The Book of Soden

 History of the  Soden Family 1164 - 1950

Land Deeds 2 / 1819 - 1889

LAND DEEDS (2) : 1819 - 1889


1819 - 1821

S/V ?



Deeds obtained from Grove with no particular date attached:

Fairbrother Kelly to Sodin                                  343-111-229 846


   &                          Kingsland to Delanon          200-32

                Kingsland to Burke             154-809

                Kingsland to Berrigan         154-282

                Feltrusch to Feltrusch        258-385

                Feltrusch to Birch                319-81



Davison - Deed                                                     732-40-499 125

to be re-read

All above are Grove transcripts,NA


Tho(ma)s Soden to West                                                   412-23-265 004


1822 - 1824

John Soden to William Fitzgerald     793 - 188 - 535 923

John Sodenl,Enniskillen,sadler and William Fitzgerald,merchant

Regarding the transfer of ownership of a garden and plot of land.


1825 - 1827




1828 - 1832



(The signature of Thomas Soden on a land deed of 1831at the Registry of Deeds,Henrietta Street,Dublin)

1833 - 1839



Volume 8  Nr. 161

Catherine Soden Manley &

Carncross Cullen,Glenade,Leitrim


James Gillmore,

All lands



Volume 18  Nr. 250

Mary Denison and John Soden,her son


Isabella Dodd Soden, Abbey Sligo

(See Grove entry for more details)


Volume 16   Nr. 66

John Soden of Edgeworthstown,Longford with



Volume 4  Nr. 111

20th February,1839

Henry Soden &

Rev. Philip O'Reilly C.C. &

Hugh Crofton,Mohill


Volume 19  Nr. 20

Iris Kirkwood


Anne Soden

James Kirkwood,Hermitage,Roscommon &

Isabella Dodd Soden,widow

Sarah Soden,spinster eldest daughter of Isabella Dodd Soden

Kingston Dodd Lloyd,Ballymore,Roscommon &

Mat(thew)  Phibbs

The late Capt. James Soden,his younger children and Isabella Dodd Soden ,his widow

are mentioned often here.


1840 - 1849



Volume 12  Nr. 4

A deed between Blair and Cooper

James Soden is mentioned here with Gillmore,Wynne and Simpson




Deed between Sara Blair,otherwise Wynne,widow and

Edward Cooper ,Gillmores and many others.,including James  Soden



Volume 9   Nr. 10

Henry Soden ,apothecary and

Martha Finlay and her father

Marriage settlement



7-214       Henry Soden to James Finlay,Cavan

Marriage Settlement between Henry Soden,Mohill,Apothecary and Martha Finlay

And her father,James Finlay,Belturbet,Cavan.


Volume 12  Nr. 231

Isabella Dodd Soden,widow of Capt. James Soden and

James Soden,Moneygold,only son  and

Sarah Blair of Ballinode,Sligo,widow and

Margaret Simpson,Ballisodare and

Jane Gillmore,Mount Temple  and

Robert Navin? of Cloone (Hawe?)

Hannah Navin and

William Wynne

2 1/2 pages in length


James Soden all same as above

Eleanor Soden  all same as above



Volume 14  Nr. 287

Jane Finlay,Belturbet,Cavan,spinster and

Martha Soden Finlay,Belturbet,widow and

Maria Finlay otherwise Ingham,widow



Volume 15  Nr. 266

Harloe Powell,Ellesmere,Roscommon and

Anne Soden,second daughter of Isabella Dodd Soden and

Owen Lloyd of Lisamona, Roscommon and

Isaac Powell



Volume 20  Nr. 296

Henry Chapman McVeagh of Bath ,England and

James Soden also ,of Bath, England




1850 - 1859



18-266     Isabella D(odd).Soden to Thomas Black,Sligo



Volume 6   Nr. 271

James Soden,Lattaghlohan,Cavan


Thomas Soden,Lattaghlohan,farmer

A land transfer

Signed in the presence of Owen Soden

1855        23-51       James N.Soden to Henry Murray,Sligo

1855        29-119     Letitia Soden to Paul? Eccles

1856        30-74       same to                 Thomas Palmer,Leitrim

1856        5-195       James Soden to Sligo Public Works,Sligo    

1858        7-186       James Soden to Lloyd Kingston,Sligo

1858        34-70       James or James N. Soden to

                Henry Murray,Sligo

1859        10-92       James Soden to Lloyd Kingston,Sligo

1859        30-155     James N. Soden to Thomas McGlogherty     

1859        30-155     Ellen Soden to T.McClogherty,Sligo

1859        29-119     Isabella D(odd).Soden to  (....), no abode


1860 ? 69


1862        1-127

deed between

Edward Soden of Lislin,Cavan to

Isaac Baker,Foxfield Cottage,Cavan ,gentleman

A conveyance of property in Bailieborough,Cavan.


