The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Grove Abstracts 1651 - 1922

The Grove Abstracts on the Soden Name in Ireland 1651 - 1922

These are the fully edited Abstracts of  Mr. Grove from the National Archives, Dublin . They are kept in a small 50-page copybook , hand-written in pencil and contain a large amount of information on the Soden family name from earliest records to 1922. These are priceless for any Soden researcher as they corroborate or otherwise  in many cases  much information on the family , which may have been till now , hearsay.


Grove abbreviations


Most of these abbreviations were in shorthand and pencil written in an old A3 copybook containing all information at Grove?s  disposal from official documents prior to 1922. This resource is priceless to those searching for their Soden ancestry in Ireland as nearly all these records were lost in the fire of 1922.







£                      pound symbol

A(...)                above-mentioned

Admon.             Refers to Administration of a will

Als                   alius

Appro             approximately

B.?                   Bally/Bailie....

B.O.D.            ????

Bapt.                Baptism

Bf.                   ??

b.                                          born

Bp.                  ??

Bro.                 Brother

Bunch              Collection of documents

Bur.                 Burial

Ch.                  Means Chancery

Ch.II               Charles II

Ch.Pet.            Chancery Petition       

Ch.R.               Chancery Records

Co.                  Company of soldiers

Co.                  codicil

Co.                  county

Col.                 Colonel

Cornet             a young officer

d.                     pence (old currency prior to 1971)

D.                                        daughter

Dec?d               deceased

Ded                 deceased

Depts.?                        Dependants


dfts?                 drafts of a document

D.                                        Diocese

E.                                         East

Edw.                Edward

Eliz.                 Elizabeth

Elk                   ???

Elphin              is the diocese of Elphin in the central and west of Ireland

Esq.                 Esquire

Etc..                 et cetera

Exec                Executor

Ft.                    Foot or Infantry

Ft.                    foot/feet of measurement

Geo.                George

Gt.                   Grant

H.M.               Her Majesty

h.                                          heir

Int.                   intestate

Jas.                   James

Jn.                    John

Jnr                   junior

Jos.                  Joseph

jun.                  Junior

L.A.                 Licence ?? Administration

leg.                   legacy

Lt.                    Lieutenant

Lud.                 ???

M.D.                Medical Doctor

M.L .               Marriage Licence

m.s.                 marriage settlement

Mar.                married

Margt.              Margaret

Mt.                   Mount

N.                                        North

P.R.                 Parish Register

Pa.                   Parish

p.                                          page

pp.                                      pages

Pre                   Prerogative

Pre.Cau           Pre-Cause Papers in the National Archives, Dublin.

Prin.                Principal

Pt.                    Means Probate

Pte.                  Private

PW                  Prerogative Will

q.s.                   qui sequitur/which follows

Reg.                 Registered

Rif.                   Rifles

Robt.                Robert

s.                      shilling

sen.                  Senior

Snr                   senior

Solr.                 Solicitor

S.                                          South

Spin                 spinster

St.                    street

Sus.                  Susan

Test.                Testator/testatrix/testament/testate

Thos.               Thomas

Val.                  Valuation

W                    will  or wife

Wd.                 Widow(er)

W.                                     West

Wid.                Widow(er)

Wit.                 Witness

Wm.                William

Yr.                   Year

Yrly                 yearly

Yrs.                 Years



The discovery of the  extant 1821 census for my area in Co. Cavan was an incredible

stroke of good luck but this is paled by the contribution of the wonderful Mr. Grove and

his abstracts.


To find a 50-page exercise copy filled with every concievable piece of

miscellaneous information taken from so many sources now mostly destroyed in 1922 on our

family name  was a moment of rare delight. 

In this work were corroborated many hitherto uncertain details such as that Thomas Soden had 

a brother,Robert, or the existence of the Longford and Athlone family group with his transcriptions 

of the 1821 census for that area which is destroyed.

Only someone deeply involved in Irish genealogy will really appreciate the importance and value of

such a find. Should anyone ever question the validity of such a chronological source as this ,let

them look to Mr. Grove's achievement.

