The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1146 - 1950

Sligo 4

Sligo Chronicle 1775 to  1808 

1775   Marriage Notice

Carncross Cullen lof Skreeny,Co. Leitrim and Miss Elizabeth Soden of Grange

McTernan Index

1777 Elphin Will


5 Jun(e), 1777

Cath(erine).Soden Moneygold,Sligo spinster

D(aughter). of James Soden,Terlaghan,Co.Donegal deed

? of his will to his w(ife). Mary,my mother who is alive? Eleanor Soden,

Eliz(abeth) S(oden). Ambrose So(den) test(es)., James S(oden). - younger ? of John.

Ex(ecutor) mother & W(illia)m. Gillmore,Sligo

Cha(r;e)s. Best,W(illia).Ellis,La(urence).Sweeney

Wit(nesses).Cha(rle)s.West a witness

1777 Eliz(abeth). Soden & Harcoe Trumbull

Ms. Soden

Elphin Admin(istration).Bonds.


1777 Elphin M(arraige).L(icence) Bond

17 April 1777

Harcoe Trumbull of Killmorgan

Elizabeth Soden,Moneygold,Sligo.,spin(ster)

Surety Roger Trumbull,Killmorgan

1783 Thrift Abstract


(302) 3247


Chancery Bill

James and Jane were the parents of Catherine and Elizabeth

This seems to be trying to clarify ownership of lands because of the marriage of Elizabeth to Cairncross Cullen

The names of Robert Kendrick Manley of Bath and Cath.Manley ,

al. Soden are mentioned.

1784: Burgesses: Thomas Soden vice ffolliott Wynne deceased

from LH 8/ Sligo Courthouse Library.

1787 James Soden,Weighmaster

Wood - Martin,History of Sligo

Book VII,page 237

"The first mention of the butter-market occurs in the books of the Corporation

on the 29th September,1787,when James Soden was appointed "public weighmaster

of butter,and all other commodities exposed for sale in the Corporation".

1787 Palmerston Land Rentals for Sligo

NL.Ms 1565

Nr. 3. Thomas Soden

Part of Middle Mount Temple

£32.3.0 rent

Arrears in 1787


Arrears in 1788



Nr.35 Executors of James Soden,Deceased

Cloontyprocklish £67.14.6

Rectorial Tythes £1.-.-

Arrears 1.11.1788


Nr.36 Thomas Soden late James

Moneygold,Derry & Lisle

Arrears in 1787

Net Yearly Rent £137.-.-

Rectorial Tythes £3.-.-


under ejectment


1788 Betham Abstract,National Archives,Dublin

Bet 2/48

Page 38

Nr. 113

SODON als Chetwynde

Judith - 202

Ambrose S(oden). Esq.,


9. June 1788

1789 Palmerston Rentals,Sligo


Nr.3 Thomas Soden

Nr.35 Executors to James Soden,Deceased

Nr.36 Thomas Soden late James Soden

1789 Land Deed 12-23.268 004

Tho(ma)s.Soden of Sligo,Co.Sligo

21 April 1789

Lease 9 April 1789

W(illia)m.West of Boyle,Co.Roscommon


Moneygold 43


1789 Parliamentary Returns

Freeholders in Sligo

James Soden,Moneygold

20 Oct. 1789 at Drumnacresna

Killenory? & ? ? in Killenory St.John's Par(ish)


1790 Thrift Abstract

National Archives,Dublin


303 3247


Chancery Bill

Ja(me)s. & Jane

Cath(erine). & Eliz(abeth)


on Rob(er)t.Kendrick Manley of Bath

& Cath(erine) Manley,al Soden


1790 Palmerston Land Rentals

NL.Ms 1565

Nr.3 Thomas Soden

Observation:Arrears & under ejectment

Nr.35 Executors of James Soden

Nr.36 Thomas Soden late James Deceased

Arrears £140.0.0

Observation by Robert Lyons,Palmerston?s Land Agent

Under ejectment & court of judgement.This man deserves no indulgence

And I should shew him none, as observations in the last Rent Roll Memorandum

put an end to this.

                                  1791 The Society of the United Irishmen is founded

1791 Palmerston Land Rentals in Sligo


Nr.3 Thomas Soden

Observation: A long note of ejectment because of arrears of £300

Nr.35 Executors of James Soden,Deceased

Nr.36 Thomas Soden

Observation: Robert Lyons has a receipt in full of all rent for his holding from now.

