The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Cavan 1

Cavan 1/1766 -1793



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CAVAN / PART 1 / 1766 - 1793




Killinkere & Lurgan


Members of different Soden families have been in County Cavan since 1766

when the name first appears in the parish of Killinkere ,near Virginia town

of the marriage of David Soden with Mary Kellett.  This was the first of several

marriages between these 2 families in the 18th and 19th centuries ,both

residing in the townlands of Adanagh and Envigaroge.  The Envigaroge

Soden family include names like David,Charles,James,Thomas ,all of the Protestant

persuasion and either farmers or business people with substantial property

interests in Killinkere and Cootehill..Here we see that CHARLES SODEN married

Mary Kellett,both of Envigaroge (Envigary). This CHARLES is the direct ancestor of

Terence Soden,Hampshire.



It is difficult to say with certainty whether  Edmond Soden,drapier of Cootehill

is related to the Envigary Sodens or to the Leitrim/Sligo branch.  As can be seen

from the Grove notes,he imported brandy from L'Orient,France via Hull,Yorkshire

and Mullaghmore,Sligo to Cootehill ,while Edmond Sodens can be found in both

Sligo and Mohill,Leitrim around this period too.  Indeed the landlord ,Hugh Crofton,

had also interests in  Yorkshire as well as in Sligo.

In the records for this period,it is hard to establish from which line the Cavan Sodens

of Beaghey and  Killinkere derived.As far as I can see at this point in my researches,

the Cavan branches could well have 2 sources,

(1)     the descendants of James  Honoria and brother,Charles leading directly to Sligo.

The Killinkere Protestant branch deriving from Charles to James of 1800 Envigary

retaining  the first names  where possible of Charles Henry and

(2)     the Beaghey Catholic branch deriving from James/Honoria and linked to the Drung

branch of Patrick giving rise to the families of Patrick,Thomas,Bartle,John/Eoin and

James Sodens in the 1821 Cavan Census.  The first Bartholomew is in the Athlone

branch of 1802, which later emigrated to New South Wales,Australia. A number of their

descendants are drawn out at the end of this work.


Spinning Wheel Lists

The Spinning Wheel Lists of 1792 show the presence of another Soden family in neighbouring Drung,PATRICK,and indeed his son and daughter,PAT and HONORA,may well be recorded in the 1821 Census for Drung & Larah.   However, the most exciting find  was the existence  of the 1821 Census for Beaghey and that area.  Here we see the direct ancestor of our branch with JAMES SHODEN and his family of 6 and his son, PETER SODEN,  and his family of 4.  There are also 6 other Soden families in Pottlesoden, 1 in Drung and another in Lattaghlohan.  By 1901 more families appear in different townlands like Knocknanoark, Aghadreenagh, Stradone, etc,.. but they seem to be less numerous.  We see our family again in 1901, where the mother, CATHERINE,  is still alive with 4 boys and 3 girls. The fourth boy, PETER, my grandfather, is working at this time in Fay's Drapery in Cavan town, and listed as PETER SODDEN.  PETER SODDEN'S father was dead by  1901 and his mother and some of his family are recorded still in Beaghey in 1911, she under the name of KATE and 73 years of age.  The 1901 and 1911 censuses give us very good indications to the presence of Sodens in these areas.



                                             Pottlesoden Co. Cavan today


An interesting development in Denn Parish is the formation of a whole townlan

with the name Pottlesoden. This comprised (6?)(4)9 acres and in the 1821  census

consisted of 5 Soden families. A pottle is an ancient Irish land measurement

of about 69 acres. It is here that I as a boy spent so many wonderful Summers

with my Soden cousins Peter,his wife ;Mary, and their son Gerard,who still

reside in this area. This is north of Knockanoark,Stradone where Eugene Soden

and his family live and south of Cavan and Killygarry,where my grandparents,Peter and

Christina , and  my aunts ,Josie,Ina and Mary are buried.



The other branches of the family lived south of Cavan town in the parishes

of Denn, Crosserlough and Lavey ,where many still live today, principally

engaged in tillage farming and business.  The oldest recorded members of

these Sodens are my gt-gt-gt-gt- grandfather ,James Shoden of Behy ,Lavey

b. c. 1761 and his brother, Eoin Soden,in the neighbouring townland of

Lattaghlohan, Lavey. It is from James's son ,Peter,that our branch and the present

branches in Knockanoark ,Pottle and some parts of Dublin descend

and it is from Pat Soden ,his brother,that the Kansas City Sodens  in   Missourri

descend ,indeed, also the Jack Soden associated with legal cases of  Priscilla Presley.


