The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Parish Registers 5/1761 - 1983

Parish Registers 5/1761 -1983



PARISH REGISTERS / PART 5/ 1761 - 1983


1761    Catherine Soden,Sligo (Grove)

                          HEADSTONES in the Graveyard at Moneygold



            25th July,1763

            James Soden,husband of Jane Wynne leaving 2 daughters,

            Elizabeth and Catherine.



1774.   Grave 55



            Side A      (should read PAL EST INE , Fx.S.)

   Pac est ine.

    Here lyeth the body of James Soden of Moneygold E'sqr who

            departed this life the 10th day of February 1774,aged 65. Also the

            body of Mary Soden alias Sweeney wife to said James Soden who died 16th

            Sep.1781,aged 69.Also the bodey of Anna Soden alias Nicholason wife of

            Thomas Soden Provost of Sligo who died 16th Nov.1800,aged - Also the

            body of Ambrose Soden Cap' in ye 79th Reg' who died 18 March 1816,aged

            60.Also the body of Thomas Soden Esqr Provost of Sligo for 40 years who

            died 1st Jan.1819,aged 75. Also the body of Ja.Soden of Moneygold

            youngest son of the aforesd.Ja Soden who died 10th dat of Apr'

            1888,aged 85 and by whom this has been erected.



Side B

         Isabella Letitia widow of G.M.Eccoles  of Auburn Co.Westmeath and 5th

             Daughter of Capt.James N.Soden 24th Rect. of Moneygold,died 18th July

             1916,aged 91 years.


1777       Catherine Soden,spinster,daughter of James Soden,Terlaghan,

            Co.Donegal (Grove)





1781    Mary Sweeney Soden,wife of James Soden (Headstone) & (Grove)

1800   Anna Nicholason Soden,wife of Thomas Soden,Provost of Sligo

1803    Edward Soden ,L'Orient,Brittany,wife Mary Soden



1807    Church of Ireland records Drumcliffe,Sligo

M 5094-5102  -   1A/48/42/8 books  RCBL

Burials 1805-1819 Volume 1

Nr.       51       

Name:           Mary Soden

Abode:          Drumcliffe,Elphin

Buried:           20/3/1807

Age:               90

Performed:   Ayres



            Thomas Soden,Carrickhowna,Sligo

            see will abstract,Grove




    1816            Ambrose Soden,


            died April 11,1816

            see notice,Grove


      Carey's Lists volume 6,page 180 - SoG


1819    Obituary Notices in Belfast Magazine 1808-1811

            Thomas Soden 5/1/-  Provost of the Town

            January 1819 (Freeman's Journal)


1833    James Nicholson Sodin,

            Mount Temple,Sligo

            died 19 July,1833

            see notice,Grove


1871    Isabella Dodd Soden of Moneygold,Sligo

            died at Belmarina Cottage,Sandycove,Co.Dublin

            see will abstract.Grove


1888    James Soden of Moneygold (Headstone)


1890    Martin Soden


            died 6 August,1890

            see will abstract,Grove






1800    James Soden,Invegarog,Cavan (Grove)


1809    The Lurgan Epitaphs


            This monument was erected by David Soden in memory of his

            father,Charles Soden who departed this life

            November 16th 1809 aged 77 years.Also his

            son Jas Soden who died December 2nd 1811 aged 53 years.

            Breifne VI Nr.4/1961 page 385


1843    Edmund Soden,Cootehill,Cavan (Terry Soden,Hampshire,England)

1867    Thomas Soden,Pottle,Cavan


1890    John Soden


            died 9th December,1890

            see will abstract,Grove


1891    8th July

            Edward Soden


            see will abstract



            Francis Soden


            died 22 June ,1891

            see will abstract,Grove



            Bartholomew Soden


            died 20 March,1893

            see will abstract



            Lavey Graveyard

            Nr.60 Grave

            Pray for the soul of Bridget Soden,Kilnacreeve

            who died 1/3/1894 and

            her husband Patrick who died 23/5/1913 RIP.




            Owen Soden

            Drumcrave  26/11/1907

            Catherine (wife) 20/6/1924

            Mollie (Daughter) 26/2/1983




            Patrick Soden d. 14/3/1936

            Mary (wife)  d. 8/4/1954


1942    Monsignor Patrick Soden


            Maynooth Record



            Peter Soden d. 15/12/1961

            Mary (daughter) d. 22/7/1967

            Christina (wife) d. 18/9/1972

            (My Grandparents and my Aunt,Mary)

  The church and graveyard at Killygarry, south of Cavan Town,where

  Peter and Christina Soden and three of their children are buried



1983    Soden (Main Street,Bailieboro,Co. Cavan)

July 6th,1983

John James

Anglo ? Celt,

Grave of Peter d. 1960 and Mary Soden,d. 1968 in the graveyard of

Lower Lavey Church.









1701    Death of Robert Suden (PRS/RCBL)

1705   James Soden,son of ? Soden & M(ar)g(are)t.Knox,Glasslough,Monaghan,

1711    William Soulden,Shankill,Down (Grove)

1713    Gabriel Soulden,Limerick ,Cork,(Grove)

1714    J(oh)n.Seedon,Finglass,Dublin (Grove)

1725    Eliz(abeth).Soulden,Limerick (Grove)

1742    Robert Soden   buried 22 January,1742 St.Peter's Register,Cork

1751    James Soden,Belladevitt,Donegal(Grove/Betham)

1760    Jam(es) Sowton,Dungannon,Waterford (Grove)

1763    Hugh Soden,Donaghadee,Down & Connor diocese (Grove)




            SODEN -  1782. Saml.son of Robt Soden,drowned - buried in Enniskillen.

            SODEN ? Eb(enezer) Rob(er)t  Soden i(n) m(emory) his f(ather)  and

    m(other) Samuel and Elizabeth.

            Also of his 3 ch(ildre)n   W(illia)m  Mary & Sam(ue)l

            Sam(ue)l  d(ied)  June 28,1782

            in the 23rd y(ear)  of his a(ge)


Virtus post vitam manebit

Elizabeth ,w(ife)  of Rob(er)t  Soden m(other)  of ab(ove)  ch(ildre)n  .

D(ied)  Sept 7,1790,a(t)  60 y(ears)

            (Dundas - Enniskillen,Town and Parish / 94118-D-2)


1793    Eliz(abeth) Sowden,Kenton,Devonshire (Grove)

1794    Clotworthy Soden,son of Clotworthy Soden,Archdeacon of

                                Derry dies in his 28th year


1817    Clotworthy Soden,Archdeacon of Derry </sp

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