1791 Chancery Bill

Cathrin Soden of Creggs,Sligo

Ch(ancery) Bill 27 March 1790 amended 5 March 1791

& 30 April 1794

Cathrin Soden of Creggs in Sligo,al & Cathrin

with her sister Eliz(abeth) Cullen of James Soden

owner of Grange,Ranroe,Castlecorran & their corn & tumblemills

Carbury barony in Sligo

Rev.Carncross Cullen,Skreen,Co.Leitrim

& his W(ife) Eliz(abeth),sister of P(e)t(ion)e(r) & his ch(ildren)


John Cullen of Dublin,Printer,of m(arraige).settlement

Austin Cooper Robt.Shaw W(ife) of Jn.Cooper

& Jos.Cooper son & h(..) of a(..) Joe Cooper & DW

a mortgagor

amended 30 April 1794

by Robert Kendrick Manley,Bath,in England

& his w.s.late


1791 Palmerston Land Rentals,Sligo

NL.Ms 1565

Nr.2 Thomas Soden,Mount Temple

Debt discharged

Nr. 35 Executors to James Soden,deceased

Rev. Cairncross Cullen

No arrears

Nr. 36 Thomas Soden

Ejected by R.Lyons. I was obliged to eject this Gentleman and

He stood a trial at the last assizes in Sligo and here a verdict was had against

Him for arrears and costs.


                                                                                                                                    1792      Catholics allowed

                                                                                                                                                  to the Bar

1792 Palmerston Land Rentals,Sligo

NL.MS. 1565


Nr. 3 Thomas Soden

Nr. 35 Rev. Cairncross Cullen

Nr. 36 Thomas Soden

This land was let to other clients at considerable profit.


1792 Catherine Soden,Moneygold,Sligo

Elphin Will



1793 Palmerston Land Rentals,Sligo

NL.Ms 1565

Nr. 3 Thomas Soden

Arrears £36.2.10

Note: Thomas Soden ejected as usual

Nr. 35 Rev. Caincross Cullen

Nr. 36 Thomas Soden

Note: I have with diffuculty got arrears of £13.13.0

I would myself pay and avoid trouble.

(This note is handwritten by the land agent ,Lyons,Fx.S)


1794 Eliza(beth) & Mary Soden,Sligo

Elphin Will


                                                              1795 Maynooth University is opened

                                                              1795 The Orange Order is founded

1796 Carey's Lists:SoG London:

Nothing was found in volumes 1/3/4.

Volume 2:

Yeoman Officers in Ireland 1796 page 51.

Thomas Soden,Capt. Royal Sligo Infantry

Page 113

Justices of the Peace


Soden,Thomas ,Sligo

Volume 5: page 224

Extract from Newspapers:

Soden Clotworthy A.B. ordained Deacon in St.Kevins by the

Bishop of Meath.

10/5/1759 Pew's Magazine

Volume 6: page 180

Obituary Notice in Belfast Magazine 1808-1811

Thomas Soden 5/1 Provost of the Town

January 1819 (Freeman's Journal)


1796 Index to the Rebellion Papers,

National Archives,Dublin

15th February,1796

Carton 620/28

No. 270

Nr. 169

Clotworthy Soden,Maghera

to _

?enclosing the oath and constitution of the United Irishmen

and their secretaries with the procedure adopted by the local

Societies and committees - he suggests a reward should be

given to his informant (in dorso) he is asked to draw on Mr.Cooke

at sight for any money he should want and to send his informant to Dublin.?

1796 Rebellion Papers

National Archives,Dublin

page 50

23rd May,1796 Carton 620/23 No. 124

Rev.C.Soden (Maghera) to Mr. Edw(ard). Cooke:-

reports of the "renowned Billy McKeever. Thousands in Antrim,

Tyrone and Derry are now trembling in their shoes."

Letter enclosed by Capt.Johnston as to the suitability of Maghera for Barracks:

1796 Rebellion Papers,

National Archives,Dublin

page 51A

Carton 620/23


Rev.C. Soden to Rev. Mr.Jones as to the arrest of Mr. Graham

and Tho(ma)s.Clarke


1796 Rebellion Papers,

National Archives,Dublin

Page 52A

4th June,1796

Carton 620/23


Rev.C.Soden to -

"states he has searched McKeever als Campbell,has found

on him names of two Fifeshire Fencibles. who had been seduced for

their allegiance."1 enclosure : Mr. H.Ellis as to Grey ,a "United Irishman"

for whom a warrant had been issued.