The Grove discovery convinced me of the inestimable need for a detailed chronological source to our 

family from which means any branch may draw and tell the unique story of their own development 

over the last half millenium.




1651            Decrees of Innocents VIII. 9

            Excerpt from Grove Abstract,National Archives,Dublin

            ROBERT SODDIN : Youghall


1651            Innocent Decrees VIII,9

            Robert Soddin,Youghall


            Joseph Sodden   May 1651

            Walter Soddin

            private soldiers in Youghall garrison

            pages  561-562   Caulfields ,Youghall



1678             Chancery Bill

            31 May 1678 ? p.45

            R? Jn.Soden elk M.A. of Peter House in Cambridge University

            & R? Walter Neale M.A.? & his lessor in ? Harry Dillon

            That PLT? Neale 12 Aug 1663 was instituted ? by Edw. bf of Linc.

            now bp.,took into St.Jo ? at  Linc. called St.Jn.Baptist,Holy Cross

            within his ?_______________________________________________



            ,Linc and was inducted 19 Aug has resided ever since ???? Linnar his

            bid of 2 Aug 1677 Walls disclosed PW letters null & void & sequestered ?

            vicarage: cure only worth ??

            July in 1663; PW spent ?PW?W & children

            ?? took away St.Michael's prints? near to Walls,Linc col?

            & sequestered it since 10 Nove 1694,has been buried in Lk?

            by a Bt. & ? in Nov 1676 collated Jn.Nersy his kinsman & young colleague in ?



            page 44

1678    Grove

            page 45

            Ch(ancery) Bill P(regorative) W(ill) only 1672-1722

            45 ? J(oh)n.Sowden v Neale

            31 Aug 1678 around (?)


            11 Jan 1678 of Walter Neale & Henry Ellis




1689    Grove Abstract ,

            National Archives,Dublin

            Pre(rogative) Will 22 Jan(uary) 1689             20 Aug(ust)  1699

            THOS:SODDEN  Grange Sligo G(en)t(leman). is aged

            confirms settlements in will,Kathrin,sister of John Pugh of Chester

            city in England grocer d(aughter). Margery w(ife) of Tho(ma)s. Jones,other younger             etc,....

            (.........) and equally among do al (sic)

            Ex(ecutors) to  w(ill) & J(oh)n  Pugh


            ?? to bro(ther). Robert Sodden

            ?? to d(aughter). Joan Knott

            ?? due to John  Pugh

            (.....) Major Ja(me)s. Folliott & J(oh)n Delap

            W(illia)m Griffith Harrison , Henry Wood, W(illia)m  Wynne

            J(oh)n.Gearman  Tho(ma)s. Osborn

            Pr(oba)te. to widow


1703/04            Pre(rogative)-Grant

            10 March,1703/04

            Vaughan Soden,Beaumaris,Anglesey

            ironmonger died int(estate)

Mr.Laurence Debutts,Sligo,Co.Sligo g(en)t(leman)

            & his W(ife) Cath(erine) Debutts,als Soden

            mother of dec(eased)



1703/04            Pre(rogative) Grant

            15 Feb(ruary) 1703/04

            L & Cath(erine) Debutts directed to

Tho(ma)s.Griffith for present   year Hubert Blewitt




1703    Ardagh Marriage Licence Bond

            22 May 1703

            Patrick N.Clogerty ,of Lully in Co.Longford Parish

            Elizabeth S(oden) of K(...),spin(ster)

            Surety J(oh)n.N.Clogherty,Lully,Co.Longford




1705:   James Soden born Glasslough,Co.Monaghan,

            son of Edmund Soden,


            born 1705/14/5 aged 19 in 1724.

            Trinity Alumnus

1711    Down Will


            ? in Shankill D(istrict).??


1713    Cork Will

            Gabriel Soulden



1714    Dublin Adm(inistartion) Bond








1730    Elphin Will (see 1733)

            James Soden,Finid,Sligo....

1731            James Soden ,Derry,Sligo

            Prerogative Will

            13 Jan(uary),1730             Cod 17 Aug(ust), 1731            24 Aug(ust), 1731

            James Soden,of Derry,Co.Sligo,Esq.,to

            be buried in Ahamlish P(arish). ertc,...

