The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

(1633 - 1980)

Counties of Clare ,Cork, Derry, ,Dublin, Fermanagh ,Leitrim,
Limerick, Longford,Offaly , Roscommon,Meath,Westmeath

It is only when one comes to research the occurrence of the Soden name 
in the midland counties of Ireland that we come across the more unusual 
and less common variations of the name. This may be because this chapter 
contains all counties where the name is infrequent ,scattered geographically 
and so I have included every possible variation met as some of these are 
taken from old manuscripts which were not distinctly legible and may well 
at a later date be dismissed as misnomers by someone else with a better knowledge 
of these several branches.
Clearly Robert Soden of Derry in 1691 may well be related to the Sligo branch 
because of his christian name and the later strong ties of the family with Derry 
Protestant Cathedral (Clotworthy )and the Irish Society (Edmond) there. 
The name Robert is found later in Enniskillen in 1732 and in land deeds from 1811 onwards.
However it is in the counties of Leitrim , Longford, Roscommon,Westmeath,
Meath and Dublin that the majority of families seem to have settled. From the 
Leitrim branch of Henry Soden,Mohill descend many of the Canadian Sodens of 
Simcoe county,Ontario when Henry Morris Soden and his brother ,William,
emigrated there in the 1850's to the town fo Wyebridge.
Related to these is Caleb Soden the medical doctor of Mohill and his brother,
John, the pharmacist in the town,also with businesses in Ballinamore,Longford.
The descendants of Caleb are outlined in the work "Ancestors and Descendants 
of Caleb Soden" compiled by John Voorhis Soden of New York,1914 whose 
descendants are as far afield as Oregon , California and Alabama.
A collateral branch is found residing in Athlone,Westmeath ,the beautiful boating town 
on the Shannon river in the centre of ireland. This was and ,indeed,still is a military town 
and it is here we find John and Thomas Soden. We know more about Thomas and his family 
as thanks to the wonderfully industrious Mr. Grove the parish registers of St.Peter's ,Athlone 
have been transcribed by him . Thomas married Margaret (probably Purdue) and they had 
4 children,William,Margaret,George,Thomas between the years 1807 and 1814. These grew 
up in the Athlone area and we know that this family emigrated to Australia in 1841 on the 
'Adam Lodge'where a strong line of his descendants exist to this day. By the most extraordinary 
coincidence it was on the 'Adam Lodge' that the Martin Soden,of Sligo emigrated to New York 
in 1846 in the second year of the Great Famine. I have never succeeded in tracing the outcome 
of this Martin Soden.


                                                                                                    1625 James I dies
                                                                                                              Charles I succeeds
                                                                                                    1626 'The Graces' 
Ulster Muster Rolls 
Breifne Number. 18/1977
Page . 219 Sir Edward Fish/Undertaker/2000 acres /Loughtee,Cavan.
1. John Sowgdan
2. Thomas Sowgdan
                                                                                                    1633-1641 Wentworth,
                                                                                                    Earl Strafford is 
1641 Adventurers
John Sowden of Broadclist yeoman £25
Page 435 Prendergast
                                                                                                    1649 Wentworth is
                                                                                                   Cromwell arrives
1651 Decrees of Innocents VIII. 9
Excerpt from Grove Abstract,National Archives,Dublin 
1651 JOSEPH SODDEN May 1651
Cromwellian Depositions for giving assistance in the town
Private soldiers of Youghall garrison.
March 10.1654-1655
non.commisioned officers and private soldiers under Lt.Henry Smythicke
Joseph Sodden
Pages 561,562 Caulfield,Youghal
                                                                                                    1653 Cromwellian Surveys
1654 Betham Notes
2 -434 - 3
1/41 - 60
Volume 41
Page 73
JOHN 'LODEN' of Kells in Co.Meath
13 May,1654
Wife Ann
Father John L.
Da. Alice L.
Son Martha L.
Prerogative Wills 1536 -1699
                                                                                                    1658 Death of Oliver Cromwell
                                                                                                    1660 Charles II is restored
                                                                                                    1663 The Closure of Court of Claims
1663    Cotton's Fasti for the Church of Ireland
John Sowden admitted Aug 12 (F(irst) F(ruits), resigned 1666,became Prebendary
(Tullybracky) page 415.

1673:- Vicar Choral
Limerick vicars 
John Sowden
                                                                                                    1678 Titus Oates and 
                                                                                                    The Gunpowder Plot
1678 Chancery Bill
31 May 1678 ? p.45
R? Jn.Soden elk M.A. of Peter House in Cambridge University
& R? Walter Neale M.A.? & his lessor in ? Harry Dillon
That PLT? Neale 12 Aug 1663 was instituted ? by Edw. bf of Linc.
now bp.,took into St.Jo ? at Linc. called St.Jn.Baptist,Holy Cross 
within his ?_______________________________________________

,Linc and was inducted 19 Aug has resided ever since ???? Linnar his 
bid of 2 Aug 1677 Walls disclosed PW letters null & void & sequestered ? 
vicarage: cure only worth £10
July in 1663; PW spent £500;PW?W & children
?? took away St.Michael's prints? near to Walls,Linc col?
& sequestered it since 10 Nove 1694,has been buried in Lk?
by a Bt. & ? in Nov 1676 collated Jn.Nersy his kinsman & young colleague in ?
page 44

1678 Grove
page 45
Ch(ancery) Bill P(regorative) W(ill) only 1672-1722
45 ? J(oh)n.Sowden v Neale
31 Aug 1678 around (?)
11 Jan 1678 of Walter Neale & Henry Ellis

                                                                                                        1681Oliver Plunkett,Archbishop
                                                                                                                of Armagh,is executed

1684 Lodge MS.Rent Rolls
432 Art q.S
John Sowden ?? M.S. St.John's,Limerick
a front house in West Side of St.John's St.,?
8 July 20 Ch(arles) II for his & his successors
                                                                                                                        1685 Charles II died
                                                                                                                                 James II succeeds
                                                                                                                        1689 The Siege of Derry
                                                                                                                        1690 The Battle of the Boyne
                                                                                                                        1691 The Treaty of Limerick


Baptism of elizabeth Sodon, daughter of Robert Sodon and Jeane, his wife.

Baptis 10th May, 1691

at Derry Cathedral

Register of Derry Cathedral, Templemore Parish, , 1642-1703, REgister

Rev.e Richard Hayes, , William Pollard Co., 1910, page 32

1699: All extracts are taken from 
The Bishopric of Derry by Moody/ Simms
Page 247,II
2nd May:- Edmond Soden,Mogridge and Stephenson are 
mentioned re oaths taken
Irish Society Court Minute,2 May ,1699
Page 253
406. John Moegeridge's memoranda ,18.7.1699
Irish Society Ms.. Confirming his support for Edmond Soden 
in this matter.
Page 259
Edmond Soden is mentioned in the Termonderry Case,see Soden Affidavit.
419 Irish Society to John Mogeridge ,2.3.1700 mentions Soden .
Page 417
8.(256) (9) Soden affidavit mentioned re land.
Nr.417 Irish Society to John Mogeridge,29.2.1700
Edmond Soden,clerk,mentioned
Nr.431 Irish Society to David Cairne,15.9.1702
mention is made of Soden's experience in this matter.
Page 296
Affidavit of Edmond Soden,10.5.1700
Clotworthy Skeffington and Lord Massereene are also mentioned here.

