The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Cavan 5/ 1860 - 1902

Cavan 5/1860 -1902

 CAVAN / PART 5/ 1860 - 1902
1860        Patrick Soden,son of Patrick Soden and Catherine Cooke,
                Pottlesoden,Denn,parish was born.He was educated at
                St.Patrick's College,Cavan and Maynooth
                ordained 24 June,1889,was CC in Glangevlin (1889),
                Doobally (1891),Swanlinbar (1899);PP in Killesher (1902),
                PP ,VF Knockninny (1912) and PP,Vg, in Manorhamilton (1915).
                He died 20 July,1942.
1863        Farm Grant Fee to EDWARD SODEN
                Rent 13-5-0.House in Main St. let in flats by Mr.T.J.Martin.
                Bailieboro Estate p.402/Nr. 38
                Breifne 1968
1866                 Birth of Katherine Soden, daughter of Bartle Soden and Ellen Smith
                Bartle Soden married Ellen Smith
                Bartle and Ellen Smith resided in Knockanoark,Cavan
                Children: of Bartle Soden/Ellen Smith
                2.1                 Katherine,2 b. 16.8.1866,Cavan
                married Thomas Francis Reilly
2:              Katherine Soden (Bartle)
                b. 16.8.1866,Cavan,Ireland
                Birth Certificate 13/124
m.Thomas Francis Reilly
Marraige Certificate 3/22/39                 1878
                son of James Reilly & Brigid Lawler
                d.  17.3.1954 in Bula PA at 87
                bur. in Holy Cross Cemetery,Yeadon,PA.
                                                                                                            1867                 The Fenian Rising
1867             Administration of Thos.Soden,Pottle,Denn
National Archives,Dublin
                                                                                                            1869                 Disestablishment of
                                                                                                                                     the Church of Ireland
                                                                                                            1870                 Gladstone's  First
                                                                                                                                      Land Act

Birth of David Soden, 
son of Edward Soden , Bailieboro, Co. Cavan 
birth 25th January, 1873
[Source:  Brendan Soden, 72, Headingley Way, Great Lever
bolton BL3 3EQ
[March 1995]

1876                 Land Owners in Ireland
Cavan page .221
                JAMES SODEN/VIRGINIA  15ac. 3rds. 29 per.
                Value +8.5.0.
                Gilbert Library