            W(ife) Ann Soden al Ellis


D(aughter). Ann Ellis W(ife) of W(illiam0.Ellis of Bunduffe

D(aughter)-in law Mary W(ife). of an Edmond Soden of Grange Esq.,

            & time ? etc,..

            Ex(ecutor) W(ife) lye an Edmd.Soden of Grange

Wit(nesses). Cath(erine).Soden,J(oh)n.Baird,Owen W.L(...)


            Cod(icil) 17 Aug(ust) 1731

            Wit(ness) James Ellis of Woodhouse,Co.Leitrim

            Witn(esses). J(oh)n.Baird,Cath(erine).Soden


1738..  1738-1820

            1/- Athlone corp. in (??) Soden

            1/6 Name 1500-(79-24)-32


1747    Dublin Grant

            Cath(erine) Sowden,Suffingham


1748    Dublin Grant

            J(oh)n.Soden & Mary Hall



1750             Pre(rogativre)  Will


            Edward Soden ,Grange,Sligo

            see Wills


1751    James Soden,Belladevitt,Donegal

            Prerogative  Will



1757            Prerogative  Grant

            23.April 1757

            of Probate of will of

            James Soden of Belladevitt,Co.Donegal

            to his widow,Mary (...) saving septs(..) by other 3 (...)


1760            Waterford Will

            Jam.Sowton at ?,







1761            Pre(rogative) Grant

            7 Feb. 1761 of Edw(ar)d to Irwin

            Margaret Soden,& next of kin  Catherine

            Soden,spin(ster),died int(estate).

            directed by John Knox,Thos.Knox Grogan,Alcock Robt.Ormsby Esq.,


1763    Down & Connor Adm(inistration) Bond

            Hugh Soden,Donaghadee




1763            Ch(ancery) Pet(ition) Rec(orded) 23 Sept 1763

            Jane Soden al Wynne of Sligo town widow & James Soden

            of Sligo who died on 5 July,1763 owning real estate in Sligo

            leaving 2 d(aughter)s. by Ex(ecutive) Eliz(abeth) aged 4 & Cath(erine) aged 3

real estate worth ? y(ea)rly subject to ?? y(ea)rly to ?

            & ?? y(ea)rly to Ja(me?)s  mother

            (.......) the lives  of 3 heirs worth ?? y(ea)rly profit

            & leaving a will of 24 April 1763 and a further estate

            leaving all to Pet(itioner) & minors

            & W(ife) refuses to act

            Pet(ioner) & husband both Prot(estant). oe

            that Pet(itioner) be guardian of the minors

            Affidavit ? 13 Aug 1763


1766:-             Clotworthy Soden born Donegal

                   5/10/1784 aged 18

                   B.A.Vern. - 1789/Trinity Alumnus.




1766    Curate of Killymaid

            Rev.Clotworthy Soden Senior installed



1772    Grove Abstract 2/434/....

            Executive Presentments

            Nos. 1055,1056,1057            3 Exan 25 bunch?  27 bunch?

13 April 1772  Impor(ter) Edward Soden on a ship loading brandy

            at Mullaghmore Bay,Co(unty).Sligo

            Ch(ancery)  Rejoinder & D(e)p(osi)t(ion). Feb 1627

            Mr.Smith & Bevil Predeaux


1777    Elphin Will


            5 Jun(e), 1777

            Cath(erine).Soden Moneygold,Sligo spinster

D(aughter). of James Soden,Terlaghan,Co.Donegal deed

? of his will to his w(ife). Mary,my mother who is alive? Eleanor Soden,

Eliz(abeth) S(oden). Ambrose So(den) test(es)., James S(oden).  - younger ? of John.

            Ex(ecutor) mother & W(illia)m. Gillmore,Sligo

Cha(r;e)s. Best,W(illia).Ellis,La(urence).Sweeney

            Wit(nesses).Cha(rle)s.West   a witness

1777            Eliz(abeth). Soden & Harcoe Trumbull

            Ms. Soden

            Elphin Admin(istration).Bonds.