1701 Burial of Richard Suden,soldr. buried 5th
page 359
PRS,volume 8/RCBL

1703 Ardagh Marraige Licence Bond
22 May 1703
Patrick N.Clogerty ,of Lully in Co.Longford Parish 
Elizabeth S(oden) of K(...),spin(ster)
Surety J(oh)n.N.Clogherty,Lully,Co.Longford

1705: James Soden born Glasslough,Co.Monaghan,
son of Edmund Soden,
born 1705/14/5 aged 19 in 1724.
Trinity Alumnus

1711 Down Will
? in Shankill D(istrict).??

1713 Cork Will
Gabriel Soulden

1714 Dublin Adm(inistartion) Bond

1732 John Soden and Easter Russel,publication
2nd June,1732
St.Mary's,Dublin ,
PRS,volume 12/RCBL
page 13

1732 Youghal Parish Registers,
page 29
2 July,1732
Baptism of John? of Saddin

1735 Youghal Parish Register,
page 41
30th July,1735
Baptism of Mary dau(ghter). of Andrew Sadin

1736 page 48
24th June,1736
Burial of John Saddin
31st July,1736
Burial of Joseph Saddin

1736: Clotworthy Soden (Clericus) born 1736
28/5/1751 aged 15
Sch(olar). - 1755
B.A./Vern. - 1756
Archdeacon of Derry./Trinity Alumnus.

1738.. 1738-1820
1/- Athlone corp. in (??) Soden
1/6 Name 1500-(79-24)-32

1739 Youghal Parish Registers
page 56
15th April,1739
Richard,son of Andrew Saddin

1745 Youghal Parish Registers
Baptism of Mary,dau(ghter) of Robert Saddin
page 82
22nd December,1745

1747 Dublin Grant
Cath(erine) Sowden,Suffingham

1748 Dublin Grant
J(oh)n.Soden & Mary Hall

1748 Dublin Grant
2 Aug 1748
John Soden of Dublin,smith
Mary Hall of St.Mary's,Dublin spin(ster)

1748 Betham Marraige Licence
2 - 434 -10
F - Y 1741 - 1749
Vol. 26
Page 80
Soden John of the city of Dublin,smith
and Mary Hall of the parish of Saint Mary,spinster
2nd August,1748
National Archives,

1750 Prerogative Grant 
23 March 1750
sworn by above (see 1757 Pre(rogative) Gr(ant)
directly to 
M(ichelburne).Knox g(en)t(leman). & W(illia)m.Vernon g(en)t

1751 Prerogative. .Will of 
James Soden of Belladevitt,Donegal

1754 Clotworthy Soden sch(olar). 
TCD Graduate

1757 Prerogative Grant 
23.April 1757
of Probate of will of 
James Soden of Belladevitt,Co.Donegal 
to his widow,Mary (...) saving septs(..) by other 3 (...)

1760 Waterford Will 
Jam.Sowton at ?,

1761 Prerogative Grant
7 Feb 1761 of Edw(ar)d to 
Margaret Soden,(??? ) Catherine
directed by John Knox

1763 Down & Connor Adm(inistration) Bond
Hugh Soden,Donaghadee

1766:- Clotworthy Soden born Donegal
5/10/1784 aged 18
B.A.Vern. - 1789/Trinity Alumnus.

1766 Curate of Killymaid
Rev.Clotworthy Soden Senior installed

1766:- Robert Soden (E)
Churchwarden in Enniskillen
from Enniskillen,Town and parish by Dundas,94118-D-2

1767 Betham Marraige Licences
F-Y 1765 - 1767
Vol. 31
No. 381
Lullingham,Benjamin of the City of Dublin,merchant 
and Catherine Sowden of the parish of St.John,spinster
5th Oct.,1767
Betham Marraige Licences,
National Archives,

                                                                                                1772 The First Catholic
                                                                                                        Relief Act


1776 Rev.Clotworthy Soden Senior becomes Rector of Kilcronaghan
Clotworthy Soden
inst(alled). Mar. 16 {F(irst) Fruits)})
res(tored). in 1786 for the Archdeaconry 
see Maghera
page 236.
Clergy of Derry,Leslie/RCBL

1777 Dublin Grant
Ann (Susan?) Soden & W(illia)m.Palmer

1777 Palmer,William of Caple Street,City Dublin,sadler
and Ann Soden of the parish of Saint Mary,Dublin,spinster
17th May,1777
Betham Marraige Licences
F - Y 1775 - 1778
Page 111
National Archives,

1777 Elphin Marraige Licence Bond
17 April 1777
Harcoe Trumbull,of Killmorgan
Elizabeth Soden,Moneygold,Sligo,spin(ster)
Surety Roger Trumbull,Killmorgan
                                                                                                                        1778 The Second Catholic
                                                                                                                                Relief Act
1781 343-111-279 846 C Soden
20 Nov 1781
Lease 30 April 1781
Hugh Kelly,Edgeworthstown,Co.Longford farmer
to John Soden prin(cipal) of a(bove) shoemaker
house & garden in Edgeworthstown,in N(orth) by Church lane in 
E(ast) by J(oh)n.Chivers,in S(outh). by David Donaldson on W(est) by the street of 
in Edgeworthstown ,Co.Longford for 9 y(ea)rs at £9
Wit(nesses). Simon Baird & J(oh)n. Chivers both at Edgeworthstown
And(rew) Young,? ? ? ,registered by Soden

1782:- Entries in the Parish Register at Enniskillen
Soden - 1782.Sam(ue)l.son of Robert Soden,drowned - in Enniskillen.
SODEN ? Eb(enezer) Rob(er)t Soden i(n) m(emory of) his f(ather). and m(other).Samuel and Elizabeth Also of his 3 ch(ildre)n W(illia)m ,Mary & Sam(ue)l
Sam(ue) .d(ied).June 28,1782
in the 23rd y(ear). of his a(ge).
Virtus post vitam manebit
Elizabeth,w(ife). of Rob(er)t.Soden m(other).of ab(ove) ch(ildre)n.d(ied).Sept.7,1790,a(t).60 y(ears)
(Dundas - Enniskillen,Town and Parish ,page 134,note C)

1784 Cork Marraige Licence Bonds
St.Nicholas Cork Parochial Reg(ister)
Ambrose Sodin & Judith Chetwynde M
July 10

1784 Registry of Deeds Will Abstracts
Clotworthy Soden witness 
to the will of Robert Forrester,Cloverhill,Londonderry

John Joseph Soden 
son of Carncross Cullen & Elizabeth Soden
baptised June 28th,1784
Drumalaffen Parish Register

1784 Drumalaffen P.D.
Baptisms 1783-1784-
June 28
J(oh)n.Jos(eph). son of Carncross Cullen & Eliza(beth) Soden (?.?)

1784 Clotworthy Soden Jun.
Nom(inated) Mar.29 (D.R)
son of Clotworthy Soden,sen
Archd(eacon) of Derry
born in Donegal
ed(ucated) by Mr.Marshall
ent(ered) TCD,Oct(ober) 5,1784 aged 18,
B.A. 1789
D(ied) . at R(.....) in his 28th year
(BNC. of Mar.23)

1786: volume 3/
Clotworthy Soden BA collated 19/9/'86 (F.F) ,
resigned in 1795,for Maghera
Derry, page 428.
also from Derry Clergy,by Leslie

1789 Clotworthy Soden
TCD Graduate

1789 Pre(rogative) Will
19 Oct.1789
Elizabeth Sowden of (...) in Dublin,spin(ster)
all 5,Mary Wyatt,D(aughter) spin(ster) & her sisters
Sara,W(ife) of Th(omas).Poole,St.()
Eliz(abeth) Wyatt a D(aughter) spin(ster)
£? Mary Wyatt
Wit(nesses) Fran(cis) Faris,James Faris
P(rerogative) W(ill) at Canterbury
26 Feb 1791 to 
4 Mary Jesse,al Wyatt,W of Law Jesse
Endorsed 1793
No news of Irish (...)