1797 Rebellion Papers,

National Archives,Dublin

Page 357,Volume 3

24th May,1797

Carton 620/30


This is a substantial summary of the original letter signed by Thomas Soden.

Thos.Soden,Sligo to (T.Pelham) by request of the inhabitants and

clergyman of the parishes of Drumcliff and Ahamlish stating that no

yeomanry have been arranged to protect this district between Sligo

and Ballyshannon and between the sea and a chain of mountains,

18 miles long. The insurgents have taken some of the yeomanry

arms from Capt.Johnston of the Rossclougher Crops last Sunday at

Grange a village 8 miles off they fired into the house of Mr.Mayston

preventive surveyor,did immense damage and took several stands

of Revenue arms. They have taken the arms of Mr.Jones,of Mr.Edward

and have robbed a large quantity of arms,pewter and lead. They

mutilated two cows of Wallis of Carney,the principal inhabitants of

these parishes have gone to Sligo. A company of Foot ought to be

placed midway between Sligo and Ballyshannon.


1797 Index to the Rebellion Papers

National Archives,Dublin

page 50

Carton 620/23

No. 117

21st May,1797

Rev. Clotworthy Soden (Maghera) to -

reports arrest as a deserter of a man calling himself "Arthur Dillon"

who may prove to be the renowned 'switcher Donelly of Tyrone'.

advises that 30 or 40 men be quartered at Maghera as the

conspirators banished from other Northern Counties have

penetrated into this. (Co.Derry)


1797 List of the Sligo District Corps

Sligo p.74

Sligo Loyal Infantry/Capt. Thomas Soden 31/10/1796

1st Lieutenant Abraham Martin

2nd Lieutenant Lawrence Vernon same dates

                                                                         1798 Insurrection

                                                                         1798 General Humbert lands

1798 Wynne's Sligo /Leitrim /Cavan estates

Cloonibekern 1801/1802/1803

Entry 140: Thomas Soden 7a/13p/62r


1798 July 25th

Hayes Persons

Volume 4, page 490

Soden Clotworthy:Belfast PRO T.1040

authorisation by Clotworthy Soden for Alexander Falls,Maghera,Derry

to keep arms.


1798 Elphin Will

Edmund Soden,L'Orient ,Britanny,France

(see wills)



1803 Tho(ma)s. Soden & Mary Purdue

Elphin Marriage Licences



1804 Elphin Marriage Licence Bonds

Winterscale William & Frances Black

(These are the in-laws of Edmund Soden Davys,see 1823)


1805 Land Deed

Tho(ma)s.Soden to Dodwell

382-243-388 257



1805 also deed 527-243-188 147

Tho(ma)s.Soden to Dodwell

Tho(ma)s.Soden of Sligo town & Co.Esq.,

to Arthur Dodwell,Moneygold,Sligo,Esq.,

house & part of lands in Moneygold in Ahamlish P(arish).in

Carbury barony in Sligo

for land of Malby Dodwell youngest son of above lessor

& Ann Pourir al Dodwell W(ife) of the lessor

provided lives in original house of Moneygold

Wit(nesses). Mary Wynne of Sligo spin(ster) J(oh)n.Kelly of Derry Co.Sligo

J(oh)n.Barrett signed by Dodwell


1806 Tho(ma)s.Soden to Burke

Soden Thomas to Roger Burke(1806) 587-120-396873

30 Sept(ember), 1806

Thomas Soden of Summerhill,Sligo to Roger Burke

Land given -lands at Mount Temple Park

Term - Lease for lives

Rents - £134.3.6.



1806 687-120-396 873

Nov 1806 page 50 (Deed to be found)

Lease 30 April 1806


Thomas Soden Esq. Summerhill,Co.Sligo

to Rev.Roger Burne of Derry,Co.Sligo

part of West Mount Temple.Tho(ma)s.Parke for

lives of above Tho(ma)s.Soden

& his d(aughter). Ann Irwin al Soden

at £134 rent; held by Soden by lease from

late Henry Vi(scount) Palmerston to him.

Wit(nesses). Ja(me)s.Gearmans(?) of West Mount Temple,Co.Sligo farmer

Arthur Skelleon of Moneygold,Co.Sligo farmer

Pat W Doyle,Sligo,Co.Sligo

signed by Burne



1808 Administration of

Thomas Soden,of Carrickhowna,Sligo

to his bro(ther). Francis Soden,Carrickhowna,


£150/National Archives,Dublin

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