1777    Dublin Grant

            Ann (Susan?) Soden & W(illia)m.Palmer


1781    343-111-279 846                C   Soden

            20 Nov 1781

            Lease 30 April 1781

            Hugh Kelly,Edgeworthstown,Co.Longford farmer

            to John Soden prin(cipal) of a(bove) shoemaker

            house & garden in Edgeworthstown,in N(orth) by Church lane in

            E(ast) by J(oh)n.Chivers,in S(outh). by David Donaldson on W(est) by the street of           


            in Edgeworthstown ,Co.Longford for 9 y(ea)rs at ??

            Wit(nesses).     Simon Baird & J(oh)n. Chivers both at Edgeworthstown

            And(rew)  Young,? ? ?  ,registered by Soden



1784    Cork Marriage  Licence Bonds

            St.Nicholas Cork Parochial Reg(ister)

            Ambrose Sodin & Judith Chetwynde M

            July 10



            John Joseph Soden

            son of Carncross Cullen & Elizabeth Soden

            baptised June 28th,1784

            Drumalaffen Parish Register


1784            Drumalaffen P.D.

            Baptisms 1783-1784-

            June 28

            J(oh)n.Jos(eph). son of Carncross Cullen & Eliza(beth)  Soden (?.?)


1791    Francis Thomas Soden witness to the

            will of John Allen,Carrickfergus


1791            Freeholders in Longford


            J(oh)n Soden of Ballinahinch in Rathcline

            3 May 1791



1792            Catherine Soden,Moneygold,Sligo

Elphin Will



1794            Eliza(beth) & Mary Soden,Sligo

            Elphin Will



1795    162(?)

            W(illia)m Soden of Edgeworthstown,Ardagh

            14 July 1795


1796            Freeholders in Co.Longford

            John Soden of Ballinahinch Cashel,Rathcline

            4 June 1796

            house & land    40/-


1796            Freeholders in Longford


            W(illia)m.Soden of Edgeworthstown,Mostrim,Ardagh

            1 Jun 1796    40/-





1798    Elphin Will

            Edmund Soden,L'Orient ,Britanny,France

            (see wills)



1801            Thomas Soden of Ballinahinch,Cashel,Rathcline

            13 July 1801

            Lands only                             40/-

            Freeholders Reg(istered) Co.Longford


1801    ? Soden of Longford,Edgeworthstown

            Paid Rate of ? 1798



1803            Tho(ma)s. Soden & Mary Purdue

            Elphin Marriage Licences

            (Grove)                                                                                               Robert Emmet

1803            Marr(aige) Cert(ificate) 

            14 Aug(ust) 1803

            Mrs.Soden W

            14 Aug 1803 to Oct(ober)  1807

            Page 48


1805            Thomas Soden

            son Thomas & Marg(are)t Soden

            born 27th November,

            baptised 2nd December,1805

            St.Peter's parish register


1805            1.Thomas son of Thomas & Marg(are)t Soden

            born 27 Nov(ember)  bapt(ised) . 2 Dec(ember) 1805



1805    Land Deed

            Tho(ma)s.Soden to Dodwell

            382-243-388 257




1806            Tho(ma)s.Soden to Burke

            Soden Thomas to Roger Burke(1806)                587-120-396873

30 Sept(ember), 1806

Thomas Soden of Summerhill,Sligo to Roger Burke

Land given -lands at Mount Temple Park

Term - Lease for lives

Rents - ?.3.6.



1806    687-120-396 873

            Nov 1806                            page 50                                CHECK THIS DEED

            Lease 30 April 1806


            Thomas Soden Esq. Summerhill,Co.Sligo

            to Rev.Roger Burne of Derry,Co.Sligo

            part of West Mount Temple.Tho(ma)s.Parke for

            lives of above Tho(ma)s.Soden

            & his d(aughter). Ann Irwin al Soden

            at ? rent; held by Soden by lease from

            late Henry Vi(scount) Palmerston to him.