1877 - 2000
Sodens who attended St. Patrick's Diocesan  College, Cavan

St. Pat's Cavan

               Parnell is elected
1880        Tenants in Clankee Barony,Cavan
                Local Collection CAFHC
                Page 80
                Map No.                 14
                Townland                                 Tanderagee,Bailieboro
                Name                        Rep. EDWARD SODEN
                Gale Days        1st May & 1st Nov.
                Rent                          £6.12s.6d.
                Quantity                   0/0
                                                                                                               1881                 The Land League
                                                                                                                                              is founded by Michael Davitt
                                                                                                               1884                 The GAA is founded
1886        Maynooth Matriculation Lists
                PATRICK SODEN,Sept.10,1886/Second Theology
                Ordained on 24th June,1889 according to Msgr.Patrick Corish,
                Breifne 1961/Volume 2/Nr.5/p.105
                                                                                                                1893                 The Gaelic League
                                                                                                                                          is founded
1893                 Will of Bartholomew Soden,Knocknanoark,Cavan,farmer
                        on 10 May 1893
                   who died the 20 March,1893 was
                   ?ly Ex(ecutor).
                   Owen Smith of Aghadreena & J(oh)n.Reilly of Tinlahode,
                   both Cavan farmers
1893        Will of Edward Soden of Enevarogue,Cavan,farmer
                on 15 Feb. 1893
                who died this 8 July,1891 was
                proved by Ex(ecutor)
                Susan Soden,of Enevarogue,his widow
                J(oh)n.Robt.Love of Carnallynch,Co.Cavan,farmer
                                                                                                               1901                 National Census
1901        Census
                1901/58 DED/Crosskeys
                11- Pottlesoden/Loughtee Upr./Denn Parish
                2 houses,5 females,6 males
Name          Relation  Religion    Education  Age Sex Job     Status
Patrick Soden                 Head                      RC         R&W        88   M  Farmer  Widow
Michael                          Son                       RC         R&W        58   M  F's Son Married
Bridget                             Wife                      RC         R&W        42   F     -     Married
John Lee                          Nephew                RC         R&W        11   M  Scholar Not Married
Michael Gaffney              Servant                 RC         R               20   M  Labourer/Not Married
Maggie Soden                  Servant              RC        R&W        24   F  Dairy Maid/Not Married
signed by Patrick Soden
Mary Soden                    Head                 RC         R&W        69   F  Farmer   Widow
James                         Son                       RC         R&W        29   M  F's son  Not Married
Mary                          Daughter RC         R&W        22   F  F's Dau, Not Married
Susan Heery                   Niece                     RC         R&W        17   F  Dom.Servant/Not Marr.
Bernard Carney                 Servant                 RC         R&W        22   M  Servant  Not Married
signed Mary Soden
Knockanoark/Stradone/Lavey parish/U.Loughtee
Name       Relation                 Religion                 Education              Age                 Sex                 Job                 Status
Ellen         Head                       RC                       R&W                       65                  F                   Farmer              Widow
Patrick     Son                        RC                       R&W                       40                  M     -                                       Married
Honoria    Dau-in-L.                  RC                       R&W                     37                 F        -                                      Married
Ellen         Gr.Dau.               RC                       Cannot R.                   3                  F     -                                       Not Married
Gr,Son               RC                   Cannot R.                  1                  M     -                                        Not Married
Bernhard Smith
Farm Servant/                 RC                       R&W                        30                 M                     Servant                 Not Married
Margaret Flynn       
Servant                  RC                       R&W                        14                 F                    Dom.Serv.Not Married
signed Ellen Soden
Aghadreenagh/Stradone/Lavey/Upper Loughtee
Bernhard Head                   RC        R&W         52  M   Farmer     Married
Mary        Wife                   RC        R&W         40  F                        Married
Mary        Dau.                   RC        R&W         23  F   Assists    Not Married
Peter        Son                    RC        R&W         21  M   Farm
                                                                                     Labourer                 Not Married
Bridget     Dau.                   RC        R&W         17  F   Seamstress               Not Married
Katie        Dau.                   RC        R&W         15  F   Assists at
                                                                                    Dom.Work                 Not Married
Bernhard Son                    RC        R&W         12  M   Scholar   Not Married
Signed Bernhard
32 dwellings/2 & 5 & 6 owned by Sodens
Name       Relation   Rel.           Educ.                 Age                 Sex                 Job                 Status
Owen      Head              RC             R&W            64                 M                 Farmer                 Not Married
John        Bro.                RC               R                62                 M                 F's Bro                 Not Married
Mary        Sis.                 RC               R&W          60                 F                 F's Sis                 Not Married
Maggie Halpin/Servant/ RC                 R               40                 F                 Servant
Signed by Owen Soden
Owen      Head                 RC                 R&W                 66                 M                 Farmer                  Married
Bridget     Wife                 RC                 R&W                 60                 F                               Married
Patrick     Son                 RC                 R&W                 35                 M                 F's Son                 Not Married
Signed by Owen Soden
Michael    Head                 RC                 R&W                 66                 M                 Farmer                 Marr.
Anne       Wife                 RC                 R&W                 56                 F                 House.               Marr.
Peter        Son                 RC                 R&W                 26                 M                 Farmer                 Not Married
Ellie          Daughter          RC                 R&W                 20                 F                 Househelp           Not Married
Susan      Daughter          RC                 R&W                 18                 F                 same                   Not Married
Pat Reilly  Servant            RC                 R&W                 25                 M                 Servant               Not Married
Signed by Michael Soden
1901/DED Stradone /Beaghey
24 Dwellings
Name       Relation                 Religion                 Education                                 Age                 Sex                 Job                 Status
Catherine/Head                     RC                 R&W                        59                 F                 Farmer                 Widow
Owen      Son                        RC                 R&W                         30                 M                 F's Son                 Not Married
Patrick     Son                       RC                 R&W                         28                 M                 F's Son                 Not Married
Bernhard/Son                       RC                 R&W                        26                 M                 F's Son                 Not Married
Katie        Daughter               RC                 R&W                        25                 F                 F's Dau.                 Not Married
Alice        Daughter               RC                 R&W                         21                 F                 F's Dau.                 Not Married
Bridget     Daughter                 RC                 R&W                         18                 F                 F's Dau.                 Not Married
Signed by Catherine Soden
Peter Soden,my grandfather,was at this time in Fay's Drapery in Cavan town.
1901/DED Stradone/Beaghey
Rose        Head               RC                 R&W                 55                 F                 Farmer                 Widow
John        Son                 RC                 R&W                 25                 M                 F's Son                 Not Married
Katie        Daughter         RC                 R&W                 20                 F                 F's Dau                 Not  Married
Roseanne/Daughter       RC                  R&W                 18                 F                 F's Dau.                 Not Married
Daphne    Daughter        RC                 R&W                 16                 F                 F's Dau.                 Not Married
Maggie     Daughter        RC                 R&W                 14                 F                 F's Dau.                 Not Married
Signed by Rose Soden
Cavan Town
1901/Strageliff T'land/Annageliff Parish
47/Folio 18/DED Cavan
Name                       Relation     Religion               Education                             Age         Sex                 Job                 Status
Owen Soden           Head                 RC                 R&W                         55                 M                 Teacher                 Married
                                                                                                                                                                                        Born in Cavan
Catherine                  Wife                 RC                 R&W                         39                 F                                                Married
                                                                                                                                                                        Born in Monaghan
Mary Kate                Dau.                 RC R&W                         6                 F                 Scholar                 Single
Born in Cavan
Soden -Owen and Catherine,Mary
      John O'Reilly,Patrick O'Dowd,Margaret Smyth.
Main Street/Nr.20
Fay - John,Edward Smyth,Bernard Smyth,PETER SODDEN,John Smyth,
              Thomas Dunne,Patrick McManus,Michael McCabe,Kate Brady.
Main Street /23
Main Street/39
Loden? - Susan,Adam,Rose,Kate.
Main Street/78
McKiernan - John,Bernard McDonald,Rose Sodden.
Source- Cavan Town Roots by the Anglo-Celt.
                                                                                                                             1902                 Wyndham's Land
                                                                                                                                                     Purchase Act

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