The Book of Soden

Australia : Part 2 




Bay of Plenty, Tauranga, New Zealand


                                    Episcopalian Church, Wyebridge, Ontario, Canada


Cathedral, Cavan Town, Co. Cavan, Ireland


Map of Soden Street, Emporia, Kansas


Crossroads at Ferris Sibford


Sodenstrasse, Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany



The Book of Soden is intended (read on...........   

Visitors to the First Soden Family Reunion held in Sligo, Ireland from June 12th-14th,2000

Names of the Participants                           

1.Jeanine Soden, New York, USA , 2. Marilyn Higson, Shropshire, England. 3. Priscilla Soden, New York , USA 4. . Matthew Soden, New York , USA 5. Muriel Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 6. Alice Soden, Dublin , Ireland 7. Christine Soden Ashton,  Dublin , Ireland. 8. Felix P. Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 9. Carla Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 10. Kristina Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 11. Lukas Soden, Dublin, Ireland. 12. Ute Hoefer-Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 13. Kay Parry, Dublin , Ireland. 14. Margaret  Soden, Dublin ,Ireland. 15. Marie Soden Feeney,  Toronto , Canada. 16. James Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 17. Mark Montignani Soden,  New York , USA. 18. Beryl Soden Ellis, Flintshire , Wales19. Bryn Ellis, Flintshire , Wales. 20. Cathie Strus, Mississauga, Canada. 21. Ryan Strus, Mississauga , Canada. 22. Margaret Soden Strus,  Mississauga, Canada. 23. Bruce Gilbert Soden, New York , USA24. Donal Arundel, Dublin , Ireland. 25. Conor Soden, Wicklow , Ireland. 26. Travis Pittman, California , USA. 27. Kathleen Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 28. Robyn Dorch, California , USA. 29. Peter Soden, Dublin , Ireland. 30. Linda Soden, Leicester , England. 31. Ronald Soden, Leicester , England. 32. Charlotte Soden, Leicester, England. 33. Karen D'Or, California , USA. 34. Bob Pittman, California , USA. 35. Norma Soden, Belfast , Northern Ireland. 36. Terence Soden, Berkshire , England. 37. Jean Soden, Berkshire, England. 38. Michael Strus, Mississauga, Canada. 39. James Arthur Soden, Toronto , Canada. 40. Edna McConkey Soden, Toronto , Canada. 41. Doris Soden,  Alabama , USA. 42. Robert G. Soden, Alabama , USA. 43. James Soden, Belfast , Northern Ireland. 44. Sarah Scott, Maidenhead , England. 45. Gretta Soden O'Reilly, Sligo , Ireland. 46. Katie Soden, Cavan , Ireland. 47. Craig Scott, Maidenhead , England. 48. Therese Soden Kelly, Mayo , Ireland.  49. David Soden Dublin , Ireland.




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13th April. 2020


Dear Soden members and fellow family history researchers,


After a  long unavoidable  absence I am gratefully able to return and give some more  time to this enjoyable activity of  Soden research.  

The purpose of the website was to provide some sort of sourcebook on the Soden  name , initially for my immediate family and then, for the  many disparate branches the world over.  

This could only have been begun successfully based on the prior research of many others, chief among them being John Voorhis, New York; Terence Soden, Berkshire; Ronald Soden, Wales; James Arthur Soden, Toronto; Kathleen Andersen, Canada;  Julie Kimpton, England; Barbara Stacey, Solihull amongst others. I hope I have recognised all who assisted me in the acknowledgement section.


The fact my wife was German Lutheran from the Hannover area in Northern Germany encouraged me to investigate the possibility of a German link. Although I have not exhausted all research possibilities here,[ I have not been able to visit the archives at Kew, Norfolk, Warwickshire or Lincoln for example] there does not seem to be a definitive credible link between the Sodens of England and Germany until the 18th century. I will have to leave this enquiry to a later generation, a pursuit which I hope they will enjoy as much as I have. I will leave the Germany file on the website as I know it has been of assistance to Soden researchers in the USA, Canada and UK for background information , especially on the 18th century till the modern day.


The Family of Caleb Soden

This fine tree has been  achieved through the diligence of John Voorhis Soden of Cohoes, New York and has proven of great use to Sodens with connections to Longford, Leitrim, Cavan, Canada and USA. I am grateful to Howard Rankin [] who has drawn my attention  to Table VII and the links to Stephen Clarence Soden, which may be of immediate relevance to anyone connected to this line. It is worth checking out.



James Arthur Soden, Bonnie Reynolds, Margaret Laughton, Kathleen Andersen ,David Obee,  have been an invaluable source of information on these branches as you will experience in perusing the following pages.

USA, Australia and New Zealand...

   John Soden, Lynn Marshall, Dale Soden , Glenn Soden,Joyce  Brown, Charlie Stevenson, Pat Bauer amongst others have laid a great base for any Soden researching their lines in the USA.

The work done by Suzanne Woodham, Judy Kierle, Roslyn McCarthy, Nea McCulloch, Judy Scott , Joy Gothe and Margaret Morgan [NZ] has been essential to tracing Soden history and activity in Australia and New Zealand.

The United Kingdom

Terence Soden, Barbara Stacey, Julie Kimpton, Kenneth Gould, Ronald Soden et al...  have set the standard for Soden research in the United Kingdom covering the important geographical area of Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and the Midlands.

I have two Requests : -

Should any of you have photographs of places associated with  Sodens wherever they may be, I would be  delighted to receive them. I only reconsider information on the Soden name post 1950 as I feel for many this is at times too close to the bone.

Also I have tried assiduously to trace the son(s)/daughter(s) of the late Ronald W. Soden of Aberwyswth,Wales. Should any of you know of their whereabouts or even know them personally , I would be grateful for a contact number.

Family Trees are based on information afforded me over the years and by Soden researchers at the time of the 2000 Reunion. I am also in the process of adding Soden stories  through the ages which I have come across since I began research. If you have any, do lets know them.

I hope this Easter has been for you and your family a happy one, despite the really difficult times we find ourselves in. I look forward to your comments and contributions.

Kindest regards,


Felix Soden

Dublin, Ireland



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