesses; William West and Thomas Trimble,both of the city of Dublin gent(lemen)



71 424 51865

Marriage Settlement of 16.October,1728 of James Soden,eldest son and heir of

Edmond Soden of Grange,with Mary,only daughter of the Reverend Clotworthy

Gowan of Murvagh,Donegal. A settlement on the said Mary is to be made by the

said Edmond immediately after the death of James Soden the elder (father of

the said Edmond),and to be charged on the lands of Mullaghanne,Ardnaglass,

Barnderg,Kilculloge and the island of Dernish.

Witnesses: George Knox of Monimore ,Donegal and James Hamilton of Mount

Charles in said county Esq.,and Thomas Gowan of  the city of Dublin Esq.




Volume 96




65 148 44812

Lease of 21,November,1730,whereby James Soden of Grange Esq. let to Edmond

Soden of Grange and to his eldest son ,James Soden (grandson of the said

James the elder) the lands of Cluntebruklish,Cleragh and the Island of

Derrynish in the parish of Aghamlish.

Witnesses: John Baird of Grange and Henry Stewart of Gortnaleck.

Memorial witnesses: John Baird and Catherine Soden of Grange,spinster.



66 198 45800

Indenture of 1st December,1730,whereby James Soden of Derry to provide

for Ann ,his wife,demised unto Edmund Soden of Grange his eldest son,the

half quarter of Derry.

Witnesses: Henry Stewart of Sligo,periwigmaker and John Baird servant

to the said Edmund Soden.

Soden Edmond to Gowan  71-424-57865

Soden James to Soden      65-148-44812

same to Gown Mors           71-424-51867


68 526 49327

Conveyance of 5th May,1732,whereby Edmond Soden of Grange granted to

James Soden of Ranroe ,Sligo his eldest son and heir a settlement agreed

to be made on his wife,Mary Soden alias Gowan and charged on the lands

of Grange, Derry,Moneygold,Dernish,Castleprocklis,Cleragh,Gortneleck

and Kilcatt in the Barony of Carbery,and as held by James Soden late of

Grange deceased.

Witnesses: James Gilmar of Doonauny,Sligo and Patrick Keagan of Grange.


98 351 68722

13.April,1740.  Edmond Soden of Grange,party to a Hamilton deed.



100 116 69810

Lease of 17.May,1740 whereby Edmond Soden of Grange Esq. let to Cornet Peter

Smith of Colonel Hamilton's Regiment of Dragoons,the lands of Mulcan in Co.


Witnesses: Michael Hoy of Barnderg and Richard Lloyd of Sligo.






188 340 125906

18.June 1757. James Soden of Grange,Sligo (son and heir of James Soden and

assignee of John Soden) unto John Withers of Sligo. Reciting a lease dated

10 June ,1720 made by Benjamin Burton late of the city of Dublin ,Alderman

unto John Soden and Anthony Pill deceased of houses in Halburne Street in

the town of Sligo,for the lives of Edmund Soden of Grange,Thomas Soden of

Moneygold and of John Gill. Clotworthy ,a brother to James Soden,

£3.5s tp be paid to Ja(me)s. Soden



216 614 145645

24.November,1758. Marriage settlement of James Soden of Grange,Sligo with

Jane ,one of the daughters of Elizabeth Wynne of Sligo,widow.


James Soden/Will 19/11/1763

to Jane and Daughters: of land

Witness: Barrett Knott




223 321 148427

James Soden to Owen Wynne, Hazelwood


James Soden - Runroe lands/Holborne St.,farm of Monynean in Dromclive

held for Owen Wynne & several farms of Lord Palmerston and the isle of


Will of James Soden,Sligo town,dated 24 April,1763 mentions Jane his wife

and her daughters by him - bequeaths 5s. to each of his brothers and sister.






S/Volume 98/




205 180 135577

15 July,1760. Philip Birne of Creggs,Sligo and Margaret Birne otherwise

Soden his wife.