The Lavey Sodens have played a prominent part in Cavan social and political life

this century with fine participation in both areas by many Sodens amongst whom would

be my  grandfather,Peter, and his brother, Patrick of Knockanoark , the recently deceased

Peter Soden of Pottle , Gerard , his son and Eugene Soden of Knockanoark.  The sources

attest well to this fact.


The precise connection between the Sligo/Leitrim/Cavan branches has still to be

confirmed though the links by name and landlord point strongly to interchurch marriages

with the resultant change of religion ,often as not to Roman Catholicism, and thus

the drastic diminution in wealth , a fact well proven by the census of 1821 . The

Catholic branch can be seen to have only the minimal acreage to survive on,

reflecting the harsh  religious,political division in Ireland at this time. 

Yet from this humble background came my grandfather,Peter,

born of  poor tenant farmer parents,he served his time to the drapery business in Fays

of Cavan,then Schneiders/Snyders of London,returning to Arnotts of Dublin and

finally taking over Fays shop in Cavan town until 1946, where he developed a thriving

drapery business. This success must be judged by the political,religious and social

background in Ireland in the first half of this century and only then will it be realised

what a great achievement this was.

There are today Soden families in the same parishes of  Lavey and Denn in the

townlands of Pottle and  Knockanoark with many of their grandchildren like myself

now living and working in Dublin,Britain and many other parts of the world.



Some of these children stayed on the land ,others ,particularly the girls went abroad to America

Both Peter and Patrick remained in Cavan ,though Peter travelled to London and Dublin serving

his time to the drapery business before returning to Cavan town to set up his own drapery business .

He served his time  to Fay?s Drapery in Pearse Street,Cavan ,going to Arnotts in Dublin and finallly

to Snyders of London. After a number of years with these two  prestigious companies he returned to

Cavan to take over Fay?s  in 1930.


During this time he became deeply involved in the local social, political and ecclesiastical  life

of the area. He with Patrick was an Urban councillor for a number of years,on the Cavan and Monaghan

Hospital Boards.a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Stradone Gaelic Athletic Association.

He was a passionate supporter of Clann na Gaedhal and James Dillon.

He married Christina Coyle of Abbeyleix,the daughter of a farmer,in the Pro-Cathedral ,Dublin in 1915.



                     (Cavan Cathedral,on which building committee Peter Soden was a member)

Both Peggy and Josie became nursing sisters in Dublin, Mary was mentally handicapped  but received

a full secondary education from her parents,Christina (Ina) married and lived in England and both Seamus

and Peter worked as commerical representatives in the Wine/Spirit  trade.

Peter Soden died in St. Mary?s Hospital,Dublin in 1961 at the age of 83. Christina ,his wife,my grandmother

survived him by 6 years. Both Grandparents had a charm and attraction which earned love and respect from

all  their  children  and the grandchildren always recognising the great achievement that was theirs .



Areas in County Cavan where the Soden name is and has been found:



































 Pottle Lower


 Pottle Upper














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                Co.Cavan/Lavey Parish

                NO: 913  BUNDLE 78

                RCBL Churchtown,Dublin.

                (This is the note for Lavey parish)

                Protestant families in 1766 in Lavey parish,Kilmore diocese returned by

                James Handcock,curate assistant to Rev.Joseph Moore -

                Alexander Burrows,Thomas McDowd,James Maguire,James Usher,

                Patrick Maguire.

                Total 5

                Here follow names of 254 Papist families among them John Reilly,P.P.


                Page 101

                Lurgan & Munterconnaught

                April 1766


                Protestants:- Widow Kellet     3 protestants/ 3 papists

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                Charles Soden,and Mary Kellett,both of Envigary,parish of

                Killinkere,married 25th September,1768

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                Swanzy Extracts,RCBL


1788        Birth of Terence Soden,soldier in 11th Foot from 1811-1831

                Drumcoon,Co.Cavan (Bailieboro)

                (Chelsea Pensioners List of J.D.Beckett,Manchester)


1789        Thomas Soden of Envigaroge and Susanna Kellett,of Ardanagh,married 24th


                Extracts from the Killinkere Registers II/1761-1845 by Swanzy RCBL,also

                from the Breifne Historical Society 1923 Volume 2/Nr.1 page 95....


1792        Spinning Wheel List Recipient

                Patrick Soden, Drung,Cavan

                Charles Soden,Killincare,Cavan

1793                 Catholics allowed to the Bar

1793        Birth of Terence Soden,

                born Drumcoon,Cavan, circa 1793

                served from 1811 - 1831 in the 11th Foot

                Source: Chelsea Pensioners List,J:Beckett,Manchester


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