P(age) .227 P(...) R(...)
1793 Dec. 19th
Elizabeth Soden of Kenton,Devonshire to (Ex...)
1789 403-397-267 949
27 April 1789 4 April 1789
Thos Soden of Moneygold,Co.Sligo
to Rich(ar)d.Lockhart of Boyle,Co.Roscommon
Tubberbride in Tirrerrill Bartony in Sligo
Wit(ness) George Torrens of Ardtermon ,Co.Sligo barony

1789 Lease
132-23-268 004
21 April 1789 Lease 9 April 1789
Tho(ma)s.Soden of Sligo,Co.Sligo
W(illia)m West of Boyle,Co.Roscommon
Moneygold 43
much more to copy........................??????????????????????
1790 Longford Freeholders c. 1790
M 2486-8
under 'S'
Abode Edgeworthstown
Freeholdings: Edgeworthstown
Barony Rathcline
Landlords R.L.E.
Date of Registry 11 Jan. 1785
3 May 1791
Candidates -/1/-/-/-
Observations: 8th day DC
same source:-

1790 Longford Freeholders c.1790
11.Jan 1785
8th day D.Court
same source as above:

1790 Longford Freeholders
9th day of Court

1790 Longford Freeholders c.1790
National Archives,Dublin 
M. 2487
No. 724
P.2 D

1790 Longford Freeholders c.1790
Nr. 724
1 - 1 -
for 2 day observations

1791 Francis Thomas Soden witness to the 
will of John Allen,Carrickfergus
1791 Freeholders in Longford
J(oh)n Soden of Ballinahinch in Rathcline
3 May 1791
                                                                                                                    1792 Catholics allowed 
                                                                                                                            to the Bar
                                                                                                                    1793 Irish Militia set up
                                                                                                                    1795 Maynooth University
                                                                                                                            is founded
                                                                                                                            The Orange Order is started
1795 Rev.Clotworthy Soden Senior becomes 
Rector of Maghera until his death in 1817.
List of the incumbents taken from the Books of the First Fruits ' Office:
"Clotworthy Soden ,collated 18th April,1795,Rector Maghera,L'derry

1795 page 259 of Leslie,Derry Clergy
Clotworthy Soden
Inst(alled) P.Maghera
April 18 (F.F)
He was Rector Kilcronaghan,1776-86
Archd(eacon) of Derry,1786-95
P(arish) Maghera,1795-1817
He had an unenviable reputation of going into debt and 
occasionally his parish tithes were sequestered.The Earl of 
Bristol wrote of him in 1801 -
'As Dr.Tom Torrens said ' One may trust Soden with anything 
but one's purse and one's bottle.'
He d(ied) Feb.18,1817

1795 162(?)
W(illia)m Soden of Edgeworthstown,Ardagh
14 July 1795

1796 Freeholders in Co.Longford
John Soden of Ballinahinch Cashel,Rathcline
4 June 1796
house & land 40/-

1796 Freeholders in Longford

W(illia)m.Soden of Edgeworthstown,Mostrim,Ardagh
1 Jun 1796 40/-

1796 Cork M(arraige) .L(icence) Bond
9.Jan(uary) 1796
Ambrose Soden
L(ieutenan) t in H(er) M(ajesty?s) .4th F(oo)t Rif(les) 
Judith Chetwynde of St.Peter to ? spin(ster)
Surety Joseph Rogers Cork city M.D.

1796 Index to the Rebellion Calender under 'S'
for 1796 - 1800:
Rebellion Papers,National Archives,Dublin
Page 50A
Rev. Soden (Maghera) to Mr. Edw(ar)d. Cooke
reports of the 'renowned Billy McKeever - Thousands in Antrim,Tyrone and Derry 
are now trembling in their shoes.' Letter enclosed from Capt. Johnston as to 
the suitablilty of Maghera for barracks. 
Date 23/5/1796
Carton 620/23
Nr. 120
Page 51
Rev. Clotworthy Soden to - 
Further as to the arrest of McKeever and its good results as to his (Soden's) 
general proceedings as a magistrate as to a conspiracy to murder McKeever 
as he has under the thumb the lives of all the conspirators of Donegal,Tyrone ,
Derry and Antrim.'
No enclosures.
Date 25.5.1796
Carton 620/23
Nr. 124 

Page 51A
Rev. C. Soden to Rev. Mr. Jones as the arrest of Mr. Graham and Tho(ma)s Clarke
Date 30.5.1796
Carton 620/23
Nr. 132
Page 52A
Rev. C. Soden to -
'states he has searched McKeever (als Campbell),has found on him names of 
two Fifeshire (Fencibles) who had been seduced from their allegiance. 
1 enclosure: Mr. H. Ellis (Irishrush) to Rev. C. Soden as to freeing a United Irishman 
for whom a warrant has been registered. 
Date 4th June,1796
Carton 620/23
Nr. 148

Page 53
Rev. C. Soden to Mr. Edwd. Cooke
I rejoice at Saunders being taken to Dublin and H.McKeever ,Grahame & Clarke 
be taken up the nuisances in this county will be cup up.'
Date 4th June,1796
Carton 620/23
Nr. 149
Page 53A
Rev. C.Soden as to the distrubed state of frontier of Co.Antrim in Portglenone direction.
Date 8.6.1796
Carton 620/23
Nr. 158
Page 54
Rev. C. Soden ,Maghera, writes on matters connected with his duties and magnitude. 
Date 11th June,1796
Carton 620/23
Nr. 167

1797 Rebellion Papers,National Archives,Dublin
Page 50
Rev. Clotworthy Soden (Maghera) to - 
reports arrest of a deserter of a man calling himself
'Arthur Dillon' who was proven to be the renowned 
'Switcher Donelly of Tyrone'.
advises that 30 or 40 men be quartered at maghera,
as the conspirators banished from other Northern
Counties have penetrated into this. 
Date 21 May,1797
Carton 620/23
Nr. 117
Page ??
Clotworthy Soden (Maghera) to Mr. Pelham detailing information he had 
received from a mechanic of Coleraine that the intention of the United Irishmen 
was not to have a general rising unless foreign aid was landed in great force 
to have a massacre of all agents ,clergy to some of the magistracy in Ulster. 
Answer of Mr. Pelham endorsed,thanking him for the letter and requesting 
that any further be communicated.
Date 3 June,1797
Carton 620/31
No. 22
Page 473/474
related to a plot to burn Clotworthy Soden's house in Maghera by John Jones 
and accomplices.
Date 4.8.1797
Carton 630/32
Nr. 12
                                                                1798 Rebellion
                    General                        Humbert                        lands
1798 According to the diary of Elisabeth Richards (Ms. in Enniscorthy Museum)
who was living with her mother at Rathaspeck just outside Wexford when 
the rebellion broke out:
Tuesday,29th May,1798
"The Donegal Militia,commanded by Col. Maxwell is arrived at Wexford,
also Col. Colville,Capt.Young and Soden of the 13th who have volunteered 
their services for our defence".
The next entry mentions a report that the 13th Regiment was wiped out by the rebels.