Phil(ip) Birne and wife to M(ar)g(are)t.Biren,otherwise Soden



Soden Mary to Gilmore Law    /342-164-229167


Mrs.Mary Soden,New Grange,Sligo and Will.Gillmor,Dunawney


Marriage Settlement.


Mary Soden   to   Fury            /350-425-235466 (not found)


Soden Elizabeth to Cooper    /350-234-235489

Rev.Cullen and Elizabeth Cullen otherwise Soden

Grange 20/3/1783

All lands and castle to Cullen.





James Soden is entitled by Lord Palmerston.Thomas Soden is James Soden's

eldest son. By lease for lives,Lord Palmerston gives the town and lands

of Moneygold,Lisle,Gortaderry and Carbow of Derry to James Soden.

Term lives of James Soden,Thomas and Ambrose. On the back of this deed:

James Soden gives land probably to 2 sons but definitely gives a third

share of Cloghager,Carrigeanfad,Castle parks -1/3  of lands near Castle


1/3 Kilmacowen to Thomas Soden.Thomas Soden getting his one third.There

is probably a son called James.

One thousand five 50 pounds.





Soden James to Sweeny/272-101-173752

Soden James to Laurence,Moneygold,Sligo on 25th October,1766



171 101 173752

308 403 205701

Lease of 2 April,1774,whereby Thomas Soden of Moneygold gent let to James

Cristall of Gortaderry,the lands of Gortaderry in the parish of Aghamlish.

Witnesses: Timothy Dyer and Bryan Moran gent,both of Sligo.



318 145 212847

Lease of 5 April,1774 whereby Thomas Soden of Moneygold,gent   and Anna Soden

otherwise Nicholson,his wife,for £650 mortgaged to Laurence Sweeney of Sligo

and Teresa Sweeny otherwise Durkan his wife the lands of Moneygold.

Witnesses: Arthur Gore of Oxfield Esq. and Edward Allingham,of the city of

Dublin gent(leman)





Volume 100


Thomas Soden    to   French             /323-513-218711

Lease of 11 November,1778 whereby Thomas Soden of Moneygold granted to

Arthur French £70 per annum out of Clogoghes.

Witnesses: Hugh McDermott of Clooney,Sligo and Terence McDermott of

the city of Dublin gent(leman)



Soden   to    Greenlaw           /330-455-224283

Lease of 24 March,1780,whereby Thomas Soden of Moneygold

granted to John Greenlaw ,Sligo, merchant,£20 per annum out of KilmcKeavor,Sligo.

Witnesses: John Wynne of Sligo and Thomas Griffith of Dublin.



Soden   to    Bruen              366-129-244164

Rent charged of 20 November,1784,whereby Thomas Soden

of Sligo for £300 advanced to him by Colonel Henry Bruen

of the city of Dublin,granted unto the said Bruen £100 per

annum out of the lands of Cloghoge and Moneygold.

Witnesses: Robert Lyons of the city of Dublin and George

Henderson of the same ,gent(leman).





1786 - 1793


Volume 126




Soden Thomas to Lockhardt            403-397-267949


(Sligo) to (Boyle) lands in Tubberbride to Lockardt and George Torrens.



Tho(ma)s Soden to West                                   412-23-265 004

Soden Thomas to W(illia)m.West (Boyle)


gives Moneygold and meadows.


Tho(ma)s Soden ,Moneygold,          403-397-267 949


Richard Lockhart,Boyle,Roscommon

4th April, 1789

George Torrens is a witness



Tho(ma)s.Soden & Daughters to Wynn          431-333-280 458

Soden    to    Wynne       


Thomas Soden,Sligo and Hannah Soden ,otherwise Nicholson.

Owen Wynne,Hazelwood and Arthur Irwin,Willow Brook and James Irwin,Dublin

and Mary Ann Soden,spinster,only daughter of Thomas Soden lands at Cloog-

hoge,Castle Baldwin and Kilmagowan till the son,James Soden Nicholson

attains 21 years.



