The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

In 2021 and 2022 Sodens can look forward to two books to be published about Sodens , one in Canada and the other in New Zealand.

Marg Soden in Toronto , Canada will publish her biography of her father, James Arthur Soden in 2021 and Melanie Bromley will publish a work on her family history , one branch of which is the Sodens of Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England. 

In the year 2000 when I first made a list of books authored by and about Sodens , there were about 30, now in 2020 this list is greatly increased and what a variety of topics are covered in it!

Books written about or by Sodens :


The Ancestors and Descendants of Caleb Soden by John Voorhis Soden, Published Privately 1914 [Robert Soden Publishing Company 1997]


The Sodens of Coventry : A Warwickshire Family through Six Centuries by Ronald Soden , 1992 Published Privately.


Genealogical Notes on the Sodens of Sligo compiled by James Arthur Soden , Toronto , Canada, Privately and at the Genealogical Office , Dublin, 1998


Joseph Ashby of Tysoe , 1859 – 1919 by M.K.Ashby, Merlin Press , 303 pages


Time and Time Again , 2009, by Kenneth Gould 

[The True Story of Alice Soden]


A Chronological History of the Soden Family in Ireland from 1651 – 1951( with notes on branches in Great Britain, Germany,the Americas and the Commonwealth), 309 pages, Published Privately 1999 by Felix P. Soden , Dublin, Ireland.


Genealogical Notes on the Soden Family by Terence Soden, Berkshire,England 1987


William Soden and his Descendants by Neta Kellogg, Library of Congress, 1929 [Available at]


The Ancient Orient by Wolfram von Soden: Das Gilgamesch – Epos translated and annotated by Wolfram von Soden (Reclam,1988)


A Time to Remember by Wayne Salisbury (1999)

(Chapter 16: William Soden , Oregon City, Wisconsin)


Gillies by Johanna Soden, Cannongate 1998


Looking Good on Paper by Garrett Soden, McGraw Hill 1994


Teaching Problem Solving in Vocational Education by Rebecca Soden, Routledge 1994


Smith and Soden’s Landlord and Tenant by Thomas Spooner Soden, Published 1830


The Reincarnation or Living Proof : The Story of Alice Soden by Kenneth Gould (1999) Published Privately


Notes on Das Wrack and Other Stories from Siegfried Lenz by Felix P. Soden and Siobhan Supple (1979), Helicon


Das Falsche Reich by Carl Oskar von Soden, ed. 1999 by Wolfgang Johannes Bekh, EOS Verlag , St. Ottilien


Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of Gloucester 1583-1656


Geoffrey Soden, SPCK London, 1953


Carl-Oskar Freiherr von Soden :Ein Politiker – Priester in Bayern zwischen Monarchie und Diktatur by Florian Trenner , St. Ottilien :EOS Publishing House, 1986,Xiv, 288 pages,

Library of Congress Call No. BX4705.S66418 T74 1986

Library of Congress Control No. : 86164243


Wolfram von Soden, Freiherr,Critical Essays on more recent Assyrian Publications by Ebeling, Erich, (1937 &1972)


Soden ,Hans Otto Arthur Maria Roderich Ulrich,Freiherr von , 1881 – 1945: Theologie und Kirche im Wirken Hans von Soden by Erich Dinkler and Erika Dinkler - von Schubert, Göttingen , Germany, Publishers Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht , 1984, 403 pages.

Library of Congress Control No.: 84205731

Library of Congress Call No.: BX4827 . S63 A4 1984


Hanke Peter , 1937 – , Ein Bürger von Adel : Leben und Werk des Julius von Soden , 1754 – 1831, Würzburg : Konigshausen & Neumann ,c 1988, 378 pages[ Library of Congress Control No.: 89164663 , Library of Congress Call No.: DD192.S64 H35 1988


Alfred Graf von Soden – Fraunhofen: Bilder eines Lebens by Wolfgang Meignörner – Schardt: Friedrichshafen : Zeppelin - Museum , 1994, 56 pages,Library of Congress Control No.: 95158988;Library of Congress Call No.: TJ140.S597 M45 1994


Einführung in die Altorientalistik by Wolfram von Soden, WBG Publishers, 1992,XI, 249 pages


The Ancient Orient by Wolfram von Soden: Das Gilgamesch – Epos, translated by annotated by Wolfram von Soden, (Reclam,1988)


2020 titles by and about Sodens - 

Dennis Soden

Soden, Garrett

Kevin J. Soden

Wolfram Von Soden

Soden, Iain

Alyce Bartholomew Soden

Soden, Dale

Soden, Rebecca

Soden, Olga

B. Soden

McLean, Ephraim R.; Soden, John V.

Kevin J., M.D. Soden Christine, Dr. Dumas Kevin Soden


Soden, j & V. Keller.

Frank A.Soden, Reuban Phillip Watson< Bruce Whitehead, Neilma E. Watson

Editor- Soden & Schuler

Soden, Rev Alfred J.

Soden, Dennis L; Herzik, Eric

Soden, William H., ed

Soden, Geoffrey

H. V. Soden

Soden, Hans

Von Soden, Hermann

hg. Bultmann/Soden

Hg. Rudolf Blutmann u. Hans v. Soden

CHURCH, A. H. & R. H. Soden- Smith

Soden , Ann

Jeffrey Soden Rohl

Soden, John Edward

Soden, Julius.

B. Soden, Barbara Soden

Book, Jeffrey & Soden, Garrett

R. Blutmann u. H. v. Soden

Soden, C. C.

Soden, S. and M. Whyte

Soden Allendorf Bad

Soden, Frank A. et al


Soden, Geoffrey Ingle

Soden, W.H.

Soden, Wolfram

List taken from 12/6/20