1798 " The last of the military that left Wexford were the Donegal militia,
commanded by Col. Maxwell ,accompanied by Col. Colwell,
Capt. Younge and Lt. Soden of the 13th Foot.........
Edward Hay, The Insurrection of 1798 ,published ????????
page 105
NLIR 94107
1798 Page169
Clotworthy Soden,Maghera,to -
enclosing the oath and constitution of the United Irishmen and their 
secretaries with the procedure to be adopted by the local Societies 
and committeses - he suggests a reward should be given to his informant.
(in dorso) he is asked to draw on Mr. Cooke at sight for any money he 
should want and to send his infformant to Dublin.
Date 15.Feb(ruary)
Carton 620/28
Nr. 270

Page 176
Clotworthy Soden,Maghera, to -
intimating he has drawn on him in favour of Alex Browne for 20 guineas
Date 21.Feb(ruary)
Carton 620/28
Nr. 290

Page 357
under 1798 in Sligo section
                                                                                                1800 The Act of Union of GReat Britain 
                                                                                                           and Ireland .

1800 Rebellion Papers,National Archives,Dublin
Page 807
State of the Country Papers
Letter from C(olonel) . Soden to L(ieutenan)t Col(onel). Littlehabs
Date 29.5.1800
Carton 620/49
Nr. 19

1801 Thomas Soden of Ballinahinch,Cashel,Rathcline
13 July 1801
Lands only 40/-
Freeholders Reg(istered) Co.Longford

1801 ? Soden of Longford,Edgeworthstown
Paid Rate of ? 1798

1802 John Soden of Ballinahinch,Cashel,Rathcline
13 July 1803
House & Land 40/-

1802 Thomas Soden of Ballinahinch Cashel,Rathcline
13 July 1802
House & lands 40/-

1803 Execution of 
Robert Emmet

1803 Marr(iage) Cert(ificate) 
14 Aug(ust) 1803
Mrs.Soden W 
14 Aug 1803 to Oct(ober) 1807
Page 48

1805 Thomas Soden 
son Thomas & Marg(are)t Soden
born 27th November,
baptised 2nd December,1805
St.Peter's parish register

1805 1.Thomas son of Thomas & Marg(are)t Soden
born 27 Nov(ember) bapt(ised) . 2 Dec(ember) 1805


Martin Soden, 

Navy Prize Agent, 

Princes Street, 



1805 Belfast Traders Directories website

1806 Ms. 9628
Clements Papers
Mohill Freeholders,Leitrim
all under 'S'
Mohill (residence)
House & Garden,Mohill
Morgan Crofton,landlord
Lives in lease: Edward Soden
Duke Crofton
Bishop of Osnaburg
the Duke of York
Date of Registry. 12.5.1806

1806 same source as above
House & Land,Mohill
Edw. Soden
Duke of York
Duke Crofton Jnr.

1806 same source as above
Nr. 27
House & Land,Mohill
Landlord Henry Duke (Mohill)
Lives in lease: ESTHER SODEN

1807 Par.Reg.St.Peter's Athlone
2. Bapt. Bartholomew ,son of Thomas & Margt.Soden
born 13,Baptism 29 Aug(ust) 1807
2. Bartholomew b.13 bapt(ism).29.8. 1807

1808 Administration of Thomas Soden,
of Carrickhowna,Sligo
on 27 1808 to his bro(ther)
Francis Soden,Carrickhowna,

1809 Eliz(abeth) Sowden to Scott
608-288-417 652

1809 Land Deed
603-285-417 853
19 May,1809
M(arraige) S(ettlement)
24,27 June 1808
John Scott L(ieutenan)t. in 2nd Dragoon Guards
Thom(as) Sowden of Reading ,in Berkshire
D(aughter) . Eliz(abeth) Sowden
Saml.Scott ,Gardiner St., Dublin Esq.
Lyndon ,Bolton & Dublin 
J(oh)n.Crickett prin... doctor,London
Jacob Newberry of Reading,Berkshire
Colgath & Kilmore 84-1-34
in Rodenstown Parish
in Decies Barony of Meath Co.
hold by J(oh)n.Scott 29 April 1790
(...) W(illia)m. Barry Att(orney) at law Rich(ard) Barry
to the Rectors of Meath Diocese?
Fran(ci)s Prentice of Colgath of Meath Diocese
rest not copied into manuscript (Grove!!!!)

1809 SODEN, John,Aughamullin,Monaghan

1809 - 1814
26 years; 43rd Foot
1810 July 22,John Soden,son of Tho(ma)s .& Marg(are)t
p(age) .64 St.Peter's ,Athlone,
Elphin Baptisms

1811 Catherin Soden & John Dennis
Killala & Achonry Marraige Licence Bond

1812 George,son of Thomas & Marg(are)t Soden 
b. 31 Oct(ober) bapt(ised) 11 Nov(ember) 1812

1812 Oct.31,
George Soden,son of Thos. & Marg(are)t
P(age) 64 St.Peter's,Athlone
Elphin Baptisms

1813 11 Oct(ober) 1813
at 8d. per £5 value
Thomas Soden -3 acres - 2 pence equally p(age) 37
his share of £13/4/9 yearly , cess
p(age) 41 Thos.Soden 13 July 1814 p(age) 41
Allotment by March 1815 p(age) 64
Tho(ma)s Soden 3a(cres) at 3/4d an ac(re) .is 2 1/4d pp.42-64
Volunteer 18 Aug 1818 Mr.Soden pp.73-78
Vestry Book,St.Peter's ,Athlone
2 April,1804 - 8 April,1892

1813 p(age).35
Allotment 11 Oct(ober) 1813
Tho(ma)s.Soden ,Peter St(reet), 7d
Tho(ma)s Soden,13 July,1814 

1815 Affidavit by March ,1815 p(age) 64
Tho(ma)s Soden 3 at 3/4d ? W at 2 1/4d pp.42-64

1815 Marg(are)t .d(aughter) of above i.e. Tho(ma)s & Marg(are)t Soden)
b.13 bapt(ised) 29.Aug(ust) 1815

1815 July 13,Margaret,d(aughter) of Tho(ma)s & Marg(are)t 
p(age) 64 St.Peter's, Athlone
Elphin Baptisms

1815 p(age) 59
Tho(ma)s Soden,Barrack Sq(uare), £40 val.
27 April 1815 £-/1/4 p(age) 59
pp 42-64