1862        12-146

Deed between Edward Soden,Lislin,Cavan gentleman to

Isaac Baker,Foxfield Cottage,  regarding

A property in Market St., Bailieboroough,Cavan.


1863        24/46

John Soden, Mohill,Leitrim  to James Nicholson,Mohill, Leitrim

Regarding a plot of ground in Main St., Mohill,Leitrim.


1864        35/161

Deed between

Edward Soden,Lislin,Cavan and

Isaac Baker,Foxfield Cottage,Cavan and

Charles James Soden,Cabra,Dublin

Regarding a property in Market St.,Bailieboro.



Volume 19  Nr. 78

Charles Soden to Edward Kellett,Cavan

A transfer of land.


1865             4-58        same to Thomas McGlogherty,Sligo

                Isabella D(odd).Soden to Simon Armstrong,Leitrim

                (There was no mention of Soden in this deed! Fx.S.)



Volume 12   Nr. 167

Isabella Dodd Soden,Moneygold,widow of Capt. Soden &

John Soden Ellis &

Ellen Rebecca Ellis Soden

(all lands in Tirrerrill,Sligo on assurance of Isabella Dodd Soden with

Eagle Life Assurance Company.)


1866        29-275

Deed between

William Moore,Clones,Monaghan and

Charles James Soden,Cabra,Dublin regarding

The Marriagesettlement of

George Carmichael and Mrs. Elizabaeth Erskine ,same 

and the lands at Derrycam.


1866        54 ? 190  George Soden,Kildare

(I could not find this book in the registry, Fx.S.)



1870 - 1879

1871             22-26     

Isabella D(odd).Soden of Moneygold,

Residence Sndycove,Dublin

to Isabella L(etitia) Eccles,Sligo,daughter of

James Nicholson Soden

On the lands at Cam,Westmeath and her 1/3 .

Registered 17/7/1871


1876        52-55      

between Ellen Rebecca  Soden, Thomas Ellis,Bundoran,Donegal,

John Frazier,Lr. Sherrard St.,Dublin and

Harloe Trumble Powell

Regarding properties  in Roscommon and money stocks.



the bankruptcy of Berhnard Soden,Ballyjamesduff,Cavan  Bernhard Soden,

to Charles Henry James and H. Deering


1897/20/3                ????????????

Deed between Charles Soden 13,Cabra Terrace,Dublin and  Edward Kellett,Bailieborough,Cavan

Regarding property in Market St., Bailieboro,Cavan.


1880 - 1889


Charles Soden of Charleville Terrace,North Circular Road,Dublin to

John Adams,of Greeny House , Longford

Regarding property on North Circular Road, Dublin


1881        15/157

Judgement against Charles Henry Soden,5 Charleville Terrace,North Circular Road,Dublin

To Letitia Louise Carmichael regarding property in Dublin and a debt of  £600.




1883        49/156


Leititia Harloe Powell ,Ellesmere,Boyle,Roscommon and

Anna Powell,nee Soden  and

William Mooney,Fortlawn,Ballinglass,Mayo and

Matilda Soden,nee Soden and

 James Soden Ellis ,of Wardhouse,Tullaghan,Leitrim and

Elealnor Ellis,nee Soden and

Isabella Letitia Eccles,nee Soden,Moneygold

Regarding lands in Cam,Sligo and  £150 to each couple.


1883        40 ? 205

Bartholomew Soden,Knockanoark,Cavan regarding improvement of land in Tirlahode Upper.


1883        49/156

Eleanor Soden to Eccles or I.L.Soden,Sligo


1883        53/76

James Soden to Public Works



1883        49/156

Matilda Soden to Eccles or I.L.Soden,Sligo

1884        29/149

Patrick Soden ,otherwise Soden of Pottlesoden

Regarding  tenancy of lands in Corglass,Upper Loughtee,Cavan.


1884        29/150

Deed by Patrick Soden of Pottlesoden regarding tenancy of Pottlesoden land


1884        29/151

Patrick Soden regarding lands at Aughalattafraal

Both Michael Smith and the Rev. John Brady,P.P. Crosskeys,Cavan are mentioned as witnesses

In all 3 deeds.


1885        22 ? 104

Deed for the lands of Beaghey,Upper Loughtee,Cavan

Witnesses: Rev. Michael Fitzpatrick,Lavey  and Andrew Smith,Drumhirk


1885        19 ? 122

Thomas Soden ,of Glenoghill,Longford purchases land at Drumcarrow,Granard,Longford.


1886        24 ? 89

Deed between

James Charles Soden and

John Adams, and the Rev. William McCausland

Regarding property in North Circular Road,Dublin.


1887          24 - 156

John Henry Soden, Mohill,Leitrim conveying the south side of Hill St.,

To Northern Banking Company


1889        55/234

same to Jane Nathaniel,Monaghan

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