The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Cavan 7/1916 - 1950

Cavan 7/1916 - 1950

    CAVAN / PART 7/1916 - 1950

                                                                    1916                The Easter Rising in Dublin

                                                                            The Proclamation of the



                                        1918     World War I ends

1920               The 'Black & Tans'

1921-22                    Civil War



Civil Bill


National Archives,Dublin

Bernard Soden v. Hilly

Map of part of Drumard


from Four Courts,Dublin

The case is concerned with boundary rights  particularly at the entrance of their respective properties.



December 31

Page 6


A big advertisement for Soden's ,Main Street,Cavan


                                                                                             1939-1945        World War II



1942/43 Cavan Electors' List

                Pollamore Near

                Soden Bridget

                Soden Mary

                Soden Patrick Jnr.


                Sean McDermott Street

                        Sodenk(sic) Mary


                Pearse Street

                Soden Mary      My Aunt

                Soden Peter     Grandfather

                Soden Esther C. Grandmother

                Soden Seamus    Father

                Source - Cavan Town Roots by The Anglo Celt.(1992)


1942        The UCD De Valera Folklore Collection


                There were 2 Soden contributors,JAMES SODEN (73) and

                his wife,of Galboly,Lavey and JOSEPH SODEN(30),Virginia Townland,

                Lurgan parish,Castlerahan barony.


Volume 1176                pages 401-452

Volume 1197                pages 199-248

                talks about '99's',_pieces of land and their frequency

Volume 1209                pages 88-98

                pages 105 ff

                pages 409A ff.

                pages 478 ff.


                James Soden (65),Galbolia,Lattaghlohan,Lavey talk about ?banshees?

Volume 1222                 pages 101-204 passim

                pages 309-412 passim

                general topics of persons and places

Volume 1410                pages 235

                James Soden discusses his family.

James had 1 brother and 3 sisters who went to America. He was 1 year old when Rose and Tom went in 1883. Tom was 20 and Rose 19 . Rose returned and went back and married a German American,Theodore Fund and they had a family. Tom married a girl called Doherty.

Susan was 20 in 1898,she married a Larancan from West of Ireland. They had 2 children and she was still alive in 1942.

Mary emigrated at 21 and married but had no family.She went at 15 years of age to America according to Larry Pidgeon,a local,in 1882 or 1883 and married John Smith.Henry St.,Bailieboro,Cavan.Annie went in 1892 at 20/21 and married Pat Smith,Bailieboro, there. They died there. Brigid went in 1905 at 20 and married twice. The second husband was called Greene. James did not recall the first husband. All the family went to Chicago.

Terence was first to go at 20 in 1889 or 1890. Tom,the brother,went in 1898/1899 at 30 years but came back to a friend's place at  Mullinacross,Kingscourt. He sold it after a while and returned to America but was killed in the 1914-1918 war.

 James Soden had an uncle,Pat Clarke of Ballynamona,who went to America in 1865 and was a sergeant in Pinkerton's Protection Association. He never married .His brother,Tom was in the PPA.Terry was foreman in a car - wheel foundry. The eldest sister stayed with her uncle and she got his place. The other 2 sisters were engaged in housework.


Volume 817                pages 235 ff.


January, 20th


Article: The Kevin Cooney Presentation Fund


2s. 6d.                P.Soden,Lattaghlohan with many others.





                All 3 from Behy




3rd February


Cavan GAA Congress




Stradone Delegates



page 5



Stradone Gaelic Football Congress

Annual General Meeting

Pat. Soden presided,VC



3rd March

Page 1


Mr.P.Soden,draper,has resigned his position as P.C.


Irish Red Cross Society

Gift Auction

from a long list of donors including

Mrs. P.Soden,...



February 28th


Acknowledgement by the family of the late

Patrick Soden,Lattaghlohan of the sympathy

expressed to them in their recent bereavement.


June 26th

Anglo Celt,

under ' Lavey News'

Presentation to Bertie Soden in AOH hall and

a ceilidhe on Sunday night by the the Lavey Gaelic Football Club.

Tribute was made to him as a playing member and best

wishes to him and his bride

 Bertie Soden thanked all for the presentation.


Marraige Certificate of James J. Soden & Rose Anne Connolly,

(my parents,your grandparents.)

Dublin South,

Nr. 2 - 822

GRO,Lombard Str. Dublin 2.



Killagarry Church,Lavey,Co.Cavan

Burial Place of the Sodens of Lavey and Cavan Town/Soden 2002






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