1816 Longford
Tho(ma)s Soden to Soden 
902-313-487 309 or as below
702-213-481 309

1816 702-213-481 309
16 May 1816? - 30 April 1816
Thomas Soden of Athlone town
Co.Roscommon g(en)t(leman)t.
to John Soden Ballinahinch,Co.Longford,farmer
lease of 26 July,1811 by s(aid) Tho(ma)s to above J(oh)n
to W(idower) John 28 in Ballinahinch in Rathcline
bog Co.Longford for lives of lessor J(oh)n.Soden
d(aughter) of Mary Robins al Soden.....on 11 1/2 y(ea)rs from Robins
1 Nov(ember) at £35.9.2d subject to original lease from W(illia)m Glendons 
Newcomen to John Soden at £15.9.2d . Now for £55 Thos.Sills to John
Wit(ness) Robert Gordon of Granard Co.Longford farmer
signed by Tho(ma)s. Soden

1816 Thomas Soden
14 June 1816 appointed one of a Committee
of 7 to make a new? master p(age) .53

1817 William ,son of above
b.16 Nov(ember) bapt(ised) 4 Nov(ember) 1817

1817 Nov.4,
W(illia)m.Soden,son of Tho(ma)s . & Marg(are)t
P(age) .64 St.Peter's,Athlone
Elphin Baptisms

1817 Pre(rogative) Will
Rev.Clotworthy Soden,Rector,Maghera,L'derry
see wills
Pre(rogative) Will 19 June 1814 3 Nov,1817
Wm.Clotworthy Soden,Rector,Maghera,L'derry
to be buried in my burial ground in Kilchronanaghan cemetery
with many of my family; 
niece W(inter)s(cale).Davis Nephew Soden Davis
"Winterscale Davis & his Mother Isabella Davis
(grand)rest y Mary Soden granddaughter of Rev.W.Causland
(? ? almost impossible to abstract, Fx.S!)
Adm(inistration) to Isabella Davis of Cookstown,Co.Tyrone mother of 
Winterscale Davis a minor & rest (...) to other res (..)
Mary ? Smith (the other ) remaining

1817 Leslie Will of 
Curate Dunboe
1789 - 95
see Derry, page 213

1818 3. J(oh)n.son of Thomas & Marg(are)t.Soden 
b.8 (...) 1818

1818 Valuation 
18 Aug(ust) 1818 to Soden pp.73-78
1818 Tho(ma)s.Soden to ?? 
403-235-489 957

1819 from Pigott's Directory of Ireland,
page 136
under Agents,Law & Ship,Commercial Brokers
Soden,Martin (Navy)
Lancaster St.,

1819 Clogher M(arraige) .L(icence) Bonds
John Soden & Jane Dane
National Archives,Dublin

1819 Thomas Soden,
19 January,1819
conveyed his right & title
of his seat in St.Peter's Church,Athlone
to Mrs.Elizabeth White & gave a receipt for 
£2 as its value ??

                                                                                                                                    1821 National Census
1821 Census 1821 Longford Rathcline barony
Edgeworthstown P.
No.30 Edmund Soden? Church St.
No.1 £13 John Soden 50 shoemaker
No.4 £13 Thomas Soden 43 shoemaker Main St.,
No.18(1) Mrs.Moffitt 60 shoemaker
Ex(ecutor) & p(rerogative) w(ill) etc,.....

1821 Census 1821 Co.Longford,Rathcline
held for 
Mr.Soden in Ballinahinch or in Parish
Military County Letters 1806 1E-4-40
5 April 1806
__________________in Enniskillen
                                                                                                                    1823 Catholic Association
                                                                                                   is founded by Daniel O'Connell
1823 Tithe Applotment Book,
National Archive,Dublin
Diocese Ardagh
Parish Cloone
County Leitrim
Townland Creenagh
James Sodan
7ac(re)s. 3 r(oods) 0p(erches) Arable
Total 7-3-0
Total quantity in the townland
45ac(re)s .2 r(oods) 20p(erches)
Rents £1-0-0
Value £1-0-0-
7 acres - bog
Value 0-10s-0
3-6-11 1/2
1823 782-235-529 310
18 Apr(il). 1823
M(arraige) S(ettlement). 17 Nov(ember) 1820
John Thompson of Cloonegur,Co.Longford farmer
James Soden of Mohill,Co.Leitrim,farmer & his 
only daughter ,Hannah Soden
James Soden owns lease of 2 slated houses in Mohill town
to lease from Mr.Hugh Crofton W for lives or 100 yrs?
1815 at £4...................................
Pat Hart's plot
Wit(ness) James Mills & Chris Grogan both of Mohill

Land Deed  793-188-535 923
23 June 1824
Sale 10 June 1824
John Soden,Enniskillen,Co.Fermanagh,sadler
to W(illia)m.Fitzgerald p.w.(sic) for £30
lease 21 Nov 1823 of 1/2 house in the Main St.,Enniskillen
town in Fermanagh Co.bounded on E(ast) by Quinlan's house
held by Wm.Fitzgerald on W(est) Miss Stewart,on N(orth) by 
garden,on S(outh) by Main St.
held for lives of M.Archdale,son of Edw(ard) Archdale of R(.....)dale
J(oh)n.Richardson son of Major Richardson of Rosford
Henry Corry son of Earl Belmont
Wit(ness). James Soden Rob(er)t.Latimer & W(illia)m Pratt
all of Enniskillen signed by Fitzgerald

1824 Pigott's Directory,
National Archives,Dublin.
page 227
Soden,John col. 458
Soden,William col. 106
under 'London '

1825 1/- -Ardagh Administration Bonds
Tho(ma)s Soden,Edgeworthstown
18 Dec(ember) 1825
John Soden sen & J(oh)n.Soden jnr. both of Edgeworthstown
Thomas Soden of Edgeworthstown,.............
to be continued!

1826 Primary schools in Roscommon,Longford,Leitrim and Monaghan:-
Parish School Name
Boyle Boyle
Granard Granard/Bonlaghy/Galsaugh
Mohill Georgia
Cloon Corriga/Duffin
Manorhamilton Manorhamilton/Lurganboy
Clones Gortawinny/ Clones.
1826 Tithe Applotment Books for 
Longford County,Forgney parish,Ballykintrey Townland
Reel 69
Nr. 19/25
Nr. 43
Widow Sotton 10acres,3 roods,37 perches Value 13s.7d.
William Sotton 8 acres,3 roods,19 perches Value 13s.4d.
J(oh)n Sotton 6 acres,3 roods, 13 perches Value 10s.2d.
Tithe Applotment Books for 
Co.Longford,parish of Mostrim(otherwise Edgeworthstown)
Page 15
Nr. 26
John Sorden
1 acre
Church Gate
30 perches
Dowling?s Plot