            Wit(nesses). Ja(me)s.Gearmans(?) of West Mount Temple,Co.Sligo farmer

            Arthur Skelleon of Moneygold,Co.Sligo farmer

            Pat W Doyle,Sligo,Co.Sligo

            signed by Burne


1807            Par.Reg.St.Peter's Athlone

            2.            Bapt. Bartholomew ,son of Thomas & Margt.Soden

                        born 13,Baptism 29 Aug(ust) 1807


            2.            Bartholomew   b.13 bapt(ism).29.8. 1807

1808            Administration of Thomas Soden,

            of Carrickhowna,Sligo

            on 27 1808 to his bro(ther)

            Francis Soden,Carrickhowna,




1809            Eliz(abeth) Sowden to Scott

            608-288-417 652


1809    Land Deed

            603-285-417 853

            19 May,1809

            M(arraige) S(ettlement)

            24,27 June 1808

            John Scott L(ieutenan)t. in 2nd Dragoon Guards

            Thom(as) Sowden of Reading ,in Berkshire

            D(aughter) . Eliz(abeth) Sowden

            Saml.Scott ,Gardiner St., Dublin Esq.

            Lyndon ,Bolton & Dublin

            J(oh)n.Crickett prin... doctor,London

            Jacob Newberry of Reading,Berkshire

            Colgath & Kilmore 84-1-34

            in Rodenstown Parish

            in Decies Barony of Meath Co.

            hold by J(oh)n.Scott    29 April 1790

            (...) W(illia)m. Barry Att(orney) at law Rich(ard) Barry

            to the Rectors  of Meath Diocese?

            Fran(ci)s Prentice of Colgath of Meath Diocese

            rest not copied into manuscript (Grove!!!!)


1809            SODEN, John,Aughamullin,Monaghan

1809 - 1814

26 years; 43rd Foot



1809    Land Deed

            Eliz(abeth) Sowden to Scott

            608-288-417 652


1810    July 22,John Soden,son of Tho(ma)s  .& Marg(are)t

            p(age) .64 St.Peter's ,Athlone,

            Elphin Baptisms


1811            Catherin Soden & John Dennis

            Killala & Achonry Marriage Licence Bond

1812            George,son of Thomas & Marg(are)t Soden

            b. 31 Oct(ober)  bapt(ised)  11 Nov(ember)  1812


1812    Oct.31,

            George Soden,son of Thos. & Marg(are)t

            P(age) 64 St.Peter's,Athlone

            Elphin Baptisms



1811            Chancery Bill

            Thomas Soden,Summerhill,Sligo

            see wills


1811    Will


            see wills




1814            Prerogative Will

            W(illia)m.Clotworthy Soden,Rector,Maghera,L(ondon)derry


            at back

1814            Leet:Market Towns of Ireland 1814

            Grange : (V) Alex Hume Esq.,

            Thomas Sodan Esq. is listed as a subscriber on the last page


1815            Affidavit by March ,1815 p(age) 64

            Tho(ma)s Soden 3 at 3/4d ? W at 2 1/4d   pp.42-64


1815            Marg(are)t .d(aughter)  of above  i.e. Tho(ma)s & Marg(are)t Soden)

            b.13 bapt(ised)  29.Aug(ust) 1815


1815    July 13,Margaret,d(aughter) of Tho(ma)s & Marg(are)t

            p(age) 64 St.Peter's, Athlone

            Elphin Baptisms



1815    p(age) 59

            Tho(ma)s Soden,Barrack Sq(uare),               ?? val.

            27 April 1815                               ?-/1/4  p(age) 59

                                                            pp 42-64


1816            Longford

            Tho(ma)s Soden to Soden

            902-313-487 309 or as below

            702-213-481 309


1816    702-213-481 309

            16 May 1816?  -  30 April 1816

            Thomas Soden of Athlone town

            Co.Roscommon g(en)t(leman)t.

