The Book of Soden

Cavan 2

Cavan 2



CAVAN / PART 2/ 1800 - 1814 

1800        Grove Abstract ,National Archives,Dublin

                2/434/30 under 'S'

                Admin.Will     7.Feb. 1800

                JAMES SODEN of Invegarog in Killinkere D(iocese) & Cavan to Fran(ci)s  Soden

                3 elder sons Cha(rle)s,  Edw(ard), David

                Youngest sons James & W(illia)m

                son  Stuart 1/- to son Thomas

                1/- d(aughter). als Mary & Marg(are)t

                3 youngest sons are minors(?)

                sister Martha Soden

                Edw(ard)  Soden son to bro(ther). Cha(rle)s.Soden

                Edward Gordon of B(ailie)burrow

                Bernhard Parr of Kirricknaveigh

                Wit(nesses): Arnold Cosby J(oh)n.Wright Cha(arle)s.Soden

[1800s early]

               Sean Soden owned a pub in Ballyjamesduff. His grandfather was Berhnahrd Soden and                          went to America in 1800s. he taught Gaelic to  Clan na Gael members in New York. 

               Source - MaryM. Soden Woltman, February 2012.


1802        Mr.David Kellett,of Adramagh,was married to

                Miss Elizabeth Soden,of

                Envigaroge,4th Feb. 1802

                Swanzy Notebooks,RCBL

                                                1803                Execution of Robert Emmet

1805        Charles S.C. Soden,Pen. (Mr.Babington),January 7th,1822 aged 17.

                Son of Edward Soden,Generosus,born Cavan.

1805:       Photo of Seal (Falcon standing over the letters  from the

                letter seal Charles Henry Soden,Bailieboro and Cootehill

                born 1805,died 1841.

                Pedigree Nr. 3059,GO ,Dublin

1811        Land Deed

                Thomas Soden to Kellett


                631-349-434 033 (check these numbers again.Fx.S)

                11 Feb 1811                                        Mortgage 10 Feb 1811

                Thomas Soden of Ballyburrow,Co.Cavan with

                Cha(arle)s Kellett of  North King St,Dublin letter for 300

                Lease 2 Feb 1807 to a(bove) Soden by W(illia)m Tho(mas) Stuart Curry

                of Ballyburrow Castle,Co.Cavan

                Plot in Ballyburrow town Co. Cavan 31 1/2 ft frontage

                with a garden of 26 perches

                bounded at bottom by W(illiam) Cosby's bog for live of

                Young Parr of Carricknaveigh Co.Donegal                  35

                 ? Parr of Shercock   ?  50

                Edmund Gordon of Ballyburry  ?  50

                1767 (y...)    farm   of Jos(eph) Dyers to life in Dyer's lease

                Wit(nesses)  Cornelius & Dan Murphy both of Beresford  ?  Daldathy

                signed by Soden

                (Extracted from Grove)

1811                SODEN,Terence;Drumgoon,Cavan

1811 - 1831

38 yrs;  11th Foot,

WO97/330 (see military notes)


1813                 Freeholders in Cavan/Cavan FHC


                Matthew Soden

                Nr. 102

                Barony Upper Loughtee


                Freehold /Pottle

                        Landlord/Cottingham Esq.,

                Value / 40s.

                Names of Lives:Ed(ward).Cottingham & W)illia)m.Burrowes

                        Registered in Ballyjamesduff



                David Soden

                Nr. 115

                Barony Castlerahan

                Abode/ Inveragoe

                Freehold /same



                Value 20

                Name of Lives/Ed)ward).Soden

                        Registered in Bailieboro



                Charles Soden

                Nr. 116

                Barony Castlerahan

                Abode /Inveragoe



                Value 20

                Name of Lives: Ed(ward).Soden

                        Registered in Bailieboro



1814        483-825-449 967

                21 Dec. 1814  -   ? 1 Apr. 1814

                Land Deed of

                Thomas Soden of Ballyborough,Co.Cavan?

                to  Andrew Vance,W(illia)m.Beers,Bridge St.

                D W etc,..

                P(er) a(nnum) 270  plot in Bailieburry,Co.Cavan  3 1/2?

                with garden of ( ?) bounded at foot by M.Conleys bog

                hold for him (???? ) by Soden

                in Ballyburry,Co.Cavan

                to T-R- Hamil & Dl.Murphy??


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