1827 p(age).165
Valuation 1827
Vestry Book,St.Peter's,Athlone

1828... Land Deeds
Henry Soden to Duke

Edw(ard) Soden to Duke
869-150-578 150
877-184-582 184

                                                                                                            1829 Catholic Emancipation
1829 SODEN,Caleb; Mohill,Leitrim
====, 1829
37 y(ea)rs. Leitrim Militia;

1830 Dublin Grant
Lucy Soden & W(illia)m.Adams

1831 National School
System is introduced

1831 RIC Files,National Archives,Dublin
MFA 24/1
page 168
Nr. 1918
Name George Soden
Age at app(ointment)t. 21
Height 5'8"
Native County Longford
Religion Protestant
Marraige Permission 5 July,1845
Native County of Wife Queen's Co.
Recommended P.C.Weldon
Trade Shoemaker
Allocation at app(ointmen)t June 1835 - Galway/Clare
Transfers October 1835
Promotions P(olice) .A(ssistant) Con. 1 Feb. 1849
P(olice) Con(stable) 1Nov. 1851
Nr. Authority 16816/p
Rewards 84093-6977
Punishments 716536D/15576
Admonished 84092/8134
Discharged,.. died 24.1.67
Gratuity £62.2s.-8d
Cause of Death B67925-12439
                                                                                                                    1832 Tithes Act passed
1832 Edw(ard) S(oden) to Duke
869-150-578 150
Land Deeds

1832 Nr.175
Registry Papers/Military index
Open shelves,National Archives,Dublin 
Certificate of her marraige

1832 Crofton Rentals
National Library Manuscript Room,Dublin
534 Soden Edward W(idow). Mohill 3 ac(res) 0 r(oo)ds 2 1/2 per(che)s
535 Soden James Mohill 15/-/-
536 James Jnr. Mohill 
& Creagh 5/18/9
537 Soden Laurence Mohill 
& Oghana? 1/15/3
538 Soden Henry Bolschal 7/7/10
539 Soden Henry Mohill 1/16/11

1834 Dublin Grants
Henry Soden & Maria Beeche

1835 Longford Register of Voters
National Archives,Dublin 
OP 1842/62
Barony Ardagh
Residence Quaker's Island
Freehold Quaker's Island
Landlord:John L.O'Ferrall
Value £20
Lives of tenure: Sarah O'Ferrall
7th April,1835
1835 Longford Register of Voters
National Archives,Dublin 
OP 1843/62
Ballinahinch Residence
Ballinahinch Freehold
Sir George Fetherston:landlord
£10 Value
Lessee & Mary Soden lives of tenure
Registered at Ballymahon on 
6th April,1835

1836 Returns of Cashel in Ardagh in Longford 1813
Sept 3 
D(aughter) of John & Ann Soden,
b. Aug 30,1836

1838 Returns of Cashel in Ardagh in Longford 1813
April 22,
Thomas son of John & Ellen Soden 
b. 15 Nov.1837

1838/ 56 Griffith's Valuation (see chapter 14)

1839 Directory for Ballyshannon,Sligo & Enniskillen
NLIR 914122/s/4
William Sodd,
Boot & Shoemaker
                                                                                                                        1842 'The Nation' newspaper 
                                                                                                                                 is started
1842 Pettigrew & Oulton Street Directory
Page 220
Cairncross Thomas Cullen ,
Glenade,Manorhamilton,Co. Leitrim
(Husband of Elizabeth Soden)

Lieutenant Colonel John James Cullen,
Screeny,Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim

Inspectors of Weights and Measures
John Evans Cullen
Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim

Commissioners of Affidavits
John Evans Cullen,
Manorhamilton,Co. Leitrim

1844 Dublin Grant
Henry Soden & Martha Finlay

1844 Slator's Directory
Edward Soden,Phisician,apothecary,
W(illia)m.Soden,grocer,Main St.,
                                                                                             1845-49 The Great Famine
                                                                                             1848 Uprising at Ballingarry,

Co. Tipperary


1848, 8th October

Marriage certificate nr.  101298

Longford, Drumlish, parish of Clongish, Killoe

Charles Shaw, 29, B farmer, Clooncumber parish of Cloone

Mary A. Soden, 21, single

Fathers: Robert Shaw, farmer Joseph Soden, shoemaker


                                                           1849 The Encumbered Estates Act is passed 

Martha Soden al Finlay widow & J(oh)n.Gwynne

1850 14th October

Nr. 101 319

Cloone parish church

marriage of

James Dobson,f,w, farmer Mohill

Jane Soden, f, s, Mohill

Fathers: George Dobson, farmer and Henry Soden, farmer


1850 George Soden 
TCD Graduate

1850 EDWARD SODEN/Mohill,Leitrim
Medicine Graduate at Glasgow University,
MD - 1850
CM - 1852
Addison,Rolls of Graduates at Glasgow University: 1727 - 1857:
NL 378415 - a - 5

1850:- RIC Files Extracts Nr.38668
22 years of age
5'8" in height
Born in Longford
Recommended by J.W.Bond,J.P.
Joined 6.May,1872
Served in Tipperary Sth 20.12.1872
Galway West 1.10.1875
Queen's Co. 26.4.1883
Westmeath 20.6.1885
Jubilee(?) Regiment 29.6.1887
Pensioned on 20.2.1889 Nr.38668/30201
Pension £21.12s.7d.
Cond: in Galway and Roscommon

1851 George & Jane Soden
18,Great Ship St.,Dublin
National Census
William Soden,
Townsend Street,Dublin
Head of Household
Chart Index


1852, December 12th

Nr. 101 339

Parish of Cloone, parish church

John Bayley,f,b,subconstable, Mohill

Jane Soden, f,s, schoolmistress, Mohill

Fathers: William Bayley, farmer and Edward Soden, shoemaker

1853 May 6th

Nr. 101 348

Newtown Forbes, parish of Clonger, Longford

George Drum, full, w. sergeant in police, Mohill

Elizabeth Soden, full,s, Mohill

Fathers: George Drumm, farmer and Edward Soden, shoemaker

1856 Townlands in Griffith's Valuation:
County Leitrim
Cloone Soden g/t page 75
Mohill Soden g8 page 79
County Longford
Granard Soden g page 53
County Londonderry
County Fermanagh
T in Clanawley Barony,Cleenish ,Sodan/T
G in Tirkennedy,Enniskillen parish
'g' refers to Griffith's Valuation from 1838 ff...
't' refers to the Tithe Applotment Books from 1823 ff
reference in Grenham's GV Index
Alice Soden
Parish of Breagho
Co. Fermanagh
Page 184
Nr. 20
Alice Soden
Earl of Enniskillen
4 ac(res) 3 r(oo)ds 39 p(erches)
Page 184
Nr. 21b
Alice Soden
Alice Soden
house and Office
Co. Antrim
parish of Ballintoy
Town of Ballintoy
Page 10
Nr. 20
William Condy/John Soden
Lessor Alex Fullerton
House,Office,Sm(all) Garden
John Soden

1856 Slater's Directory
Edward Soden,apothecary,Main St.
John Soden,grocer,Main St.,
W(illia)m.Soden,grocer,Main St.,

1856:- RIC File Extract
22 age
5'8" height
J W Bond J.P.
6 May,1872

Tipperary South 20.12.1872
Galway West 1.10.1875
Queen's Co. 26.4.1883
Westmeath 20.6.1885
Jub.Reg. 29-6-1887
Pension £21.12s. 7d
Pensioned 20.2.1889
Cond. in Galway and Roscommon
17 9/12 years of age
5'9 1/4" in height
Born Clare/Queen's Co.
Married on 13.12.1882
Native of Queen's County (Offaly)
Recommended by Sub Inspector O'Connor
No trade
Appointed 6.5.1873
Served in Kilkenny
Transferred 30.11.1873
Promotion 1.2.1888
No.of Authority. 2054
Jubilee(?) Regiment 29.6.1887
Punishment. F20/39401 & 14674 D,16.10.1875
Resigned on 7.9.1888 (39401/25992)
Comment: 'to better his position.'