            to John Soden Ballinahinch,Co.Longford,farmer

            lease of 26 July,1811 by s(aid) Tho(ma)s  to above J(oh)n

            to W(idower) John 28 in Ballinahinch in Rathcline

            bog Co.Longford for lives of lessor J(oh)n.Soden


            d(aughter)  of Mary Robins al Soden.....on 11 1/2 y(ea)rs from Robins

            1 Nov(ember) at ??.9.2d subject to original lease from W(illia)m Glendons

            Newcomen to John Soden at ??.9.2d . Now for  ?? Thos.Sills to John


            Wit(ness) Robert Gordon of Granard Co.Longford farmer

            signed by Tho(ma)s. Soden


1816            Thomas Soden

            14 June 1816 appointed one of a Committee

            of 7 to make a new? master   p(age) .53


1817            William ,son of above

            b.16 Nov(ember)  bapt(ised)  4 Nov(ember) 1817


1817    Nov.4,

            W(illia)m.Soden,son of Tho(ma)s  . & Marg(are)t

            P(age) .64 St.Peter's,Athlone

            Elphin Baptisms

1817            Pre(rogative) Will


            Rev.Clotworthy Soden,Rector,Maghera,L'derry

            see wills

            Pre(rogative) Will            19 June 1814                3 Nov,1817

            Wm.Clotworthy Soden,Rector,Maghera,L'derry

            to be buried in my burial ground in Kilchronanaghan cemetery

            with many of my family;

            niece W(inter)s(cale).Davis  Nephew Soden Davis

            "Winterscale Davis & his Mother Isabella Davis

            (grand)rest y Mary Soden granddaughter of Rev.W.Causland

            (? ? almost impossible to abstract, Fx.S!)

            Adm(inistration)  to Isabella Davis of Cookstown,Co.Tyrone mother of

            Winterscale Davis a minor & rest (...) to other res (..)

            Mary ? Smith (the other ) remaining


1817    Leslie Will of


            Curate Dunboe

            1789 - 95

            see Derry, page 213


1818    3. J(oh)n.son of Thomas  & Marg(are)t.Soden

b.8  (...) 1818




1817            Rev.Clotworthy Soden,Rector,Maghera,L'derry

            Prerogative  Will



1817    Land Deed

            Cathe(rine). al Manley to Wynne

            715-91-489 ?26

            Cath(erine) S(oden).al Manley

to Husband

            715-90-489 025



1818    3. J(oh)n.son of Thomas  & Marg(are)t.Soden

b.8  (...) 1818



1819            Tho(ma)s.Soden,Sligo Town

            Prerogative  Will


            4th Dec(ember) 1818                            18 May 1819

            Tho(ma)s.Soden of Sligo,Co.Sligo,Esq.,

            to only d(aughter).Margaret W(ife) of James Irwin, for life

            plot in Athy Q(ueen)'s (County )held for Edw(i)n  Fausset

            this to only son James Soden

            debtors:- Owen Wynne,Hazelwood Esq.,

            to bro(ther) James Soden for life by interest page 51

            Mount Temple with its saltpans

            to hold for Rev.W.Burke P.P.


            Pr(oba)t(e).in Athy Q(ueen)'s (County) hold for late Tho(ma)s.Holmes

            natural son John Soden,son of Mary Dennison

            m(arraige) s(ettlement). with late o

            grandson Tho(ma)s.Soden,son of son James Soden

            Ex(ecutor) Bro(ther). James Soden

            John Jones,farmer Esq.,Co.Longford.Esq.

            Wit(nesses) James Knott,Isaac Baker,Joseph McKee

            Probate to James Soden (...)  of Sligo & best bog to Ex(...)ing


1819    from Pigott's Directory of Ireland,


            page 136

            under Agents,Law & Ship,Commercial Brokers

            Soden,Martin (Navy)

            Lancaster St.,

1819            Clogher M(arraige) .L(icence) Bonds

            John Soden & Jane Dane

            National Archives,Dublin

1819            Thomas Soden,

            19 January,1819

            conveyed his right & title

            of his seat in St.Peter's Church,Athlone

            to Mrs.Elizabeth White & gave a receipt for

            ?? as its value ??


                                                                        1821            National Census

1821    Census 1821 Longford Rathcline barony

            Edgeworthstown P.

            No.30            Edmund Soden?   Church St.

            No.1            ??  John Soden  50    shoemaker

            No.4     ??   Thomas Soden    43     shoemaker   Main St.,

            No.18(1)  Mrs.Moffitt  60       shoemaker

            Ex(ecutor) & p(rerogative) w(ill)  etc,.....