Tho(ma)s.Soden & Daughters to Jones         431-172-279 656

do   do    to   Jones                             

Soden (Sligo) to Jones ,Cherrymount,Donegal

27/7/1791 at 12 a.m.

during the lives of Thomas,Ambrose,James Soden land transfer apparently.


Fran(cis) Soden to Collins                                 428-355-280 350

Eliz(abeth) Soden to Cullen                                               433-433-283-823

do   Eliz(abeth) to   Cullen      

Carncross Cullen and wife,Elizabeth,otherwise Soden

Lease of Grange and 300 acres.


Eliz(abeth) Cullen to Clements                                         439-447-285 214





Moneygold lands?,Gortaderry for the lives of Thomas/Ambrose/James



Soden  Francis to Collins                                                   428-355-280350


Francis Thomas Soden,Belfast,Antrim

administrator of the said Allen estate, Londonderry

Jos(eph). Allen,his mother and guardian

John Allen deceased

William Drennan



Wynne,James (Leitrim) to Elizabeth Soden,Grange,Sligo, lands at Mullaghanane,Drumcliffe.

M(ar)g(are)t. Soden,youngest daughter of Edward Soden to L(ieutenan)t. Peter Smith's eldest

daughter,C......?? and Clotworthy Soden,2nd son of James Soden of New Grange.



20. April ,1792


Thomas Soden to William Jones (Donegal) and W(illia)m.Gibson (Sligo)



Eliz(abeth) Cullen   to   Clements                                     439-447-285 214

do   M(ar)g(are)t..Anne/Sons to Wynne                          431-447-280458

Thomas Soden and Hannah to Wynne for Marriageof only daughter,Margaret

Soden and Jones.



1794 - 1799


Volume 131

1796   Soden Catherine to Wynne    505-34-323113


       Soden Thomas to Christall        515-321-334922

       12th January,1798

       Thomas Soden to G.Bryan and Thomas Chrystal

       Lands - Gortaderry

       Term - Lease for Life

       Rent - £18.00 per annum


Reference uncertain


Rev.C.Cullen,Skreeny,Gent(leman) and Elizabeth Soden on Grange lands

and borrowing £700.



1800 - 1809


Volume 162




Soden Thomas/Dodwell (1805)                                         572-243-388267

Thomas Soden to Martin Dodwell seemingly lands/house/stables


Tenure - Leasehold

Term - unable to decipher

Rent - £28.10.5 per annum.



Soden Thomas to Roger Burke(1806)             587-120-396873

30 Sept. 1806

Thomas Soden of Summerhill,Sligo to Roger Burke

Land given -lands at Mount Temple Park

Term - Lease for lives

Rents - £134.3.6.



1810 - 1812

S/Volume 167





1813 - 1815

S/Volume 168



Deed 464055


between Cha(rle)s. Kellett ,Nth .King St.,Dublin

and Tho(ma)s  Soden,Bailieboro,Cavan,merchant


Tho(ma)s. Cha(rle)s.Stewart Corry,Bailieboro Castle bounded on side by John Cormick ,

other side Cosby's bog,part in possession of Luke Reilly of Young Parr,of Cornaveigh

about 55 yrs old

Bernard Parr of Shercock ab(out)- 50 yrs old

and Edward Gordon ab(out). 50 yrs



Thomas Soden to W(illia)m.Vance   683-225-469967

1st June,1814

Thomas Soden of Bailieboro,Cavan to W(illia)m.Vance and Mr.Beer

Lease for Lease/Freehold

Land - Parcel of Ground in Bailliborrow

Price £270.00.



1816 - 1818

S/Volume ?



Thomas Soden to Soden                                   702-213-481309


betweenThomas Soden ,Athlone,Rosc(ommon),G(en)t(leman)

and John Soden,Ballinahinch,Longford,(farmer)

28 acres in Ballinahinch.

lives of John Soden/Mary Rolins

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