1858 Leitrim Gazette
National Library,Dublin
Mr. John Soden £3-0-0
Subscriber to the Mohill Preaching House
Collected from Dr. Soden for restoring the front of the premises:
Charles Leslie,Dublin £0-10-0
Doctor Soden
The Constabulary
Mr. Hayes
Messrs. Burns & Nicholson
John Gardiner
Mr. John Soden
Mr. George Little
A Friend
approximately £8-0-0- collected
Soden,Tho(ma)s,grocer,Verschoyle Court,Dublin
Soden,Catherine,confectioner, 90,King Street,North.


Ballymahon, Co. Longford

Birth of Joseph Edward James Soden (1860 - 1905), son of Joseph Soden , who married Caroline Elizabeth MacManus. 

Both men were apothecaries. Joseph Jnr. married Caroline MacManus twice, in 1886 and 1887, first in a Presbyterian ceremony and secondly in a Protestant Church of Ireland ceremony. They moved to Swansea in Wales where he practiced as an apothecary and surgeon. He signed up to be a Surgeon Lieutenant in the 3rd Glamorgan regiment in 1895 and died 10 years later in 1905.

[Source Rod McManus, Glasthule, Co. Dublin 2016]

                                                                                                                    1867 The Fenian Rising
                                                                                                                    1869 Disestablishment of the 
                                                                                                                            Church of Ireland
1868 Nation Newspaper
Contribution to the Penny Collection by 
Fr. Martin Soden
P.P. Ballyconlan
1868 Irish Catholic Directory
Page 569
Parish Priest
Achonry, Ballina
Irish Catholci Directory 
Page 197
Achonry Diocese
Parish Priest
Parish Kilgarvan
Post Town Ballina
1870 Gladstone?s Land Act
1870 Thom?s Directory
Page 1237
Under Mohill Medical Union
Medical officers
Rowan Caleb Soden,LFPS(Glasgow),LRCP(Edinburgh)
Rynn Edward Soden,MD
Page 1837
Under Nobility,Gentry,Merchants and Traders
Soden,Cha(rle)s Ja(me)s,GPO,13 Cabra Terrace,Phibsboro,Dublin 

Irish Catholic Directory 
Pages 315/316
Parish Priest (April)
Kilgarvin, Achonry


Birth of Harriette Soden , 

Dublin North 

Nr. 12/439 [LDS]


Birth of 

Margaret Eveleen Soden 

Dublin South

Nr. 7/635[LDS]


1872 List of Apothecaries/NL IR 6150-i-1
Page 20 
Soden John , Mohill, Leitrim
Soden Joseph , Ballymahon, Longford.

1873? Leitrim
Ja(me)s. & Kathrin Soden M(arraige) S(ettlement).

789-235-529 370

1874 Enniskillen
John Soden to Fitzgerald
793-188-555 923

1875 Thom?s Directory
Page 1239
Mohill Medical Union
Medical officer Caleb Soden in Rowan

Page 1903
Under Nobility/Gentry/Merchants/Traders
Charles James Soden ,GPO,13 Cabra Terrace,Phibsboro,Dublin.
                                                                                                                        1877 Parnell is elected 
                                                                                                                                to Westminster
1877 on 5 Sept 
Adm(inistration) of 
Edward Soden,Farnaught,Mohill,Leitrim
MD,a bachelor who died Thurs,20 May,1877
was granted to his bro(ther) Tho(ma)s Soden,Ballimahon,Co.Leitrim g(en)t(leman)
at P R(obate) £2,000

1880 Thom?s Directory
Page 1110
Caleb Soden
Medical Officer in Rowan
Page 1739
Under Nobility/Gentry/Merchants/Traders
Charles James Soden,GPO, 5 Charleville Terrace,North Circular Road,Dublin
                                                                                                                1881 The Land League 
                                                                                                                        is founded
1885 Thom?s Directory
Page 1110
Mohill Medical Union,Leitrim
Medical Officer in Rowan is Caleb Soden

Page 1791
Under Nobility/Gentry/Merchants./Traders
Soden,Charles James, 5,Charleville Terrace,North Circular Road,Dublin.

1889 John Henry Soden joins Free Mason Lodge No.76 in Longford
Index of Free Masons ,Molesworth Street,Dublin


 Note to John Henry Soden from Michael Steele - JOHN HENRY ( m. ANNA BOWDEN ).


John Henry Soden had an hotel in Mohill and towards the end of the 19th century emigrated 

to New York State ( Cahoes ).

1890 John Soden,same as above,becomes founder member of 
Free Mason Lodge No. 495 in Mohill,Co. Leitrim
Index of Free Masons,Molesworth Street,Dublin.

1890 Thom?s Directory
Page 1110
Mohill Medical Union
Medical Officer at Rowan is Caleb Soden
Page 1831
Under Nobility/Gentry/Merchants/Traders
Charles James Soden,5 Charleville Terrace,North Circular Road,Dublin.
1892 Will of 
Marcella Soden of Portarlington ,widow who died
On 5 April,1892
at Maryborough on 27 July,1892 was proved by Ex(ecutor)
Martha Soden of Portarlington,Q(ueen)'s Co.,spinster sole Ex(ecutor)
Effects under £36

1892: Thom's Directory 
Page 1114
Mohill Union/Medical Officer for the dispensary in the Rowan district
{pop(ulation) in 1881 was 4934}-
Caleb Soden L.F.P.S. Glasg./L.R.C.P. Edin(burgh)
Thom's Directory 
Page 1842
under nobility/gentry/merchants/.....
Charles James Soden esq.,
GPO,5,Charleville T(erra)ce.,North Circular Road. 

(Charles James Soden at the Packet in Dun Laoire,Dublin/kind permission Terry Soden,England )

1892 On 9 Aug 1892 Adm(inistration) of 
James Soden,Mohill,Co.Leitrim 
farmer & wool merchant
who died this 3 Aug(ust), 1885
was granted to his son 
James Soden of Greenagh,Co.Leitrim
                                                                        1893 The Gaelic League 
                                                                                                                                        is founded
1893 Ja(me)s & Kathrin Soden M(arraige) S(ettlement) 1893
789-235-529 370

1894 Slator's Directory
Caleb Soden LQCP Edin(burgh) .- District MD,Hill St.,
J(oh)n H.Soden,Imperium Hotel,Hill St.,
J(oh)n Soden,Phisician & Chemist,Main St.,

1894 Thom's Directory
under Nobility,Gentry,Merchants,Traders,.
Captain W.C.Soden
5,Charleville Terrace
Circular Rd.,

1895 Thom?s Directory
Page 1115
Mohill Medical Union
Caleb Soden
Page 1851
Under Nobility/Gentry/Merchants/Traders
Soden ,Captain C.W.,5,Charleville Terrace,North Circular Road,Dublin.
Soden,Charles James,5,Charleville Terrace,North Circular Road,Dublin.
1897 22 Feb. 
Will of Mary Eliz(abeth) Soden,of Mohill,Co.Leitrim,spinster,
who died at Sligo Lunatic Asylum 13 Nov(ember) 1896
was granted to her father Caleb Soden of Mohill,Co.Leitrim
Thom?s Directory 
Page 1115
Mohill Medical Union,Leitrim
Medical Officer in Rowan is Caleb Soden
Page 1901
Under Nobility/Gentry/Merchants/Traders
Charles James Soden,6 ,Breffni Terrace,Kingstown,Dublin.
                                                                                                        1901 National Census
1901 Census/Rosslea Village,Fermanagh/SoG/Clones Civil Parish
Film FHL 836602
Soden,Eleanor Married 37 18/69C/57/01 CoI
Soden,John William Not Marr. 2 /04
Soden Margaret C. Not.Marr. 7 /02
Soden,Thomas H. Not marr. 5 /03

1901 Census/Longford
from County Longford and Its People by David Leahy
page 184
SODEN THOMAS T. at Ballymahon town,
also JOHN SODEN of Glenoghill.