1821    Census 1821 Co.Longford,Rathcline

            held for

            Mr.Soden in Ballinahinch or in Parish

            Military County Letters 1806                1E-4-40

            5 April 1806




            __________________in Enniskillen


1827            p(age).165

            Valuation 1827

            Vestry Book,St.Peter's,Athlone


1828... Land Deeds

Henry Soden to Duke


            Edw(ard) Soden to Duke

            869-150-578 150

            877-184-582 184



1830    Dublin Grant

            Lucy Soden & W(illia)m.Adams



1832            Edw(ard) S(oden)  to Duke

            869-150-578 150


            Land Deeds







1833            Ahamlish Par(ish) R(egister) Excerpt


James Nicholson Sodin,Mount Temple,Sligo who died 19 July,1833

            not by his widow Isabella Dodd Soden,

was granted to his d(aughter). Isabella Letitia Eccles of

            B(ally)gihen Ave.,Sandycove & Dublin,widow

            (Bapt. 8 Feb(ruary). 1878            (....) now of 12 Oct(ober)  1833)



1834    Dublin Grants

            Henry Soden & Maria Beeche


1835    James Soden ,Moneygold,in Ahamlish P(arish)-Co.Sligo W(i)d(ower)


1835                List of Sligo Protestants

                     Georges Street






            from file 1120/Sligo Courthouse Library.




1836            Returns of Cashel in Ardagh in Longford 1813

            Sept 3

            D(aughter)  of John  & Ann Soden,

            b. Aug 30,1836


1838            Returns of Cashel in Ardagh in Longford 1813

            April 22,

            Thomas son of John & Ellen Soden

b. 15 Nov.1837




1838    James Soden,Moneygold,Sligo

            Prerogative  Will



1844    Dublin Grant

            Henry Soden & Martha Finlay



1873?  Leitrim

            Ja(me)s. & Kathrin Soden M(arraige) S(ettlement).


            789-235-529 370


1874            Enniskillen

            John Soden to Fitzgerald

            793-188-555 923



1877    on 5 Sept

Adm(inistration)  of

            Edward Soden,Farnaught,Mohill,Leitrim

            MD,a bachelor who died Thurs,20 May,1877

            was granted to his bro(ther)  Tho(ma)s  Soden,Ballimahon,Co.Leitrim g(en)t(leman)

            at P R(obate)    ??,000



1892    Will of

            Marcella Soden of Portarlington  ,widow who died

            On 5 April,1892

            at Maryborough on 27 July,1892 was proved by Ex(ecutor)

            Martha Soden of Portarlington,Q(ueen)'s Co.,spinster sole Ex(ecutor)

            Effects under £36



1892    Will of

            Marcella Soden of Portarlington  ,widow who died

            On 5 April,1892

            at Maryborough on 27 July,1892 was proved by Ex(ecutor)

            Martha Soden of Portarlington,Q(ueen)'s Co.,spinster sole Ex(ecutor)

            Effects under £36



Miscellaneous Birhts



John Joseph Soden

son of Carncross Cullen & Elizabeth Soden

baptised June 28th,1784

Drumalaffen Parish Register






Thomas Soden

son Thomas & Margt.Soden

born 27th November,

baptised 2nd December,1805

St.Peter's parish register




Bartholomew Soden

son of Thomas & Margt.Soden

born 13th August,

baptised 29th August,

St.Peter's parish register,Athlone




July 22,

John Soden ,son of Tho(ma)s & Marg(are)t


born 8th July,

baptised 22nd July

St.Peter's Athlone,Elphin




Oct(ober)  31,

George Soden,son of Tho(ma)s. & Marg(are)t

born 31st October

baptised 11th November,1812

St.Peter's Athlone,Elphin




July 13,

Margaret,d(aughter)  of Tho(ma)s & Marg(are).

born 13th August,

baptised 29th August,1815





Nov(ember)  4

W(illia)m  .Soden,son of Tho(ma)s & Marg(are)t

born 16th November,

baptised 29th November,1817

St.Peter's ,Athlone,Elphin




Sept 3 d(aughter)  of John  & Ann Soden,b. Aug(ust) 30,1836

Returns of Cashel in Ardagh in Longford 1813




April 22

Thomas son of John & Ellen Soden b. 15 Nov. 1837

Returns of Cashel in Ardagh in Longford 1813



sligo Births


Mary Soden

Born 6th October,1823

baptised 10th October,



Miscellaneous Marriages


Elphin Marriage Licence

Elizabeth Soden and Harcoe Trumbull/Turnbull


Thomas Soden and Margaret Purdue

Grove & IGI




Cath(erine) Soulden & Edward St.George

Cork M(arraige)  L(icence) Bond




John Soden married Easter Russell,2/1/1732,Dublin



Cath(erine)  Sowden,Luppingham?