1901 National Census,National Archives,Dublin
Francis Soden
Robert Soden
William Soden
Merrion Rd.,Dublin 
G(ran)t. 8 Nov 1901 
Adm(inistration) of 
Charlotte Elizabeth Soden of Mohill,Co.Leitrim
who died 3 June 1901 to her husband
Caleb Soden surgeon £84

1901 On 14 January 1901 Will of 
Thomas Soden of Glenaughill,Co.Longford farmer
who died 17 Nov 1900 to J(oh)n.Soden farmer £120
                                                                                                                        1902 Wyndham's Land
                                                                                                                                Purchase Act
1905 Thom's Directory: Medical Practitioners:
Caleb Soden/Mohill,Leitrim
John Soden/Mohill,Leitrim
Joseph Soden/Ballymahon,Longford.

Page 2096
Under Nobility/Gentry/Merchants/Traders
Caleb Soden,physician and surgeon,
1,Belvedere Villas,Drumcondra,Dublin.

1905 Kelly's Directory
John H.Soden,Imperium Hotel,Hill St., - Mohill
John Soden,Lavey,Stradone,Co.Cavan

1910 Thom?s Directory
Page 2122
Page 2096
Under Nobility/Gentry/Merchants/Traders
Soden, Caleb , physician and surgeon,
1,Belvedere Villas,Drumcondra,Dublin.
Soden,C.J. 6,Breffni Terrace,Kingstown,Dublin.
Soden,Mrs.,Wave Crest,Vico Road,Dalkey,Dublin.
                                                                                                                        1911 National Census
1911 National Census,
National Archives,Dublin
65 DED 1
Creenagh townland
Mohill barony
Cloone parish

private dwelling 
8 out-offic es
Edward Sowden (written on the 1st sheet)
2 people 
6 rooms
EDWARD SODEN(written on the 2nd sheet)
Head of the Household
Church of Ireland
Read and Write
34 years of age
born in Leitrim

Bridget McKiernan
Roman Catholic
Read and Write
45 years of age
Domestic Servant
born in Cavan

1911 National Census
Adare ,Co.Limerick
Mary Ann Soden
Born England
Age 78
Roman Catholic
Born England


1911 National Census for the Counties Dublin, Fermanagh, Galway, Kildare, Limerick, 

Longford,  Monaghan for the name 'Soden'.

See Chapter 38  for 1901 and 1911 Censuses


1915 Thom's Directory
Page 2163
Soden Capt. ,7,Elton Park Road,Kingstown,Dublin
Soden,Major W. ,6,Breffni Tce., Kingstown
Soden N.,138,Southern Tce.,South Circular Road,Dublin
                                                                                                            1914-1918 World War
1915:- Memorial WW1 records in the DLGS:
Private 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers killed in action in France,
24th May,1915 born Kells,Co.Meath.
He is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial ,
Ypres,Belgium on panel 44 and 46 .He was 39 years 
of age and married to Mary Soden of 29,Upper Kevin 
(Note: The house at 29,Upper Kevin is no longer there having been 
destroyed for road improvements.)
( Brian Thomas,WWI researcher,Nottingham.)
See also Breifne Vol.1/Nr.4 1961 p.385.
                                                                                                                              1916 The Easter Rising 
                                                                                                                              The Proclamation of the 


Death of Catherine T.Soden,

1 year old and 4 months/RC/

child of Solomon Soden, 

46 Irishtown Road, Ringsend,Co. Dublin 

died on 24th April, 1919

Grave Nr. S1/27/W

Register Nr. 31084

Deansgrage Cemetery Register 
                                                                                                                              1920 The Arrival of the 'Blakc and Tans'
                                                                                                                              1921 -1922 Civil War


Death of Margaret Soden,

11 years/RC/

child of Solomon Soden, Moyles Park, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin

died on 3rd August, 1921

Grave Nr. S1/27/W

Register Nr. 33176

Deansgrange Cemetery Register


Death of James Soden

14 years old, child of Francis Soden, Deansgrange, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

died on 30th July, 1922

Grave No. A1/45/W

Register No. 34199

Deansgrange Cemetery Register


Death of Major Charles Soden, 

57 years old/ Prot./ Retired/Married

7 Elton Park Road, Sandycove, Co. Dublin 

died 19th October, 1922

Grave Nr. M2/301/S

Reg. Nr. 34340

Deansgrange Cemetery Register

1923 Thom?s Directory
Page 1100
Cavan Justices of the Peace
Soden,Peter,20-21,Main Street,Cavan

Page 2001
Under Nobility/Gentry/Merchants/Traders
Soden,Lt.Col.C.W.,6,Breffni Terrace,Kingstown,Dublin.
Soden,Miss Mary, 30 ,St. Kevin?s Road,Dublin
Soden,Mrs. 7,Elton Park,Kingstown,Dublin
Soden N.,18,Southern Terrace,8 Circular Road,Dublin.

1927 Will Books,
National Archives,Dublin
Soden John 
P(rerogative) W(ill) John Soden
died 3 Arugust,1909
granted Cavan to 
Agnes Soden,widow
Effects £33

1929 Deansgrange Cemetery,Dublin 
George Wesley Clotworthy Soden
Lt.Col.Royal Munster Fusiliers
died 4.10.1929
F92 page 24

1930 Will Book,
National Archives,Dublin
George W.C.Soden
Prob(ate) W(ill).
George Wensley Clotworthy Soden
6,Breffnie Tce,Sandycove,Dun Laoire
Lt.Col. HMA(retired)
died 4.10.1929
granted to Ethel ,widow and Harry Maunsell

1930 Thom?s Directory
Page 900
Cavan Justices of the Peace
Peter Soden,20-21 Main Street,Cavan
Patrick Soden,Knockanoark,Cavan
Page 982
Peter Soden,
Member of the Cavan County Board of Health
Page 2087
Under Nobility /Gentry/Merchants/Traders
Soden,Lt.Col.C.W.,6,Breffni Terrace,Kingstown,Dublin.
Soden,Miss Mary, 30 ,St. Kevin?s Road,Dublin
Soden,Mrs. 7,Elton Park,Kingstown,Dublin
Soden N.,18,Southern Terrace,8 Circular Road,Dublin.

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