Dublin Marriage Licence Grants.



Ann Soden & Wm.Palmer

Dublin Marriage Licence Grants

also in Grove as Sus(an) Soden!!!




July 10

Ambrose Soden & Judith Chetwynde

Cork M(arraige) L(icence) Bonds

St. Nicholas ,Cork,

parish register





Arthur Sodin & Cath(erine)  Hackett



Ambrose Soden & Judith Chetwynde

Cork Marriage Licence Bond


L(ieutenan)t  in H(er).M(ajesty?s). 4th Rif(les).

Judith Chetwynde of St.Peter's,spinster

see Grove



Henry Soden & Martha Finlay

Dublin Marriage Licence Grants.




Martha Soden al Finlay widow & J(oh)n.Gwynne





1699        Thomas Soden,Sligo ,Probate approved (Grove)



1703        Vaughan Soden,Ironmonger (Grove)


1731    James Soden,Derry,Sligo  (Grove)

1733    James Soden,Finid,Sligo (Grove)

1749    James Soden,Belladevitt,Donegal (Grove)

1756            Edward Soden,died at Grange,Sligo,December,1756

            (from the Newspaper)

1757        Edmond Soden,Grange,Sligo (Grove)


1777            Catherine Soden,spinster,daughter of James Soden,Terlaghan,

            Co.Donegal (Grove)



            Thomas Soden,Carrickhowna,Sligo

            see will abstract,Grove



            James Nicholson Sodin,

            Mount Temple,Sligo

            died 19 July,1833

            see notice,Grove



            Martin Soden


            died 6 August,1890

            see will abstract,Grove






1800        James Soden,Invegarog,Cavan (Grove)



            John Soden


            died 9th December,1890

            see will abstract,Grove







1701    Death of Robert Suden (PRS/RCBL)

1705    James Soden,son of ? Soden & M(ar)g(are)t.Knox,Glasslough,Monaghan,MB (IGI)

1711            William Soulden,Shankill,Down (Grove)

1713    Gabriel Soulden,Limerick ,Cork,(Grove)

1742    Robert Soden  buried 22 January,1742 St.Peter's Register,Cork

1751    James Soden,Belladevitt,Donegal(Grove/Betham)

1760            Jam.Sowton,Dungannon,Waterford (Grove)

1763        Hugh Soden,Donaghadee,Down & Connor diocese (Grove)



1793        Eliz(abeth) Sowden,Kenton,Devonshire (Grove)


Wills : -



Edward Soden,




            Thomas Soden


            died 4th April,1880

            see administration abstract,Grove


            James Soden,


            died 3 August,1885

            see will abstract,Grove


            Marcella Soden,

            Portarlington,Queen's County,


            died Maryborough,

            27th July,1892

            see will abstract,Grove


            Mary Elizabeth Soden


            died 13th November,1896

            see will abstract,Grove


            Joseph Soden,



            died 29 February,1898

            see will abstract Grove


Edward Soden,




            Thomas Soden


            died 4th April,1880

            see administration abstract,Grove


            James Soden,


            died 3 August,1885

            see will abstract,Grove


            Marcella Soden,

            Portarlington,Queen's County,


            died Maryborough,

            27th July,1892

            see will abstract,Grove


            Mary Elizabeth Soden


            died 13th November,1896

            see will abstract,Grove


            Joseph Soden,



            died 29 February,1898

            see will abstract Grove


            Thomas Soden


            died 17 November,1900

            see will abstract,Grove


            Charlotte Elizabeth Soden


            died 3 June,1901

            see administration,Grove

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